Call Clockworks

When you call Clockworks via the 800 number you will talk to a professional clock movement restoration specialist. Someone that is an expert in the compatibility of obsolete movements to what is in production in today's market. You will get to talk to someone that has a profound knowledge of what is available and also what is no longer made. The person you speak to can put together any style clock kit in a matter of minutes with all the variables set to your clock case.

As you maybe figured out by now clock makers are few and far between. What is even more rare than this is a clock maker that will talk on the phone instead of working on clocks. There is no charge for this expert live assistance, there is no other place that exists that will do this, or can do this. We are the best at what we do, without a doubt. Of course in order to do this, there are some rules, otherwise it is not possible to perform such service.

There are a few rules for calling us, as call volume is of course extreme. Please do not call us with the below issues.

We cannot take these calls

  • 1. Small orders under $50 (Order right online)
  • 2. Order changes / address changes (Email us or see online info)
  • 3. Cheap quartz unit replacements or directions (Email us or see online info)
  • 4. Silly unrelated discussions (weather, politics, sports) mixed in with clock talk.
  • 5. Questions on purchases from competitors that do not know clocks but sell parts.

We prefer these calls

  • 1. Calls that get right to the point
  • 2. Tough and unique questions or issues
  • 3. The seemingly unsolvable issues
  • 4. Installation assistance of components purchased from us

We love these calls

  • 1. Mechanical replacement movement availability and compatibility
  • 2. Assisting with the creation of a new mechanical clock kit
  • 3. Writing up orders valued over $50
  • 4. Discussions about a possible clock movement restoration job
  • 5. Assisting with the parts or components to make your mechanical clock function

What will happen when you call

  • 1. If all phones are being used, you will goto voice mail, we will call you back within a hour.
  • 2. If we are all involved with clock repairs, you will goto voice mail, we will call you back within a hour.
  • 3. If you get a person, this person is a clock restoration specialist that is in high demand, please be direct to the point.

Who will you be speaking with ?

James Stoudenmire (35 years experience)
Robert Turgeon (5 years experience)
Bill Lea (10 years experience)
Donna Stoudenmire (10 years experience)
Robert Tonkin (70 years with clocks)
Mr Tonkin Update =He ran out of time and now resides in the space between our thoughts.

With all this said, here is our phone number = 800-381-7458

Otherwise, please EMAIL US at CLOCKWORKS@CLOCKWORKS.COM or use the form on the right side of this page that says CONTACT US