Grandmother Clock Kit Triple chime movement that plays out Westminster, Wittington, or St Micheals quarterly.

Stick Pendulum lengths available are 85, 94 or 114cm from the top of the movement down to the bottom of the pendulum 94cm would be 34" and 114cm would be 43.5". The "Bob" is the round disk at the bottom of the pendulum.

Includes a 11 x 15 1/2" moon dial, wood stick pendulum with bob, polished weights, gong assembly, hands and hardware.

The movement has a 33.2mm handshaft from the front plate of the clock movement all the way out to the end of the minute hand nut threads.

Listen to Westminster

Listen to Wittington

Listen to St Micheals
Grandmother Clock Kit
  • Hermle 1151-050
  • Triple Chime
  • Chain Driven
  • Moon Dial
  • Stick Pendulum
  • Back 12 Rod Strike
  • Movement = 120mm square
  • Handshaft is 33.2mm from the front plate
  • Serpentine Hands
  • Made in Germany
  • 2-year warranty