• Hermle 1161-853
  • Triple Chime
  • Cable Driven
  • Moon Dial
  • Lyre Pendulum
  • Back 12 Rod Strike
  • Movement = 140 x 220mm
  • Handshaft is 53.2mm from the front plate
  • Serpentine Hands
  • Made in Germany
  • 3-year warranty

Grandfather Clock Kit is Outfitted a Decorative embossed moving moon dial that is 11x15 1/2 with matching pendulum with a 10 1/2 bob. The "Bob" is the round disk at the bottom of the pendulum.

Includes polished weights, Lyre pendulum, dial, gong assembly hands and hardware. This is everything you need for a clock except for the clock case.

Lyre pendulum comes with either a 6 1/2, 8 1/2, or 10 1/2 inch bob diameters. The "Bob" is the round disk at the bottom of the pendulum. The CM length on the movement will indicate the length of the pendulum from the TOP of the movement all the way down to the bottom of the pendulum nut threads. This is an approximate length that depends on other factors such as bob diameter and weight of the pendulum. Basically if the CM is 94CM the pendulum itself will be about 35 inches tip to tip off of the clock, and the 114CM option would put this same measurement at approximately 44 inches.

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Hermle Grandfather Clock Kit