Electric Clock Movements

Alternative Replacements for Obsolete Electric Units

The 8 day wind up Hermle 130-678 or 130-627 can be easily mounted in most tambour style clock cases to replace an obsolete electric motor. As it is a back wind unit there is no concern with the winding arbor configuration in the dial as in a front wind unit.

The 130-678 unit is a bell strike unit that comes with the bells preinstalled. This unit is the easiest to adapt to an obsolete electric clock movement. The winders are on the back, the strike is self contained on the movement so there is no chime block to buy, all you need is a different set of hands and the ability to mount this to the case with 3 wood screws.

The 130-627 unit is a bottom 3 hammer strike, so if your current electric movement has three rods below, this will work with it. If you have anything other than this as far as the strike goes, you would need to also get the chimeblock and rods with the movement. This unit will take chime block style A with 3 rods and most likely 7 inch length on the longest rod, and get be ordered at this link.

The length of the rods does not matter so much, just the longer the rod the deeper the tone. You will also need new hands for your new movement, any of the German mechanical clock hands you see at the top of this link

Hermle Clock Movement 131 Series 130-678
  • Balance Escapement
  • 2 Bells back
  • 8 Day Wind Up
  • Back Wind
Front Side Side Back

130-678: $199.00

Hermle Clock Movement 131 Series 130-627
  • Balance Escapement
  • 3 Hammer Below
  • Bim Bam Strike
  • Back Wind
Front Side Back

130-627: $199.00

How the electric clock movements are sold

Replacement Electric clock movements and motors do not come with the hands or mounting hardware. These are sold as to replace worn units for repair on the existing clocks, so these parts would be used from the old unit.

If you need hands for a electric clock motor, it may be necessary to modify some quartz movement hands to fit the electric unit by means of filing and modifying the minute hand hole. This is because the electric movement hands are hard to come by and usually are not in production any longer.

The antique electric clock movement issue

There is a big issue with attempting to replace many antique electric clock movement motors as they are no longer in production. Alot of the very good quality antique units made by New Haven or Seth Thomas are not able to be repaired as the motors and movements are not available any longer.

It is a real shame but often enough there is nothing that can be done but go with a battery unit instead. Please note, this is all the electric movements we carry at this time.

Electric Clock Movements

Hansen Electric #A-43RA

Hansen Synchron Motor to replace bad units. 1RPM, 60CC. Complete with a 10 tooth pinion. This unit's pinion rotates to the right, clockwise.
  • 1-4 Units $49
  • 5-11 Units $45
  • 12+Units $39

EL2: $59.89

Electric Clock Movements

Hansen Bottom Set

Bottom set electric clock movement. Movement is 5" high x 3" wide x 1 15/16" deep. Handshaft is the shaft that the hands go on, from the front plate of the movement all the way out.
  • 1-4 Units $59
  • 5-11 Units $55
  • 12+Units $49
Front Side Back


EL3: $79.89

Electric Clock Movements

Hansen Rear Set

Rear set electric clock movement. Movement is 3 1/4" high x 3" wide x 2 1/8" deep. Handshaft is the shaft that the hands go on, from the front plate of the movement all the way out.
  • 1-4 Units $59
  • 5-11 Units $55
  • 12+Units $49
Front Side Back


EL4: $79.89

Electric Clock Movements

Golden Hour

Golden Hour replacement clock motor supplied with a 27 tooth gear. 110 Volts 60 cycles
  • 1-4 Units $79
  • 5-11 Units $75
  • 12+Units $69

EL5: $99.89

Electric Clock Movements

Spartus 58

Spartus model 58 electric time pendulum clock movement. Pendulum included but is optional. Chime rod, mounting hardware and hand nut NOT included. 120V, 60Hz
  • 1-4 Units $19
  • 5-11 Units $18
  • 12+Units $17

EL6: $19.89

Electric Clock Movements Type B RotorReplacements for B type rotor assemblies. These simplex motors will replace the entire field, coil, and rotor assembly. These are non reversible and have 20 times more torque than a rotor. For telechron units. 60cycles 1RPM.
  • 1-4 Units $55
  • 5-11 Units $49
  • 12+Units $45

EL7: $69.89

Electric Clock Movements "S" Type RotorM3635 60 cycles and 3.6 RPM. Replaces M2492, M3072, M3083, M3141, M3154, M3156, M3162, M3296, M3313, M3331, M3333, M3378, M3394, M3404, M3476, M3479, M3481, M3518, M3520, M3633.
  • 1-4 Units $25
  • 5-11 Units $21
  • 12+Units $18

EL9: $29.89

If we do not have your electric Movement

We have the most common electric motors on this webpage. These units are sold as replacement units only and do not come with the hardware or hands. We do not have the hardware or hands to offer unfortunately.

Please see if we have what you’re describing on this webpage. If no luck, then try American Time and Signal at this link. As we generalize and stock the most common clock motors, ATS specializes and carries a wider variety of units.