Notes on the Hermle 1161 series

The Hermle 1161 clock movement is a triple chime chain or cable driven unit with three weights.Read More »

This is a rectangle shaped movement with the movement plate size of 140 x 200mm and takes a size #8 crank (If cable).

What is being offered on this page is the movement only with out the pendulum, gong or dial. These movement come as the movement itself with new chains / cables and pulleys, hand nut, suspension spring and leader.

1161 Winders Straight Across Issue

When ordering a new 1161-853 or 1161-850 please check the winder holes in the clock dial. Read More »

If they are straight across from each other than we do not have this exact one. This version of the 1161 series was made for a very short time. It is no longer in production. However because of the age that the clock is, it is still better to replace than to spend money on a rebuild that will not last.

The new movement will have a center winder that is about 3/4 of an inch below the original, it is possible to drill another hole in the dial and use a brass button (available at any fabric store) to cover the old hole. You also have the option of ordering a new dial from us along with the movement.

  • Less cost than a cleaning in most cases
  • Should last 25-30 years, a repair would not
  • Easy to install, we can help if needed
  • Ships same day as order

Hermle clock movement exploded view

Hermle 1161 Series

Selecting the correct movement

The numbers on the back plate of the movement is everything one needs to get a replacement.

If the numbers match then the movement matches.

If the clock is a pendulum unit, be sure to select the proper CM length that matches the old unit.

Hermle 1161 Series

Clock Movements

1161-853 Movement

  • 94, 100, 114CM Pendulum
  • Hand shaft 53.2mm
  • 12 Hammer back
  • ANSO is +$50
  • ANSO = Auto Night Shut Off


Front Side Side Back

1161-850 Movement

  • 94, 114CM Pendulum
  • Hand shaft 33.2mm
  • 12 Hammer back
  • Cable Driven


Front Side Back

1161-053 Movement

  • 94, 114CM Pendulum
  • Hand shaft 53.2mm
  • 12 Hammer back
  • Chain Driven


Front Side Back

1161 Movement Parts

1161 Front Parts Hermle Clock Parts 1161 front diagram Front Diagram
1161 Back Parts Hermle Clock Parts 1161 front diagram Back Diagram

Hands for the 1161 Series

Clock Hands Serpentine Hands for 1161

This is the most popular hand style for the 1161 series grandfather clock. The measurement provided is the time track on the clock dial. This is the outer ring outside the 9 to outside the 3 on the clock dial. Although these hands come in many sizes, usually the 1161 series will have a 11 x 15.5 inch phase of the moon dial with a 10 inch time track. So that is most likely what you will want / need for your clock. The minute hand has a 2.8mm square mounting hole, the hour hand has a 4.5mm round hole.


Clock Hands Spade Hands for all 1161

For many dial diameters. These are to fit most German mechanical clock movements. The minute hand has a 2.8mm square mounting hole, the hour hand has a 4.5mm round hole.

Item #CH1

1161 Clock Second Hand 1161 Second Hand

Second hand sweep for the 1161 series. As the 1161 has two hand shaft lengths (853 / 053 = 53.2mm and 850 = 33.2mm) there are two second hand post length options. This is because it takes a greater distance to reach the second hand nub from the dial to the movement on the long hand shaft models. If the movement number is selected in the dropdown menu, the correct length post on the second hand will be sent.

#CH13 - $7

Accessories for the 1161 Series

1161 Clock Chain 1161-053 Chain

The chain fits the chain driven 1161 series clock movement such as the 1161-053 unit. It has 46.5 links in a foot and comes in a 6 foot length. The chain comes in either the shiny polished brass style or the darker antiqued brass style. If ordering a new chain driven 1161 movement, keep in mind a new movement will come with the chains already included.

Item #WE4

GF Clock Crank 1161 Winding Crank Key

This size #8 crank key will fit any cable driven 1161 hermle clock movement, such as 1161-853 and 1161-850.

Item #CK6-- $19

Hermle Clock 1161 Suspension Spring 1161 Pendulum Suspension Spring

Proper suspension spring for all of the 1161 hermle clock movement series. The suspension spring is 1 inch long and 7/16 inch wide. If ordering a new 1161 movement, keep in mind a new movement will come with the suspension already included. It sure is a good idea to have a spare also if you choose to get this and put it on the bottom of the clock case for next time. There will be a next time, there always is when it comes to suspensions, this would make a nice spare instead of searching endlessly in the future for it.

Item #SUSA3-- $11

Clock Parts German Hand Nuts German Hand Nuts

12 Assorted hand nuts for German movements. With this assortment of hand nuts you will get one for your German movement with no problem.

Item #CP9 $10


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