The clock pendulums on this page are for post 1960 mechanical German clock movements only. To get the proper clock pendulums for your clocks, you would need the movement numbers off of the back plate of the movement itself. Not off of the paperwork, not off of the wood case, but off of the clock engine itself. Then with this information we can determine what the CM length of your clock is and the manufacturer of it. There is in fact a few things we need, who the manufacturer is, the CM length, how wide the inside of the clock case is so we can get the right bob size. The manufacturer for German movements will most likely be one of the four listed below. The CM length is stamped on the back plate and represents the length of the pendulum from tip to tip, the leader it hangs on, and the suspension spring that the leader hangs on, all added together in centimeter measurement. Then to figure out the bob diameter, this is the round disk at the bottom of the pendulum and it needs about 2 inches on each side to swing around in the case without bonking the sides of the clock case.

Clock Pendulums

German Seth Thomas and Mason Sullivan did not make their own movements or clock pendulums. You would need to follow the link and find out the true manufacturer. CM lengths on German movements are the clock pendulums length from the suspension post all the way down to the bottom of the pendulum. This includes the suspension spring, the leader that hangs on it and the pendulum itself from tip to tip. This means the actual clock pendulums length itself will be much shorter than this measurement.. Below are just a few examples of actual numbers that exist so you can see the pattern and determine who made your clock movement.

  • Hermle
  • 131-020 35cm
  • 141-040 94cm
  • 340-020
  • 351-830 66cm
  • 1051-030 55cm
  • 451-050 94cm
  • 1161-853 114cm
  • GO
  • Kieninger
  • 75 R 116cm
  • 83 K 93cm
  • 85 P 65cm
  • 78 K 116cm
  • 84 SK 116cm
  • 78 J 65cm
  • 85 HK 116cm
  • GO
  • Jauch
  • 77
  • 78
  • PL110
  • PL(anything)
  • PL61cm
  • 61
  • PL116cm
  • GO
  • Urgos
  • UW32342
  • UW03022
  • UW32/1
  • UW32001
  • UM3/15
  • UW32/45
  • UW03083
  • GO
  • (Hermle/Kieninger)
  • A205-000
  • A401-001
  • A403-007
  • A403-020
  • A451-002
  • A429-705
  • A497-218
  • GO
  • (Hermle/Kieninger)
  • 3200X
  • 3224X
  • 3261X
  • 3286X
  • 3334X
  • 3370X
  • 3600X
  • GO

Clock Pendulums
Clock Pendulums
Bob Only Clock Pendulums

This is for the pendulum bob only for a wood stick pendulum. Measurement is from one side to the other.

Metal Lyre
Wood Stick
Brass Rod

Metal Lyre
Wood Stick
Brass Rod

Metal Lyre
Wood Stick

Wood Stick

Mixed Bobs Clock Pendulums

We offer the above clock pendulums bobs with various patterns. These are for mantle movements with the F-S regulator that you can adjust the timing.

#PD10 - $9

Adjustable Bob Clock Pendulums

This pendulum bob is threaded on the bottom with a rating nut for easy timing of the clock. This can be used on mantle clocks as well as certain wall clocks such as a banjo. Measurement is the diameter of the bob.

#PD5 - $13

Grape Leaf Clock Pendulums

Gold tone brass pendulum with leaf decorations on the top of the pendulum bob. This pendulum measures seven inches in length and has a 2 1/2 inch diameter bob that weighs 3.5 ounces. Used with some modern wall clocks and 31 day clocks.

#PD28 - $20

Adjustable Pendulum Clock Pendulums

Bob is 35mm in diameter and weighs two ounces.

#PD22 - $22

Adjustable Mantle Bob Clock Pendulums

This is a 1 5/8 diameter 2.8oz adjustable mantle clock pendulum bob. This is the bob needed if there is no F / S regulator on the front of the clock dial that takes the skinny end of the key. This can be used in place of a F / S regulator as well if finding the right key is not easy. This is on a slider to regulate the time, up with the bob is faster time and opposite for slow.

#PD20 - $9

R + A Style Clock Pendulums

R and A style clock pendulum with a hook top and the rating assembly on the bottom to regulate the time.

Clock Pendulums #PD44

Kitchen Pendulum Clock Pendulums

Pendulum with a loop hole top end for kitchen or gingerbread style clocks. This is a 7 inch pendulum.

Item #PD14

  • 1-4 Units $17
  • 5-11 Units $15
  • 12+ Units $13
Universal Pendulum Clock Pendulums

This pendulum can be used for many clocks. The clock pendulum parts rating nut can be removed completely if needed and it can just be adjusted shorter with the set screw on the back. Just cut the rod shorter to what is needed.

Item #PD18