The most common cuckoo clock parts sold is the bellows and the hands. The bellow tubes are usually good on the cuckoo, just the bellow tops have cloth that rip over time and therefore the clock will not cuckoo the time out. So if this is the situation you do not need the entire cuckoo bellows as in CU1, you only need the tops as seen on CU4. If just replacing the tops it makes it a lot easier to get the correct size for your clock as the CU1 comes in only one size tops. To get the proper tops you only need to measure the length and width of the top only. You would snap off the old tops off of the bellow tubes and clean the surface with a knife, then epoxy the new tops on the same way, the same position. Then you would transfer the cuckoo lift rings from the old tops to the new ones and your done.

Back Opening Bellows Cuckoo Clock Parts Back Opening Bellows

Bellow top flaps will open in the direction of the center of the clock when installed.

Bellow tops are 2 1/4 x 1 1/4 preattached to the tubes.

Size is the length of the tube and top.

Item #CU1

Side Opening Bellows Cuckoo Clock Parts Side Opening Bellows

Bellow top flaps will open the along side of the clock case toward the front of the clock.
Bellow tops are 2 1/4 x 1 1/4 preattached to the tubes. Cuckoo Clock Parts
Size is the length of the tube and top.

Item #CU2

Trapezoid Tops Cuckoo Clock Parts Trapezoid Tops

For antique cuckoo clocks. These are not leather. 2 1/4 x 2 tapers to 1 inch. These get epoxied on the old bottoms just as the old tops were taken off, see the help section for details. Recommended to also get the wire assortment with this if there are any missing wires such as lifting wires.

Item #CU3-- $22pr

Bellow Tops Cuckoo Clock Parts Bellow Tops

Comes as a pair. Bellow tops are the most frequently needed item on a cuckoo clock. These get epoxied on the old bottoms just as the old tops were taken off, see the Cuckoo Clock Parts help section for details. Recommended to also get the wire assortment with this if there are any missing wires such as lifting wires.

Item #CU4-- $13pr

Cuckoo Weight Cuckoo Clock Parts Cuckoo Weight

One day cuckoo clocks usually take the same amount of weight on each weight. So if your missing a weight or two, just look and the number stamped into your old weight and get this same gram amount from the Cuckoo Clock Parts list below.

Item #CU5

Hand Bushings Cuckoo Clock Parts Hand Bushings

Six Cuckoo Clock Parts hand bushings. The hands are installed in this order: Hour hand goes on first as a friction fit, it just slides on the hour tube. Then comes one of these bushings on the square minute hand shaft. Then comes the minute hand with the round hole and the hand nut to pinch the minute hand against the bushing.

Item #CU6-- $7

Deer Antlers Cuckoo Clock Parts Deer Antlers

Cuckoo Clock Parts antlers made of sturdy plastic with a wooden look. These plastic antlers will not break as easy as the old wooden antlers.

Item #CU7-- $10

Replacement Chain Cuckoo Clock Parts Replacement Chain

These Cuckoo Clock Parts are sold in single 6FT lengths. The 60LPF is most common for the one day cuckoo's and the 48LPF is most used with the 8 day. Take a section of your old chain and count the links so it matches the LPF (links per foot) that are on the drop down menu below.

Item #CU8

Cuckoo Dials Cuckoo Clock Parts Cuckoo Dials

Cuckoo Clock Parts dials with white Roman numerals. Measure from one side to the other.

Dials are either attached by Small nails, not included, or epoxied on.


Cuckoo Hands Cuckoo Clock Parts Cuckoo Hands

Cuckoo white celluloid hands with the bushing. Size indicates length of the minute hand, From the center of the hole to the end. This is half the dial diameter about.

Item#CU10 -$8pr

Cuckoo Bird Cuckoo Clock Parts Cuckoo Bird

Three inch cuckoo bird that opens its mouth when the tail is lifted. These Cuckoo Clock Parts are installed by one set screw that is included.

Item #CU11--$5

Cuckoo Numerals Cuckoo Clock Parts </span>
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Celluloid plastic numerals than can be epoxied to the cuckoo dial. Comes as one set of Roman numerals from one to twelve.


"E" Style Clips Cuckoo Clock Parts Style Clips

These are used on cuckoo movements to hold lifting levers and other parts into there places. They seem to have a bad habit of flying through the air upon removal. Nice to have this assortment of 50 mixed sized Cuckoo Clock Parts .

Item #CU14--$8

Hook & Ring Cuckoo Clock Parts Hook & Ring

The hook goes on one end of the chain to hold the weight up. The ring goes on the other side of the same chain so the chain will not travel into the movement and onto the ground. Sold as one hook and one ring as a set.

Item #CU15--$2pr

Tweezers x 5 Cuckoo Clock Parts Tweezers Set of 5

Stainless steel tweezers in a package of five. These are used in cuckoo repair when manipulating wire to go where you want them to among other things. They come in different styles so there will be the right one for the particular application.

Item #CU16--$11

Chalet Pendulum Cuckoo Clock Parts Chalet Pendulum

This Chalet style pendulum is for one day cuckoo clocks only. The rod that the leaf is on is 7 inches long. Comes in either a hand painted leaf is 2 inch wide by 2 1/4 inch tall, or the smaller unpainted version.

Item #CU17

Oak Pendulum Cuckoo Clock Parts Oak Pendulum

This hand carved Oak Leaf Pendulum. The rod that the leaf is on is 7 inches long. The larger brown oak leaf is for 8 day cuckoo clocks. The other two smaller oak pendulums are for the one day style.

Item #CU18

Maple Pendulum Cuckoo Clock Parts Maple Pendulum

Sizes listed are the size of the maple leaf on the pendulum stick, the stick itself is 7 inches long. These pendulums are available in brown (BR), blonde (BL), or green (GR)

Item #CU19

Cuckoo Hand Nuts Cuckoo Clock Parts Cuckoo Hand Nuts

These threaded nuts go onto the cuckoo clock to secure the minute hand, assorted sizes. These come as an assortment as it would be hard to determine exactly what size nut is needed as an individual nut.

Item #CU20--$13

Bird Cuckoo Top Cuckoo Clock Parts bird Cuckoo Top

Hand carved top, measured end to end. These Cuckoo Clock Parts tops are available in brown, blonde, or green, or unfinished. Does not come with mounts.

Item #CU21

Deer Cuckoo Top Cuckoo Clock Parts Deer Cuckoo Top

Hand carved top with plastic antlers, measured end to end. These tops are available in brown only. These Cuckoo Clock Parts do not come with mounts.

Item #CU22

Head Dressing Mounts Cuckoo Clock Parts Head Dressing Mount

This is what you will need to mount the head dressing on a cuckoo clock. Its either this or epoxy, this is the better way. Comes as a pair

Item #CU23 - $3

Dressing Clip Mounts Cuckoo Clock Parts Dressing Clip Mounts

This is another form of mounting for the top head dressing. Comes as two clips that get forced into the dressing with the spikes and then the dressing can clip onto the cuckoo roof.

Item #CU24 - $6

Wire Assortment Cuckoo Clock Parts Wire Assort

Includes bellow lifting wires in various lengths, eye hole wires, cuckoo bird door wires and the bird to door wire. These are the proper lengths and bends that are the most common needed.

Item #CU25--$15

Oiler & Oil Cuckoo Clock Parts Oil

Precision pen oiler that is filled with cuckoo clock oil. The applicator makes it easy to oil hard to reach pivot holes.

Item #CU26--$12

Cuckoo Epoxy Cuckoo Clock Parts Epoxy

The cuckoo epoxy for bellow top replacement, attaching numerals, or repairing broken wood.

Item #CU27--$2

Wood Screws Cuckoo Clock Parts Wood Screws

This wood screw assortment has many screws that are nicely sized for cuckoos.

Item #CU28 - $8

Visor Magnifier Cuckoo Clock Parts Vision Visor Magnifier

This magnifier can be worn over glasses. This fits over the head and will be the most convenient magnification for inspecting important components of the clock movement and parts. This quality tool is made here in USA and is a must for this type of work. This flips up over the head when there is an interruption in your work and has 2 1/2 magnification power.

Item #CU29-- $20

Hand Remover Cuckoo Clock Parts Hand Remover

Removes stubborn hands and gears in a straight motion. Sometimes this would be needed to remove the wheel on the back that lifts the bellow lift wires also.

Item #CU30-- $10

Bellow Cloth 12 x 12 Cuckoo Clock Parts Bellow Cloth

If you have a unique shapped bellow set and need to replace the cloth than this will help. Our bellow tops come in limited sizes and it is possible to recloth the bellows with this material.

Item #CU31-- $7