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Why are we the best choice? has 3 full time clock makers on staff. James Stoudenmire (Has 30 years experience with clocks), Bill (Has 15 years experience with clocks), and Bobby (Has 7 years experience with clocks). Part time we have Robert Tonkin (Has 70 years experience with clocks)

Between our precision tools and our 100+ years of combined experience we can perform the best service. Not to mention we are a clock part supply house to the clock making industry as well. What this means is there is no time delay waiting for parts to come in the mail. What would take usually months for another repair center, may take a few days with us as there is no error, we pull the part right here, if its wrong we pull another instantly. You should work with us because we are the best suited for the job, and we enjoy doing it.

What Clock Parts To Send

Please send the movement only along with a note saying how much each weight weighs (if weight driven) and your contact information. Read More »

Please do not send keys, dial, hands, chime block, weights or pendulum as we have them here in the shop.

We are not responsible for any clock case damage that is shipped to us. Please do not send the clock case.

Cleaning for $150

Mechanical clocks need cleanings periodically. When clock movements come out of the factory, the factory will say oil your new clock movement in 5 years, clean and oil it in 10 years. However not many go by this rule and if you have a clock from the 1800s or early 1900s, think of how it must need a cleaning at this point. By cleaning, this does not mean making it pretty and shiny although that will most likely happen also. Rather what is meant by cleaning is to remove all the old oil that has dried up in the pivot holes, so new oil can be applied. This is not usually visible but where the pivots posts spin inside the outer plates, if there is too much old dried up oil it will cause the clock to stop running.

What we offer to you is a cleaning of the movement with the best equipment available, with the best solutions available, and then a inspection of the movement. If the movement does not need bushings or disassembly or parts, we will oil it and test run it. Cost is $150 plus shipping back to you if that is all that is needed.

Clock Movement Removal

To remove your movement to send it in for Clock Repair, take off the hands by holding the minute hand and turning the minute hand nut to the left. Read More »

Once this nut is off, the minute hand will come off. To get the hour hand off, twist it and pull it toward you and it will come off as it is only a friction fit.

Remove any weights or pendulum that may be on the clock. Take the screws out that hold the movement in place. In grandfather clocks, these would be on the bottom of the movement going up to the outside arbors; for mantle and wall clocks they would be toward the front or back of the case.

The dial on most grandfather clocks are either attached to the case or to the movement itself. If it is attached to the movement, unclip it off of the back side of the front plate of the movement.


We have the best tooling, cleaning equipment, and cleaning solutions. There is no expense spared by us when it comes to having the best equipment. With this factor and 3 generations of clock repair expertise, you can rest assure your clock works will be in the best hands it can be in. We will take the movement in, unpack it, and then clean it and inspect it for $150. If it passes inspection, we will oil it and test it. If this is all that is needed? that is all it will cost is the $150 plus the shipping back to you. The initial $150 is non refundable and is the fee for the cleaning, inspection, and oiling and testing only. We do need to be paid for our time on this even if the clock movement is deemed unrepairable for some reason.


When packing up the movement, take special care to protect the hand shaft as this is hard to correct if it gets bent. This is the shaft that the hands go on to tell the time.

You should pack the movement up well with newspaper and bubble wrap, or put the movement in a plastic bag and then use peanuts. If you use peanuts, please DO NOT let the movement get peanuts all up inside of it. Make sure you place the movement in the box with the hand shaft pointing up.

Once you have the movement packed really well in a box, pack it again in another box with more packing material. Double boxing provides extra cushion for the movement as it travels to minimize the possibility of damage.


After you have the movement alone packed up, please send it to: CLOCKWORKS 124 Goss Hill Rd, PO Box 339, Huntington MA 01050 USA. If you fill out the below form we will get notification about your clock coming and we will reply via email confirming your form submission.

  • Clockworks
  • PO Box 339
  • 124 Goss Hill Rd
  • Huntington MA 01050
  • 800-381-7458
  • [email protected]


  • Single train (one weight or one place to wind) $150
  • Two train (two weight or two places to wind) $150
  • Three train (three weight or three places to wind) $150

Please tell us about yourself and the clock :

Please fill out the below form to let us know your clock movement is being shipped to us. We will confirm with a email when we get your clock movement. Usually we do not need any movement components such as pendulums or weights as we have all of this here with us. If you feel we need other parts also you can select the below check boxes so we know what your including with your movement. This way we have record of everything that we should find in the box and also return to you when done.