C Cell High Torque Clock Movement #HT2

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C Cell High Torque Clock Movement #HT2

C Cell High Torque Clock Movement #HT2


C Cell Battery High Torque #HT2

The powerful C Cell high torque movement is the strongest on the market before getting into the electrical units.

Attn: The hands for these units will be offered during the checkout process upon hitting the add to cart button.

They are geared special on the inside of the unit stronger as to take more weight if wanted. The C cell units are stronger than the AA units and would also last longer with the very long hands. The post that is being measured is as described on the above diagram. This is the threaded portion of the movement that goes through the dial face and needs to be long enough to mount the hex nut onto this post, in the front of the dial face. This means the movement is just mounted to the dial and nothing else, then you can put you're hour hand on, and then the minute hand with its nut.

They have a threaded post diameter of 7/16 and a case dimension of 2-3/4'H x 2-3/16'W x 1'D.

The long hands for these movements are offered below on this same webpage.

  • Quantity // Price
  • 1-4 Units = $16
  • 5-24 Units = $15
  • 25-49 Units = $14
  • 50-99 Units = $13
  • 100 Units = $12

  1. Place hanger on post (optional)
  2. Place black washer on post (optional)
  3. Put post through the clock dial face
  4. Slide the brass washer onto the post of the movement that is sticking out of the clock dial face
  5. Put hex nut on post and tighten to hold movement to the back of the clock face ��� you may use needle nose pliers to get a tighter fit, however do not crank it down

Qty: PCS
Price: $16.00