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    1161 Hermle Clock Movement Notes

    The 1161 Hermle Clock Movements are great that is why there is so many made. They work night and day for 30 years without much complaint. So here is some information on these fine German made units. The name maybe a number of makers on the movement, but it was made by Hermle not them. It may say Howard Miller,... View Product

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    Ordering the Hermle Clock Movement

    With the numbers off of the back plate we can start ordering the Hermle clock movement. This stamp will be right in the brass, so it maybe tricky to get to. Of course, the easiest way is to just use a cell phone and take a picture of the back. If there are side access panels on the clock case... View Product

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    Hermle Clock Movement Directory

    Above all, a Hermle Clock Movement Directory is to get to the correct page that contains the clock movement. This is an important first step when ordering a new clock movement. Thus, Hermle mechanical movements have numbers on the back plate starting with the below few numbers. Then a dash (-) follows and then some more numbers. For example: 340-020... View Product

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