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    Kieninger Clock Movement Availability

    Most Kieninger mechanical clock movements are available and in stock. However, some Kieninger clock movement availability fluctuates back and forth. For instance, the H series movement will be in production for awhile and then it will go dormant. In other words, it is made for a short period of time and then the manufacturer will cease production for a period... View Product

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    1171 clock movement series

    The 1171 clock movement series is the premium flagship by Hermle Clock Company. This is the largest clock movement out of all the Hermle movements produced. The thick plates make this the heaviest clock movement also. Comparable to the Kieninger HTU series. The cost is less and has a greater part availability. This is because there is alot more of... View Product

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    Kieninger Clock Movement Identification

    The identification process is the first step to replace a Kieninger clock movement or any other components. To begin with, start with the movement number in order to purchase a new clock movement and to see the price and what it includes. Also, these numbers are essential to get compatible components for the clock. Examples of some components include pendulums,... View Product

  • Kieninger Clock Movement Ordering

    Kieninger clock movement ordering starts with the numbers off of the back plate of the clockworks. The numbers help us figure out the correct unit by plate size. After we get the plate size we narrow it down by attributes such as triple chime. In other works all the units that have the letter K on the back will have... View Product

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