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    Urgos Clock Movement Availability

    The availability of Urgos clock movements is limited to only those that have three weights. These three weight floor clock movements are the only ones still in production. In other words, the rest of these units are obsolete and no longer available new. If you find yourself in this situation, there might be some hope. The use of a Hermle... View Product

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    Urgos Lyre Pendulum Availability

    Urgos Lyre Pendulum Availability is none at all actually. They have not been made in over 30 years, in fact none of the outer component have been. However there is still a solution and we can provide the lyre pendulum that is custom fit. Clockworks can customize a new Lyre pendulum for the UW Urgos clock movement. What we do... View Product

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    Urgos Clock Movement Identification

    Urgos Clock Movement units have identifications on the back plate of the unit itself. These movements are available new in only the floor clock models such as grandmother and grandfather clocks. This is the more involved way of getting to the correct new unit and takes some figuring out. The other way is just by the movement numbers and is... View Product

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