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    Urgos UW6/ series clock movement

    Urgos UW6/ series clock movement had a mass production in the 1950's through the 1970's. It was a popular unit for shelf clocks and wall clock applications because it was compact and ran a short pendulum. The spring driven Westminster movement runs for eight days on a single wind up. It chimes either Westminster only or three songs with triple... View Product

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    About Urgos Clocks Main Tabs

    Urgos Clock Movement - Replace instead of repair. Less cost, ships now, lasts 30 years or more. Comes with instructions and expert support. - Clockworks Assistance = 800-381-7458

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    The Unlisted Urgos Clock Movement

    Only the three weight clock movements are currently being made. However, not all of them because some are now obsolete. Assuming we are working with a three weight movement in this section and not a two weight unit or spring driven. The two weight units are in another section and we call them the UW7/ series. Same with the spring... View Product

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