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How do I install the clock pendulum?

How do I install the clock pendulum?

If the new leader is not installed, you will need to put the pendulum leader onto its suspension spring and hang it on the back of the clock. This is done by removing the set screw on the top of the suspension spring. With this set screw out, you can lower the suspension spring and hook on the leader hook to the bottom of the suspension spring and bring it back up to original position. Reinstall the set screw.

Hang the pendulum onto its pendulum leader that you just installed.

These are the steps at this point

  • 1. Make the clock run
  • 2. Install the hands
  • 3. Adjust the chime hammers
  • 4. Make it chime
  • 5. Set the hands to time
  • 6. Make it strike

How to get the cable driven clock movement ready for installation?


How do I install the mechanical clock movement?

When you get the new unit, you may or may not have orange clips over the plastic cable drum covers. These are so the cable underneath the cover will not jump over itself, and get all tangled up. They are on with just a friction fit and just pull off of each cable drum.

Put movement on the seat board with the cables hanging down in between the seat board as it was before. Screw the screws in and make it finger tight and then a little more with a flat screw driver.

how to mount a mechanical clock movement

Trim and moon dial off

how to mount a mechanical clock movement

Sometimes the hood slides off

how to mount a mechanical clock movement

Removed with dial attached

how to mount a mechanical clock movement

Another hood that slides

How should the mechanical clock be in its final position?

How should the clock be in its final position?

Now your clocks all running well and together, if it stops at all check the beat tick and tock. Be sure its in a good beat. If it runs for like 3-4 days and stops, like when the weights get down to the bob area do this. You fix this by moving the top of the clock case away from the wall. Its like the whole case is swinging with the movement and pendulum in a way. And when its up against the wall on the top side then it will stop when the weights and bob are the same height.

How do I install the grandmother clock dial?

How do I install the grandmother clock dial?

  • A. Put on the moon gear. If you have a phase of the moon dial, we will need to put the moon gear on from the old unit, to the new unit. Its only on with a set screw and its the gear that is on your old unit, and not the new one, that resides on the same tube as the hour hand. Put on the new unit like it was on the old, same approximate distance down the hands shaft like it was before. This one gear will interface with the gears behind the clock dial, and run the phase of the moon disc.
  • B. Put on the Selector Switch. Next find the small steel arm that is about 1 1/2 inches in length with a set screw. This will go on the arm coming out of the clock movements right hand side. That is to say, your right as you face the front of the clock movement there is an arm sticking out the movement. The selector arm gets put on by sliding over that larger arm and secured with the set screw. It may or may not already be mounted on the movement, but if it is not, it only needs to be able to come through the slot at 3 o'clock. This will enable the customer to change the chime to silent.
  • C. Dial Installation. The Moon Dial has four posts on the back that lock into the front plate of the movement. Line up the clocks hand shaft to the hole in the center of the dial and then line up the posts with the holes in the movement. There are two ways to secure the dial, one style has locking arms on the back of the front plate of the movement that slide over the end of the dial post to lock it tight. This is if both the dial and the movement are made this way. The other way this is done, there maybe holes in the ends of the dial post feet where an included tapered pin will go through the hole after it's on the movement. Sometimes the dial will be made with the holes in the end of the posts, and sometimes it will just get locked into the movement with the arms.
Mechanical clock moon gear

Clock hand shaft

Mechanical clock moon gear

Clock moon gear

Bottom mount westminster clock chime block

Hammers aligned

Bottom mount westminster clock chime block

Now the clock is done

How do I make the clock strike?

How do I make the mechanical clock strike the hour?

  • If the new movement is not striking the hour. Since the dial is off the clock still at this point you can see the saw tooth rack, the big thing on the front of the movement that looks like a saw. This is supposed to be in the up position as it drops down on the hour hand tube snail when its ready to strike. If it falls behind the snail instead of on top of it, when you installed the minute hand it can squash it behind the snail instead and mess things up. If all that did not make sense, well just take the minute hand off and run it for an hour and then reinstall the hand. It will be fine.


Now at this point you have the clock running, chiming, and striking. The dial is still off but the hands are on the clock. The hands point to the right time when the clock chimes and strikes. Now its time to let the clock run for 1/2 a day or a day with no dial on it to be sure all is well. If there is something to be done with it, no sense in having the dial in the way. Also it will let you see what is going on if there is any issue at this point with no dial. One other reason is if the clock is doing well before the installation of the dial, then it stops after we put the dial on, we know the issue is the installation of the moon gear / dial and not the movement itself. If it has given no issues for a while and we are confident in its performance now we can move on to installing the rest.

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