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The Hermle 1161 clock movement is a triple chime chain or cable driven unit with three weights.

This is a rectangle shaped movement with the movement plate size of 140 x 200mm and takes a size #8 crank (If cable).

What is being offered on this page is the movement only with out the pendulum, gong or dial. These movement come as the movement itself with new chains / cables and pulleys, hand nut, suspension spring and leader.

1161 Winders Straight Across Issue

When ordering a new 1161-853 or 1161-850 please check the winder holes in the clock dial.

If they are straight across from each other than we do not have this exact one. This version of the 1161 series was made for a very short time. It is no longer in production. However because of the age that the clock is, it is still better to replace than to spend money on a rebuild that will not last.

The new movement will have a center winder that is about 3/4 of an inch below the original, it is possible to drill another hole in the dial and use a brass button (available at any fabric store) to cover the old hole. You also have the option of ordering a new dial from us along with the movement.

  • Less cost than a cleaning in most cases
  • Should last 25-30 years, a repair would not
  • Easy to install, we can help if needed
  • Ships same day as order

How to identify a Hermle movement

On the back plate of the clock movement you will see the numbers such as 451-050 94cm. These numbers let us know everything we need to know about the mechanical clock movement itself. This tells us if the clock is weight driven or spring driven, if it has a pendulum, the size of the movement and the length of the hand shaft and much more. To match up the numbers to the new movement numbers is to get the exact same movement you have now but brand new. Since the new movement will be the exact same and not some knock off imitation, all of your existing clock components will usually fit just the same as the old unit.

With age, the mechanical clock movements oil solidifies and becomes black and sticky. By the time 20 or 30 years go by, the oil has solidified and is creating wear on the movements brass plates.

If you look at your old clock movement, you will see holes in the brass plates where there are small pivot arbors sticking into these holes. These pivots are what the gears of the clock ride upon and as the pivots spin in the solidified oil, this makes the holes oblong instead of round. With the pivot holes oblong, the holes are pinching the pivots and creating resistance in the gear train. With the solidified oil and the pinched pivots, the clock will eventually stop working or chiming.

This wear takes place in the holes that are in the brass plates and is hard to identify sometimes. These holes in the brass plates become oblong instead of round and this pinches the pivot arbor going into it. Between this, and the solid oil, the clock ceases to function. To have this repaired is an expensive and long process. To have a mechanical movement serviced can cost hundreds, if not over, a thousand dollars and in some cases it can take weeks or months to complete it.

Other Names Used

There are a variety of other names that can be on the movement even though it is produced by the Hermle company.

  • Hamilton
  • S. Larose
  • Mason & Sullivan
  • Welby
  • Pearl
  • Tally Industries
  • Bulova
  • Seth Thomas
  • Howard Miller
  • Sligh

Hermle Number Examples

Below are some typical examples of the Hermle clock movement numbering system. If your clock numbers are similar to this, its made by Hermle.

  • 451-050 94cm
  • 340-020
  • 140-070
  • 451-030 66cm
  • 341-020 45cm
  • 1151-050 114cm
  • 451-053 94cm
  • 1161-853 114cm
  • 141-070 45cm
  • 351-050 55cm
  • 1161-850 94cm
  • 241-070 94cm

A new mechanical clock movement can ship from USA the same day you order it, so the time it takes you to get you're clock up and running is very short. A repair can usually take months and then you are still left with a used overhauled movement rather than a new one.

When you receive a new movement it is the same as you're old movement, so all clock components will fit on to the new movement. The cost of a new movement is usually the same if not less than a cleaning on the old unit, and when it's installed it should last another 25-30 years without thinking about replacing or servicing it again. Some new units have bronzed bushings in key wear areas to increase the life of the movement, and on the non-pendulum units the balance has been improved upon for longer life and ease of timing. We here at Clockworks offer only the highest grade mechanical clock movements and they come with a 2 year warranty.

Assistance = 800-381-7458

Clock Movements

1161-853 Hermle Clock Movement

1161-853 Movement

  • 94, 100, 114CM Pendulum
  • Hand shaft 53.2mm
  • 12 Hammer back
  • ANSO is +$50
  • ANSO = Auto Night Shut Off
Front Side Back


1161-853: $458.00$488.00

1161-850 Hermle Clock Movement

1161-850 Movement

  • 94, 114CM Pendulum
  • Hand shaft 33.2mm
  • 12 Hammer back
  • ANSO = Auto Night Shut Off
Front Side Back


1161-850: $458.00

1161-053 Hermle Clock Movement

1161-053 Movement

  • 94, 114CM Pendulum
  • Hand shaft 53.2mm
  • 12 Hammer back
  • Chain Driven
Front Side Back


1161-053: $428.00

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