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How to order a Hermle clock movement

When you have the numbers off of the back plate of the Hermle mechanical clock movement, you only need to match it up and order right on this website. The movement numbers are everything, if we provide a picture for that number and it does not look identical, it is still the correct movement as long as the numbers match up. To get to the page that the numbers can be matched, the first thing to do is to match the movements number's prefix. The numbers prefix is the first set of numbers in the set, such as if the movement's numbers are 1161-853 114cm, the prefix would be 1161.

You would go to the list of movements prefix's below and click on the 1161 to see all the movements in that number series, such as 1161-050 or 1161-853 or 1161-850.

  • Less cost than a cleaning in most cases
  • Should last 25-30 years, a repair would not
  • Easy to install, we can help if needed
  • Ships same day as order
Hermle Logo Clock Movement Identification

Hermle Clock Movement Availability

Every Hermle movement is in stock most of the time. They also ship the same day that it is ordered from Huntington, MA via UPS ground. Hermle clock movements often have the name of the clock case maker stamped onto the brass plate of the movement. This is because the case maker purchased so many clock movements from Hermle that they are able to have their own name stamped on the clock movement as their own. Despite the name on the movement, usually in most cases the numbering system will remain Hermle where the movement can be identified and replaced with ease. So in other words, the movement may say Welby or some name other than Hermle, but the numbers underneath this name will be similar to the numbering system you see as the examples.

How to identify a Hermle clock movement

On the back plate of the clock movement you will see the numbers such as 451-050 94cm. These numbers let us know everything we need to know about the mechanical clock movement itself. This tells us if the clock is weight driven or spring driven, if it has a pendulum, the size of the movement and the length of the hand shaft and much more. To match up the numbers to the new movement numbers is to get the exact same movement you have now but brand new. Since the new movement will be the exact same and not some knock off imitation, all of your existing clock components will usually fit just the same as the old unit.

Why order a new Hermle clock movement?

To order a new clock movement means having your clock up and running in the shortest amount of time and have it cost less than an overhaul of the old unit. The new clock movements will ship the same day as you order it, usually from Huntington, MA via UPS. The new movement will of course last a lot longer than any repair that can be done on the old unit. When the repair is done it is still going to be an old movement and in no way can it out last a new one. With this new unit, your up and running in days instead of months, the cost is usually less than a cleaning, and it will last much much longer before you have to think about having your clock serviced again.

What Happened to the old movement?

With age, the mechanical clock movements oil solidifies and becomes black and sticky. By the time 20 or 30 years go by, the oil has solidified and is creating wear on the movements brass plates. If you look at your old clock movement, you will see holes in the brass plates where there are small pivot arbors sticking into these holes. These pivots are what the gears of the clock ride upon and as the pivots spin in the solidified oil, this makes the holes oblong instead of round. With the pivot holes oblong, the holes are pinching the pivots and creating resistance in the gear train. With the solidified oil and the pinched pivots, the clock will eventually stop working or chiming.

Other Names Used Besides Hermle

There are a variety of other names that can be on the movement even though it is produced by the Hermle company.
  • Hamilton
  • S. Larose
  • Mason & Sullivan
  • Welby
  • Tally Industries
  • Bulova
  • Seth Thomas
  • and others

Examples of Hermle Numbers

Below are some typical examples of the Hermle clock movement numbering system. If your clock numbers are similar to this, then its made by Hermle.
  • 451-050 94cm
  • 340-020
  • 140-070
  • 451-030 66cm
  • 341-020 45cm
  • 1151-050 114cm
  • 451-053 94cm
  • 1161-853 114cm
  • 141-070 45cm
  • 351-050 55cm
  • 1161-850 94cm
  • 241-070 94cm