Kieninger Clock Parts SKS Back Diagram


ID Letter Part Name Description New / Used Price
A Chime Hammer Sold individually complete with screw and nylon style head New $5.00
B Suspension Post The part that holds the suspension spring and suspends the pendulum assembly in the air New $20.00
C Suspension This is the suspension spring that holds the leader, and then the pendulum New $10.00
D Selector Arm The arm that attaches to the movement and controls the chime selections New $10.00
E Chime Wheel The rear wheel that interacts with the chime hammer assembly New $10.00
F Crutch and Verge The part the wacks the pendulum back and forth, and the anchor on top of it New $20.00
G Back Plate Approximately 5x5, this is the back plate of the movement New $30.00