Kieninger Clock Parts SKS Front Diagram


ID Letter Part Name Description New / Used Price
A Strike Pawl Spinning part with post attached to lift the rack one tooth New $10.00
B Rack lever Holds or releases the rack as to help control the strike quantity New $5.00
C Rack Determines the quantity of strikes via the tooth count on the saw part New $10.00
D Handshaft The long post that the minute hand goes on to New $20.00
E Snail The snail looking portion with the tube the hour hand goes on New $15.00
F Chime Cam Determines the amount of time the quarterly chime will run New $15.00
G Chime Assembly Complete with hammers, roll pin, plates and springs New $30.00
H Front Plate Approximately 5x5, this is the front plate of the movement New $30.00
I Selector Switch The arm that comes out of the dial so you can select the song New $5.00
SKS PRTS Front: $4.89$29.89