Clock Verge Assortment

A verge is what engages with the escape wheel. Variety pack of 9. Bend and cut them to fit your application. These are for escape wheels that are outside of the clock plates only.

How to shape a verge crutch. The top part of these verges are called the verge and the brass rod that hangs down from it is called the crutch. The length of the crutch should be close to the original length of the one that it is replaced with. It does not have to be exact, but close. The crutch simply gets cut to approximate length and then gets bent into shape on the end. The shape should be a oval loop that the pendulums steel suspension rod travels through and in turn gets wacked back and forth by the crutch. So to bend the crutch to be an oval shape, it would be bent at a right angle pointed outward from the movement and then looped back toward the movement, and then close the loop so it’s almost a complete oval loop. It would be a closed oval as to not let the suspension wire come out when running or being moved.