Clock Repair Tools

Clock Repair Tools

Large Clock Tweezer Tools Large 6pc Tweezers Large 6pc tweezer set with assorted shapes. Very useful set for reassembling movements and get the pivots back in there pivot holes.
CT40: $20.00
Clock Key Tool Wood Handle Hammer When staking or working on a mechanical clocks outer plates the choice of hard or soft tip come in very useful. This hammer has two sides, it has either a nylon end or a brass end.
CT7: $19.00
Clock Assembly Assembly Supports Keeps the movement up and stable during an overhaul. Just tighten one post on each corner to work on the clock movement as its in the air. Set of 4 posts 2 3/4" long. Includes a hanging bracket to hang the movement for testing
CT10: $50.00
Clock Magnifier Vision Visor This magnifier can be worn over glasses. This fits over the head and will be the most convenient magnification for inspecting important components of the clock movement and parts. This quality tool is made here in USA. Distortion free acrylic lens that is coated for superior abrasion resistance. The lens is also coated for increased light transmission for a brighter image. It has a padded comfort band that is ratchet adjustable.
CT17: $31.00
Clock Tool Pivot Reaching Tool Perfect tool for assembling clock movements and to push pivots into their holes either pulling backward or pushing forward during the assembly of the movement.
CT15: $17.00
Clock Hand Tools Hand Remover Tool Removes stubborn hands and gears in a straight motion. This Clock Tool is needed on many 400 day clock hands that are stuck on as well as pulling gears off of the back of chime movements.
CU30: $17.00
Clock Test Stand Movement Test Stand Works great on testing mantle or wall clock movements. Durable, practical, adjustable and well made.
CT21: $105.00
Clock Pliers Small Plier Set 6pc pliers with various shaped ends for crimping or cutting. Very useful to get into tight places when locking in pivots or wire bending.
CT38: $27.00
Clock Cutting Broaches Cutting Broach Set The cutting broach is the tool that is used to ream out a pivot hole to accept a bushing. The hole gets reamed larger to be able to install the new round bushing. Also to increase a bushing hole diameter as well. Comes in two sized sets, the smaller one is used for alarm clocks or large pocket watches.
CT11: $39.00
Clock File Set Assorted Files Set of 12 needle files Clock Tools for various uses in clock repair. There are many assorted shapes
Clock Pin Vises Pin Vise Set Set of 4 with capacities from .0mm to 4.65mm. Good to use on broaches when reaming out a pivot hole diameter. Also very useful when doing pivot, wheel or arbor work. Small part of the pin vise is knurled so it can be easily rotated.
Clock Punch Set Punch Set 16 Piece set of anvils and stakes for clockmakers. 16 assorted punches: 4 flat-faced hollow, 10 round-faced hollow and 2 assorted hole closing sizes. Large hardened steel anvil with 10 holes of graduated sizes. Complete with wooden set holder.
CT19: $109.00
Clock Staking Set Clock Staking Set Clock Staking Set in a wooden closable container. These sturdy stakes have various hole diameters in the ends to fit the task at hand.
CT22: $88.00
Clock Tools 7 Closing Punches Punch set to make a oblong pivot hole round again instead of installing the bushing. The movement plates would be separated for the punch set to be used.
CT12: $72.00
Clock Centering Punch Centering Punch A centering punch is to punch an indent in metal stock so a drill will line up with the indent when drilling a hole. This has adjustment for a heavy or light punch for delicate or heavier use.
CT13: $17.00
Clock pick tool set 4pc Clock Pick Set Four piece clock arbor picks. There are angles and loops to help get the pivots into the clock plate pivot holes.
CT39: $17.00
Anniversary 400 Day Clock Parts Micrometer Caliper This 4inch digital caliper’s stainless steel construction allows you to get metric or SAE decimal readings even in harsh conditions. The easy-to-read digital display allows you to measure and convert from SAE to metric quickly and easily. Features include an automatic shut-off and a storage case for easy transport.
CT43: $33.00
Watch Repair Tool Staking Block Staking Block This hexagonal staking block is made of steel and has lines of various hole diameters drilled into it. Good for working with small parts and pivot straightening.
Clock Magnitizer Magnetizer Demagnetizer This tool is easy to use and very effective. Stick the tool through it and the tool is now magnetized. Do it again and the tool is now demagnetized. Works great with the Multi-tip screwdriver.
CT31: $14.00
Clock Repair Screwdriver Multi-Tip Screwdriver It is very useful to have a spinning top and be able to switch from various tips that are stored within the handle itself. Works great with the magnitizer we offer.
CT30: $17.00
Clock Repair Tools 6pc Long Screwdrivers These are the best set to remove movements from there clock cases. They reach into the mantle clock cases and cuckoo cases very well. It is not easy to find a perfect length screwdriver with the right size head.
CT37: $14.00
Clock Screwdriver Set 7pc Screwdrivers This is a very useful screw driver set with rotating tops. They are all 6 1/2 inches long but with various sized and strong tips, in both Phillip and regular style. It is hard to find the perfect screw drivers for clock repair as the tips of the screw drivers need to be strong but small. These can also be used with the magnitizer / demagnitizer for ease of putting screws in hard to reach areas like the clock case.
CT42: $17.00

Clock Mainspring Tools

Clock Repair Tools Mainspring Release Tool Handle with 3 chucks covers about every key size. Put the chuck into the handle and then release the mainspring in a slow controlled manner in your grip. This is done by putting the tool onto the key post arbor and then gently releasing the click that holds the mainspring wound up.
CT25: $50.00
Clock Repair Tools Mainspring Let Down Used to release the power in a wound up mainspring. Key goes into the chuck and the chuck goes into the handle so you can let down the power of the spring. It does the same job as the let down with all the chucks. If someone were to take a spring driven clock apart without letting down the mainsprings, bad things may happen. The movement would get ruined and you can get your hands hurt.
CT26: $30.00
Clock Repair Tools Mainspring Clamps Set of 4 mainspring Clock Tools clamps keep a mainspring in the wound position to keep them under control. Best to get two of these sets for paired sized mainsprings.
CT2: $17.00
Clock Repair Tools Loop End Mainspring Winder Winder for loop end mainsprings, to be used with the mainspring clamps. This is to take a unwound loop end mainspring and wind it up to get a clamp on. When the C clamp is on, it is much easier to manage in the clock movement assembly process.There is no "safe" operation on this one. It is both dangerous and tricky. You would use the great wheel, put it through the hole in the device, clamp it down with something under the clamp to protect the teeth of the wheel. Put the mainspring on it and the loop over the arbor of the device. Use a mainspring key to wind the mainspring up on the great wheel that is clamped, when the mainspring is small enough put the mainspring clamp on it. Now the mainspring is wound and easier to put into the disassembled movement to reassemble again.
CT1: $28.00
Clock Key Tool 5 Prong Clock Keys These two 5 prong clock keys will wind almost all wall or mantle clocks. This is a useful key set when having many clocks, or do not want to be bothered figuring out a key size.
CK8: $20.00
Clock Repair Tools Webster Mainspring Winder Webster style mainspring winder allows you to safely remove and install loop or hole end mainsprings. Includes 2 hooks, 9 mainspring sleeves 1" to 2-1/4" and instructions. NOTE: This unit is equipped with the new arbor support
Webster: $389.00

Other Tools

Clock Repair Tools Clock Bubble Level Bubble level for help to put a clock into beat or just level it for an even tick tock. If the clock is showing level but the tick and the tock are not even, please read "how to put a clock in beat" in the help sections.
CT33: $8.00
Clock Repair Tools Steel Handle Hammer Nylon head on one end and brass on the other for lighter duty projects. The steel handle has good handle that is none slip.
CT20: $20.00
Clock Micrometer 0-25 Micrometer Readings of 0-25mm micrometer. Good for reading the diameter or thickness of many clock parts.
CT24: $22.00