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Clockworks clock supply

Welcome to clock supply. We are a global Horological supplier of clock parts and clock movements. An ethical family of clock enthusiasts that work on clocks every day. This family has 100 years of clock making and repairing as a back ground, and this website was made 21 years ago in 1998.

Appointment only

If local to us call for an appointment to get a clock serviced. We offer a large variety of clock parts, and movements. Also anything else that has to do with clocks and clock parts.

Clockworks location

We are located in Huntington, MA, in the USA. This is clock country here because Huntington is not far from where all those old clock factories were. Seth Thomas, New Haven, Waterbury, Ansonia, Westfield Watch, Chelsea Clock Co, and more. This region is where the great clock manufacturers produced countless quality clocks. They produced quality that are sought after even a century later.

Its all about the clocks is located in the back woods of New England. Bears, coyotes, wolves and deer are common up in these parts. When mid west or southern people hear of the state of MA they maybe do not think of dirt roads and remote forest land. A foot or two of snow in the winter keeps us burning the wood stove. In the mean while we are here working on clocks and the related usually every day of the week.

Clockworks Clock Supply Summery

There is not much we would rather do, this is our passion and joy. Mechanical clocks are so fascinating to watch in motion. It is hypnotic to examine the intricate movement of the wheels and gears as the clock runs. Developments through the years turned the clock movement from time only to a highly complex conglomeration of gears and functions. Phases of the moon, calendar, chiming and striking while doing all this with out a plug in the wall or battery. Strictly mechanical power made all this happen and that is pretty amazing.

The content of this website is copyright by Clockworks and written by James Stoudenmire

Clockworks Clock Supply Origin

Clockworks clock supply started out as Nepaug Clockworks in the mid 1940’s by Robert Tonkin. This was from a section called Nepaug in New Hartford, CT. Clock repair service from a barn near the house in Nepaug. Also working for a Jeweler that was across from the old Seth Thomas factory in Thomaston, CT.

Clockworks supply developments

In 1991 his nephew (me) James Stoudenmire took an interest in what he was doing and started to follow suite. Joining NAWCC in 1994 and was in full swing with clocks. Taking up a clock repair internship at Goldsmith Jewelers, owned by Ludwig Goldsmith in Wilbraham, MA. Also an apprentice for another clock and watch maker named Al Descorcy of Al's clock shop. Working for free but learning about more about clocks and repairing them. We would go to all the NAWCC shows that happened within a about 200 miles of us. At the shows we would watch the experts explain various things. Things like details about special clocks and how to re pivot and all this. Meeting other clock makers and getting there opinions on certain problem units and so forth.

The information age

Then came the internet in 1995, and Ebay to soon follow. Selling here and there on Ebay with the user name of clockworks. It stuck and we got pretty busy with it selling some of the large stock of parts we have accumulated. So the next step was to get a website, we were stuck with because was taken by a non clock person. Finally in 1998 was able to purchase the domain More and more people got involved and now here we are.

Modern times

These days we have a full stack clock repair center. We have industrial clock cleaning machines and various lathe setups. Using both Bergeron and KWM bushing devices and Gear cutters. We have maybe 1 or 2 thousand old clock movements separated by country of manufacturer and the maker. At the same time running the retail side of offering everything from moon gears to quartz clock hands to full tubular bell clock kits. We offer a complete line of mechanical and battery operated clock movements.

  • If we need a part, we go to the next section of the building and get it, from either our retail supply or our antique supply.
  • If we need to cut a gear or make a pivot, we go to another room and do it.

When someone emails us to [email protected] and has a clock issue, if can't solve their issue, it's most likely not solvable.

Lets get ticking

When you have a clock that you like but its giving issues, this is the site for you. Together we can save the clock instead of getting rid of it. When people have a clock for a long time, and then get rid of it, it seems all they can think about is that clock. In other words when they have the clock, they do not think about it much. But when they get rid of it, it sticks in there brain they should have saved it. Whatever you decide to do is fine, but if you would like the clock to work this is the right site.

The content of this website is copyright by Clockworks and written by James Stoudenmire

Mechanical Clock Cleaning Service Mechanical Clock Cleaning Service is the first step of a movement restoration. The movement needs to have the old oil removed in order to determine where bushings are needed. We shake the gear train up and down to test the movement for potential bushings. A mark is then placed where we find a bushing is needed. If the movement is gummed up with old oil the gears will not move up and down like they should. Therefore a cleaning is always the first step of getting a movement restored.

If you choose to send it in for a cleaning and inspection, we will assess what the movement needs and quote for what further work should be done, if any. If not wanting to have any more work done on the movement despite our recommendations, or if it does not need any, we will oil it and send it back.

Why has the best tooling, cleaning equipment, and cleaning solutions. There is no expense spared by us when it comes to having the best equipment. With this factor and 3 generations of clock repair expertise, you can rest assure the movement will be in the best hands it can possibly be in.

What we need

We only need the movement. That is all, nothing else. Remove the clock movement from the case and ship it to us. We do not need the clock case, pendulum, weights, chime block, or hands. We need none of these things because we have everything in our stock that is required. The best way to pack the movement is to wrap it, with the handshaft facing up, tightly in a box. Make sure it cannot bounce around in there. Also, do not let packing peanuts get inside the movement. Then you want to pack that box into another box. Packing it in this manner will ensure safe delivery of your movement.

Mechanical Clock Cleaning Service - Pricing

We will take the movement in, unpack it, and then clean it and inspect it for $150. If it passes inspection, we will oil it and test it. If this is all that is needed then the final cost is the $150 plus the shipping back. The initial $150 is non refundable and is the fee for the cleaning, inspection, oiling and testing. If it does not pass inspection, we will contact with what else is going on with the movement and how much it will cost to fix it. Then it is purely up to the customer how they would like to proceed from there.

The content of this website is copyright by Clockworks and written by James Stoudenmire

Removing a mechanical clock movement

This is a basic guideline for removing a mechanical clock movement. This is not for every clock, but most grand mother and grand father clocks produced after WW2. There are numerous clock makers and each have their own style. Anyone could have built the clock and mounted it in their own way. They all have the same basic steps for removal, but sometimes a clock maker puts their own twist on these things.

Modern post WW2 Floor clocks

Remove weights and pendulum - Unhook the weights and set them aside. Do the same with the pendulum. Be sure to handle these items with a rag or use gloves. This goes for the dial as well as any other shiny metal item on your clock. If touched directly, the acid fro hands and sweat will cause the metal to tarnish. It will not be immediately evident, but over time it can be seen with dark finger prints in these areas.

Removing the clock hands

Take off the minute hand by turning the hand nut to the left, while holding the hands still. You may need to loosen this nut with needle nose pliers, and then be able to use fingers after. To get the hour hand off, twist it and pull it toward you, it is a friction fit and will come right off. If you have a second hand bit, it is also a friction fit so twist and pull like the hour hand.

Removing the clock dial

Phase of the moon clock dials usually have four posts that come out of the back, that lock into the movement. The first thing too remove is the outer trim that surrounds the dial in the front. Remove the screws that hold the outer trim, so it can be removed and put out of the way.

The moon clock dial will have posts sticking out of the back and will have small holes in the ends. This is for a tapered pin to go through and secure the dial to the movement. Use needle nose pliers to grab the tapered pin and yank it out. Ideally the case will have side access panels so to get to these levers, or pins. This would be the easiest way to unlock the dial from the side of the clock case. One other method for the dial is for it to be attached to the wood case instead of the movement. If this is the situation the dial already came off with the wood trim.

Removing the clock movement

Take the seat board screws out that hold the a href="/clock-movement.html">movement in place. In grandfather clocks, these would be on the bottom of the movement going up into the movement's pillar or arbors that hold the plates together. In other words, look inside the clock case where the weights are and look straight up. IT can be seen the href="/product/clock-movement-seat-board-screws">seat board screws holding the movement in place. Take those screws out and the movement will come right out the front where the dial was. If the clock is chain driven, it may need the hook and tabs of the chains removed first. This means taking off the weight hook and ring on the chain itself. This is easy to do. Use two needle nose pliers to twist open the link that is holding the hook or ring. If it cannot twist open, may have to snap the link.

Wall and Mantle

These are even more simple than the GF clocks above. Take the hands off as described above, remove the pendulum and the dial. Now it is left with only the movement which is mounted to the wood case. Remove the four screws, or nuts, that hold it in place and its done.

Mechanical Clock - Movement Removal Conclusion

Removal of the clock movement is fast and easy. Now that the movement is outside of the clock case, it can be swapped out for the new one. It can also be sent in for cleaning and restoration. Installation is, of course, in the reverse of the Mechanical Clock - Removing Movement text.

The content of this website is copyright by Clockworks and written by James Stoudenmire

Sending A Clock for Repair

Sending A Clock for Repair is easy because we here at need the movement alone. We get clock repairs shipped to us from all over USA and Canada. There is never a problem doing this as long as the movements are double boxed and well protected. Here are some guidelines on how to ship the movement and also what to expect.

Packing The Movement

Undoubtedly, the safest way to pack the movement is to box it up nice and tight with the hand shaft facing up. This is very important! Make sure the movement cannot bounce around inside the box. The next step is to pack that box inside another box. If you send it like this, there will be no problem getting it to us. It does not even have to be put together. You can send us a bag of parts and the movement plates. It does not matter as long as it's all there. Don't laugh, we have had this happen many times! We know how to put it back together, so don't worry.

Protect the clock hand shaft

When packing up the movement, take special care to protect the hand shaft as this is hard to correct if it gets bent. This is the shaft that the hands go on to tell the time. You should pack the movement up well with newspaper and bubble wrap. If you are using packing peanuts make sure to put the movement inside a plastic bag first! Please do not let the movement get peanuts all up inside of it.

Again, when placing the movement inside the box make sure you place it in with the hand shaft pointing up. Once you have the movement packed really well in a box, pack it again in another box with more packing material. The movement should not be able to bounce around inside the first box. Double boxing provides extra cushion for the movement as it travels to minimize the possibility of damage.

Sending the movement for repair by UPS

If you have a UPS account, or have access to ship it via UPS, just send it along after you fill out the form. If it is a problem getting it shipped out, let us know the weight and dimensions of the box and we can email you a UPS label for a low price. Shipping centers are unreasonably expensive when it comes to packing and shipping something for you. If you box it up as described and ship it to us with the label we give you, it will be substantially less cost than a place like Mailboxes, etc to pack and ship. Please email us at [email protected] with the weight and dimensions of the box if this sounds better. Of course, you can go priority mail as well, if choosen.

After the movement is packed up, please send it to: CLOCKWORKS 124 Goss Hill Rd, PO Box 339, Huntington, MA 01050. If the following form is filled out, we will get notification that your clock is coming. You will receive an email confirmation of your form submission.

  • Clockworks
  • PO Box 339
  • 124 Goss Hill Rd
  • Huntington MA 01050
  • 800-381-7458
  • [email protected]
The content of this website is copyright by Clockworks and written by James Stoudenmire

Mechanical Clock Movement Restoration

Western mass clock repair

In the process

Please tell us about yourself and the clock :

Please fill out the below form to let us know your clock movement is being shipped to us. We will confirm with a email when we get your clock movement. Usually we do not need any movement components such as pendulums or weights as we have all of this here with us. If you feel we need other parts also you can select the below check boxes so we know what your including with your movement. This way we have record of everything that we should find in the box and also return to you when done.

There is a fee of $150 to send in with the movement, or pay with credit card below. This fee includes cleaning and inspection both. We will contact you with the status at that point and let you know if more work is needed.


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Tom Hauber
Tom Hauber
20:24 19 Mar 20
I purchased a new movement for my Grandfather Clock and with the expert support from James was able to install it and... get it back to running perfectly. I had a few questions along the way and received prompt and a accurate answers that cleared things up and simplified the job. I was able to install a brand new movement for half the cost of repairing my original. Great company and good pricing!Tom Hread more
SS Cheer
SS Cheer
17:33 09 Mar 20
We have a Ridgeway clock that we hadn't set up after several moves. It was missing a piece and we just couldn't figure... out what we needed. We emailed clockworks photos and they told us the little piece we were missing. When that piece came in we had another issue and they advised us of the problem at no charge! They are amazing! Helpful and informative! THANK YOU for helping me set up our clock and solve our mysterious missing more
Duane Bird
Duane Bird
17:22 06 Feb 20
I built a clock in 1983 and that movement lasted until last year. i ordered a replacement movement from Clockworks. ... James was very prompt in helping me with any issues I had. He called and also sent files on how to get the new one to run accurately. The customer service is more
Peter Ragaller
Peter Ragaller
16:26 03 Feb 20
Ordered a Replacement Kieninger Movement for my 1979 Grandfather Clock. Very excellent customer service assuring me of... the correct movement to order, fast delivery, and reasonable pricing for the quality of the movement. Detailed instructions shipped with my order. These folks know their stuff so do not hesitate to rely on their excellent products and more
Leo Blecker
Leo Blecker
13:29 15 Jan 20
Clockworks was very professional and quickly delivered my order. James and Donna were understanding when I needed to... return a movement, and had a replacement shipped to me the same day. I will use them in the future and have recommended them to my more
The Fixer
The Fixer
00:47 05 Jan 20
I want to thank you for PROMPTLY correcting the issue regarding the 9 1/2 in. clock face I ordered from you. The... replacement face you sent arrived the day after Christmas, the holes were nicely punched for the Hermle 141 movement and the movement fits perfectly with the movement.You absolutely EXCEEDED my expectations, I want to thank you for your prompt and reliable service and I'd like to wish you a very Healthy, Happy and Productive New more
Earl Weinmannn
Earl Weinmannn
15:42 02 Jan 20
I have never attempted before to replace a clock movement in a floor clock. But, when I looked at how much a... professional charged, I figured it would be worth it to try to do it myself. I bought the movement from Clockworks and they were very helpful in getting me the right movement for my clock. But it did not stop there. Jim helped me whenever I needed technical support or advice. He always promptly return my calls and seemed genuinely interested in making me a satisfied customer. A satisfied customer is exactly what I am. There are many places one can buy parts for a clock. But I doubt there are many places that surpass Clockworks for care and customer service. I would buy and work with them again without more
Dave S
Dave S
13:36 26 Dec 19
This was my first clock so Had never ordered from Clockworks before despite being familiar with the company and even... had a friend mention the name when I told him what I wanted to do. I placed the order and received it in a quick manner. I had 'user error' difficulties and the customer service was quick and most excellent. I would highly recommend, not to mention the large variety of options they more
Steven Metal
Steven Metal
02:48 26 Dec 19
My sister found a grandfather clock at the curb in the garbage. It needed many parts to restore it to working... condition. Found James and Donna from Clock Works online. They were very knowledgeable and patient with me and were able to supply all the parts I needed to restore the clock to its original working condition. It took some real help on their part but they stayed with me to the end. Could not be happier with the service and highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for help with a clock. I would not go anywhere else. Thank you for your more
Keith Goehring
Keith Goehring
22:27 17 Dec 19
I had a great experience dealing with Clockworks. Bob completely restored my antique (~1890 - 1900) German clock... movement and now it runs (and looks!) like new. James was always incredibly prompt in responding to emails, and Bob called me twice to help with questions and adjustments to get it running properly. This is a family business that really seems to care about their customers, and I will definitely use them again if I have any issues with any of the other clocks that I more
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