Quad Clock Instructions

Congratulations on the purchase of our new QUAD quartz movement. Backed by our one year warranty and their amazing Tubular Chime sound, these movements should provide years of worry free performance.

Quartz clock movement instructions

Very Important! Never turn the hands backwards. If setting the time from the back of the clock, turn the time set knob on the back of the movement Counter Clockwise only, if setting the clock from the front, turn hands Clockwise only

  1. Connect the speaker to the movement
  2. Rotate handshaft clockwise until you hear a faint click sound. Insert hands at 5:00
  3. Insert the proper C cell batteries into the movement. Note that the positive end of the battery faces downward.
  4. Double check to see that the hands are at the 5:00 position. Press the gray RESET button at the bottom of the back side of the movement. This will set the electronic strike to 5:00AM. Rotate hands to 6:00 and note that it will strike 6 times. If everything is correct advance the hands to the correct time.
  5. Choose the melody in which you wish the movement to play. Note when in the 4x4 mode it will chime on the quarter and half hours as well as on the hour.
  6. When in the 4x4 mode, it may take a complete hour to correct itself after the time set knob is turned to the correct hour. This is completely normal.
  7. If you desire that the sound be shut off at night while asleep, set the sound lever, located on the back right hand side, to PM 11:00-AM 5:45 Night off. This will be the auto night shut off mode and will shut the chimes off between 11 and 5:45AM. If you wish to have it strike all 24 hours, move lever to the 24HR mode.
  8. The monitor button is used to demonstrate the hourly chime.
  9. The SET button is used to advance the strike one hour. This will not move the hands