Ships Bell Quartz Clock Movement Instructions

Notice: Ships Bell Quartz Clock Movement is now obsolete

What we can offer as a suitable alternative would be the MSO non pendulum unit or the QU30 non pendulum unit, these units will not play the ships bell strike and no quartz unit that is made in the modern world will do this, but it will make a chime and keep time. As the 2117 was a non pendulum unit, this is what would replace it; a non pendulum unit that chimes if you want it to.

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  • NEW 132-071 Ships Bell Clock Movement
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Since this is a hermle unit, it is the same situation as the units described to replace on this webpage To convert to a mechanical ships bell strike is in the realm of possibility, we can offer the Hermle 132-071 as the movement and offer the dial and hands to go with it. So if you really like the ships bell and do not mind spending the money, you can make it into a mechanical ships clock instead. See the 132-071 at this link
NEW 132-071 Ships Bell Clock Movement

Ships Bell Quartz Clock Movement Instructions

    1. Mount your ship's bell movement to your clock's dial. The rubber friction washer provides friction between the movement and your dial to hold the movement in place after the threaded mounting ferrule is installed and tightened from the front of the dial.
    2. Insert batteries (not included) Insert two new alkaline 1.5 volt "C" cell batteries into the battery compartments.
      1. Make sure the + terminal of the battery is properly oriented according to the +/- symbols on the movement case.
      2. Replace batteries when timekeeping loses accuracy or when striking becomes erratic.
      3. To maintain your movement's accuracy, it is best to replace your batteries annually with new alkaline batteries.
    3. Mount the hands
      1. Place the minute hand on the center shaft and slowly rotate the hand CLOCKWISE until the movement strikes.
      2. Count the strikes as they occur. You should hear 1, 2, 3 or 8 bells.
If the movement strikes ONE bell: put the hour and minute hand on the center shaft in the 1 bell position. This would be 12:30, 4:30, or 8:30
If the movement strikes TWO bells: put the hour and minute hand on the center shaft in the 2 bell position. This would be 1:00, 5:00, or 9:00
If the movement strikes THREE bells: put the hour and minute hand on the center shaft in the 3 bell position. This would be 1:30, 5:30, or 9:30
If the movement strikes EIGHT bells: put the hour and minute hand on the center shaft in the 8 bell position. This would be 4:00, 8:00, or 12:00

If you DO NOT HEAR A BELL STRIKE when rotating the minute hand:

      1. Make sure the batteries are installed correctly.
      2. Make sure the volume is turned up using the rear Volume Control Knob.
      3. Make sure the Bell Strike On/Off Switch is in the "G" (center) position.

IMPORTANT: Ignore whatever the movement is striking!!

Things to remember:
    1. The electronic chime will synchronize AUTOMATICALLY... This will ALWAYS be after 4:00, 8:00 or 12:00 when the movement strikes 8 bells.
    2. BE PATIENT!! It may take several hours for the movement to go through the electronic cycle and synchronize the strike correctly.
    3. The odd numbered bell strike (1, 3, 5 or 7 bells) on the half hour will activate electronically as the synchronization takes place. You CAN NOT activate the half hour bell strike by moving the minute hand to the half hour position! If, after 24 hours of continuous running, your movement's MINUTE HAND is in the wrong position (i.e. the hand is a few minutes before or after the hour mark on the dial) after the bell strike, the gears/clutch require a simple adjustment.
    4. While securely holding the TIME SETTING KNOB so you can't move it at all, carefully grasp the minute hand and advance or retract it to the proper position.
    5. When the movement strikes in the future, observe the position of the minute hand.
    6. If the minute hand's position at the time of strike still isn't acceptable, repeat steps 1 and 2.