This non chiming pendulum unit comes with a pendulum, bob, hardware, hanger and hands. The bob is the round disk at the bottom of the pendulum and comes in 3 diameters.

Time Pendulum Clock Instructions
  1. Place hanger on post (optional)
  2. Place black washer on post (optional)
  3. Put post through the clock dial face
  4. Slide the brass washer onto the post of the movement that is sticking out of the clock dial face
  5. Put hex nut on post and tighten to hold movement to the back of the clock face – you may use needle nose pliers to get a tighter fit, however do not crank it down so tight that it ruins the clock face.
  6. Push hour hand on the post (smaller of the 2 hands with round hole). This is a friction fit and should be pushed all the way down on the post without it touching the clock face.
  7. Put the minute hand on the post
  8. If using a second hand, skip to step 9. If you are not using a second hand, screw the cap nut on. You are done.
  9. If using a second hand, screw the small donut on top of minute hand and then push the second hand onto the pin in the center of the unit.
  10. Unlock the pendulum hanger on the back of the movement, if its locked to one side, by forcing it to the center.
  11. Hang the pendulum on the hanger located on the bottom of the movement, after unlocking the hanger from the side.
  12. Movement must be somewhat level from front to back and side to side for the pendulum to swing.