Clockworks Testimonials

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Thank you so much for your fast reply. The fix worked perfectly. I can't believe I have been living with a clock chiming 10 minutes early for 2 months.

Thank you again Gregg Viscomi

My clock is up and running now. Thank you for the fast service.

Kevin Miller

Just to let you order came today and I've fitted it in the clock - many thanks :o)

Chris Perry

Thank you for your help. I tried both ideas and I am now working very nicely. That and my wife is happy too. So Thank you again.

Robert Smith

THANK YOU! What more could one ask for good service!.

Don Gibson

This is extremely helpful and I thank you sincerely. This repair is a mission of mercy for our pastor whose parents both died recently. She brought it to me with a 175 year old hymnbook that was also in the family, wondering what to do with family "heirlooms". Bringing the clock to life will be meaningful to her. As a former family counselor, she spends 80 hours a week helping people.

Thanks- Rick, Tempest Book Shop

your company is amazing!!! promt shipment!!! i’ll be a customer for life!

Karen reynolds

Clocks works great now. Thank you so much.

Jim Zee

James, Just wanted to drop a quick note to say “Thanks Much” for the suspension spring replacement. The first spring fit the grandfather type, whereas the replacement ones were the right pieces for the “grandmother” clock. My Mom in VA is very happy to have her clock working again, and we appreciate the great responsiveness and service you folks provided.

Best Regards, David Mayfield

James, thanks for the quick response. I am glad to know about your company. I have a number of personal clocks for which I need some parts.

Jim Murphy

first, I want to report that the replacement movement I bought from you a few weeks ago worked perfectly!..This was very important as it let my father see his clock run again.

alan Egger

James, Received the works in today's mail and it (the clock) is up and running. Thanks for your prompt service.


i would like to take this time to thank you for the your service that you have given to me . I did receive the pivot tool in the mail today.

Patrick Kluthe

Hi James; Your package arrived and everything I needed was in it. I repiared the old kitchen clock that my wife is so very fond of and all is now well. Thank you for the extra effort, be well.

Keith Lively

It's hard to believe it could that easy. Thank you very much!!

Charles Moore

Deb: The movement arrived today and I got it installed and working beautifully. The instructions were very helpful.

Michael G. Rich

Hello James, On behalf of sanity, I would like to thank you for assisting Ed in the workings of our clock. You have no idea how much you are appreciated.

Susan Meyers

Clockworks, The new motor is terrific, clock works again. Tom

Thomas Nichols

Thanks for the quick and positive response. We will be doing more business with you n the future!

Terry Case

Works perfectly and I couldn't be happier. Thanks for all of your help.

Lugene VanFleet

Thank you for your prompt response. I just wanted to thank you for that and to tell you that, even though it didn’t work out to do business this time, your integrity in taking the time to respond means that any future needs I have that you have available, you’ll be my first choice to do business with. I’ll be sure to recommend you to others. Thank you. Bill.

William Souilliere

Thank you James This is only the second large clock I've tried to repair, you and your staff have been exceptional in keeping me on track. Your web page has some of the most useful information for a budding amateur like me. Without your staffs assistance I'm not sure I would ever get this clock working.

Michael Ratliff

Dear James ever since I installed the 221421 clock in my wall clock it runs beautifully. Thank you very much for all the help and advice you gave me.

Lewis L Taylor

I am very happy to say that a couple of the keys I ordered from you all worked for my old clock. Don't know what I would have done without you. My clock key disappeared the day my cleaning lady was here and I was just devasated-the clock is very old and I doubted I would find one that worked.

Marilyn Meade

Thanks, It is refreshing to deal with someone that know what custom service and satisfaction means! Thanks again,

Robert Owings

James - just to let you know the clock mechanism arrived safely several days ago and is now installed & working perfectly. Very pleased with your service.


James, Received the parts on Thursday, installed yesterday. Everything working fine. Thanks again.

Joe Mozdzierz

once again thank you .... I would recommend your site to anyone that needs anything related to clocks period !

Patric Brugna

James, Just wanted to let you know that I received the replacement unit and installed it yesterday. It’s great to have my clock working again – thank you for the fine service. Attached is a photo of the clock in case you’d like to see it. It’s been in my family since the early 1930s

Linnea Martin

It worked! Thank you so much for taking the time to help me. If I can ever return the kindness down here in Atlanta, please let me know. Again, I really appreciate your help.

Kristin Wendland

Mr. James Stoudenmire, I reworked the new movement as you suggested and swapped its post from which the pendulum hangs for the shorter one from my defect movement. I was succesful and the pendulum swings freely and the cock runs good and keeps correct time. I also bend the hammers so that they hit the correct rods. In retrospect after doing the rework I did find out that I could have repaired my existing chime block for the two rods did not brake but came out of the brazing. However I am happier with the new one since the sound is deeper. Tomorrow I will receive the new hand I ordered and then the Grandfather's clock will be complete. Thank you for all your assistance to make this clock perform.

Albertus Wolfkamp

I ran the clock all night, and it seems to have worked itself out. I am so grateful that the clock is working, I actually sleep better when the clock chimes. Thank you for your emails. Both my wife and I thank you for your patients with a novice like me. I will recommend you to all our friends.

Al and Elaine Johnson

just got my movement and installed it in about 10 minutes . thanks for the prompt service and a special thanks to DEB for her patience and understanding

Ralph Blankenship

James--Thank you so much. The clock is all back together and working perfectly.

Doug Leightenheimer

I recently exchanged emails with you and as a result, purchased an incorrect clock movement. You gave me the right link, but your web site responded incorrectly. I have just gotten off the phone with 'DEB' and she has successfully turned things around. Not only is she competent, but excellent with people as well. Deb has made the appropriate changes in the billing and has the new movement on its way. Thank you for a very pleasant experience. Rest assured that CLOCKWORKS will always be highly recommended. Have a good day sir.

Nils Klykken

I want to thank the service rep who helped me with my problem on Saturday evening, March 23, 2013. I have recently purchased a Hermle movement for our grandfather clock & was having problems with keeping the time from running to slow all the time no matter what I did. They told me to check the band/strip (my words) that the pendelum hangs from. My new one that came with the new movement was about 1 1/8 " longer then the original. This caused the clock to run slow all the time because there was not enough adjustment I could make on the bob/pendelum for it to work correctly. So I was able to correct this problem & I just want to thank your representative for their quick & accurate response to my confusion & almost frustration. They are an asset to your company. I am also very satisfied with the new movement & all your help. My wife is more then Happy to have our grandfather clock running once again.

Terry Nastase

Thank you James for the rapid response and quick fix to my problem. I have another clock that has been set one minute ahead for the nearly 30 years we have had it to get it to chime at the correct moment. Just fixed that one now too.

Steve and Jane Amy

Hi James, just a quick note to thank you for the clock parts I ordered. Have installed them and they are working well and look great.

Don Durrell

I ordered a replacement movement for my fathers mantle clock (part 350-060), and following your instructions, have been able to install it and tune the sound. The clock has sat silent for many years; it is alive again! Our living room has its soul back!

Rade Radosevich

I received the parts and I now have my clock working again. Thanks so much for your help!

Orah Weisberg

thank you i am a very happy customer

Mary Ann Deal

We received the replacement clockworks, installed it, & checked it for a day before hanging the clock. It is keeping perfect time and it is quieter than the original clockworks that came with the clock. Thank you very much for your excellent service!

Zelda Popovich

Deb,My clock mechanism arrived yesterday. It replaced my old one and is off to a great start. Thanks for the measuring and installation video, as it is very helpful.

Stan Darden

Just to say thanks it arrived today and it fits my existing clock perfect!!!!

David Freeman

Motor arrived today, installed it and it worked perfectly. If I had known that you existed, I would have saved myself lots of time, energy work. Glad to have found you. Google makes it all possible.

Victor Rosenfeld

James, Thanks for all the help with my grandfather clock. We installed the new movement yesterday and it is working perfectly. We will coordinate the hands with the chimes today.

Thanks again,

Denise Whitman

Thanks! I had to totally modify how the face mounted to the clock case. It was fun, but we're already very happy with the result.

Randy Pollard

Hi, James, I would like to thank you very much for your help in correcting my clock problem, Clock Works had what I needed, Again thank you very much.Dan Juden.have a great day.

Daniel Juden Sr.

We are so happy with the replacement clock mechanism you sent. The clock is up and running after nearly a year of not working. It required a little modification for installation but nothing major. Many thanks!

Paulette Lannier

Just a quick note to thank you for effecting the change out on the 5/16th post for the 13/16th. Works just right. Helps to choose the right size. You all do a fine job in helping your customers.

Denise Saxton

Thank you so very much for your prompt handling of my problems. I'm impressed, and I love the clock, just what I wanted and more, except for the repair. I will continue doing business with you in the future.

John White


James Wujcik

bonus points for you. what great service, only i wanted to really know how the woman attached to body of bell stops just turning and turning. i have tried both ways to tighten it, like a door knob effect, but it turns and turns, this is why the hammers cant make the chime. you can see it under zaansa clock on line, give you an idea of what i mean thank you so much, I am always so grateful when someone take time to ask ,does the same as i do in my job, take pride in what we do.

johanna vandermeer

Hello, You are awesome. Such a quick reply And great service! Big Thanks to you.

Anne Porter

Thank you !! I was surprised at the fast and great service I received, from you and your co-worker. You solved my problem fast. Thanks again I am in your debt. PS: The clock is up and running great.

Roy Archer

Thank you very much. You taught me how to fix my clock chimes. It was easy. Thank you so much.

Laura Simpson

James, Received the movement at 5 PM and it's running on the wall at 6PM. All functions working. Thank you very much got the super service and putting up with some who knows zero about clock movements.

Bob Wadsworth

Thanks, James! You provide prompt and exceptional customer service!

Donna Lassiter

At last. I finely got it. Thank You so much for all your help. I could not have done it with out you.

tony mesolella

James, Thank you for being responsive and helping me. I was able to remove the chime box, take off about 1/4" and this allowed the new pendulum to clear. The new 66018 movement is installed, keeping accurate time and chimes perfectly. Your videos made it easy. I have never touched a clock in my life; my neighbors replaced this Howard Miller with a new HM and gave me there old one. Now with a new movement, we hope to enjoy it for many years.

John Hamner

Jim, the PD10 pendulum bob C was a perfect fit for my old Seth Thomas. It has been working all day. Thanks for your help.

Richard Wiegand

well, that was quick! when ever we need anything to do with clocks ,,You all have our buiness thanks again for the quick service .


Seriously that is some of the best service I have ever come across! This makes me very happy because I would love to get this working. I will call and ask for the pendulum but regretfully I don't know what you mean by 'time it on your end' - is there a video I can watch to show me how to do this - or do you suggest I order this pendulum and take to a clock repairer? So excited. Many thanks James!!

Jane Egerton

Dear James, I am sorry I am not a customer because I feel somehow I owe you some money!!! It is thanks to your email reply that I had the courage to take out the movement of the electric clock and replace it with the movement of a battery clock we no longer wanted to use. I used the hands from the electric clock, and the second hand from the battery clock. It worked perfectly!! Then, since I had disconnected the electric wiring to the movement of the electric clock I still had the dilemma of the light on that clock. Enter my son-in-law who knows wiring and he made it so that when we plug in the clock we can turn on its light whenever we want with the pull cord. If not plugged in the clock of course is still running on the battery since the electric is not connected to the movement. THANK YOU A MILLION for your statement that you were sure I could make a battery movement work! You thought we would lose the light but we retained that as well!

Kathy Lindner

James, I received the replacement movement. I have set it up and it is working well! Thanks for the effort in resolving this situation.

Mike Poirier

Thank You for the very professional & valuable assistance on finding the correct spring---

Cecil Taylor

Ok sir. I am happy to report that the complete repair is done on my franz hermle 141-040 and that the station clock is now working perfectly. Thank you for wonderful followup service - it was speedy, clear, and exact. Happy to provide a reference for you anytime.

Hap Davis

Your reply was surprisingly quick, and on a Saturday evening, too! I appreciated the excellent service.

Wayne Fenton

James, My friend Ray Glass ordered and installed Seth Thomas # A401-003 – cross referenced to Hermle 340-020 works for me in a 1980 Seth Thomas mantle clock. He was able to take the mounting bracket off the old works and use them to install the new works exactly in proper position in the old case. The new works are fantastic and the clock is keeping perfect time - matching an atomic radio clock!! Thanks for your help and assistance. Ray Glass said that he has used Clockworks for several clocks he has rebuilt and has always had an excellent experience. I am happy to say that I as well am very happy. I am going to give this clock to my daughter and plan to tell her that I hope I will see the day that I can purchase another new works to replace it.

Charles Stoddard

James, The works 340-020A received worked out great.

Ray C. Glass

OK thanks clock works GREAT now with new motor and stuff.

Carl Engebretsen

Color me impressed that you responded on Sunday and about a small order. Its refreshing to an old guy ,like me, to know that there are people who do still care enough to "take care of business" HAPPY NEW YEAR to you.


Received the clock parts today, installed and working perfectly.

Barney Sullivan

Just wanted you to know that clock is running great. Tried a different level and it started running with no problems. Thanks for all your patiences and help.

Gary Seig

Mr. James, You are the man, lucky for you I do ground up restorations on older classics automobiles, I pulled out my special needle nose pliers and preformed the surgery, I was amazed that how old the clock is that the bushing still worked. Once again the clock is working like a champ. Now one more question, do I need to oil the clock, and if so what areas need it? Now please go home to your family and friends and enjoy the holiday season knowing you have a new customer for life, maybe with your permission I will repaint my 1951 Chevy Pick Up and engrave The ClockWorks in wooden side rails that sit above the bed of the truck. and maybe do some air brushing of a grand father clock and some older clocks then take it to the car shows here in Colorado and let everyone know that you should never ever throw away a old clock, because there is a company that provides excellent customer service.

Bill Schaer

The movement seems to be working just fine James. Thanks and merry Christmas to you and yours.

Lew Goetz

Hello James, I got the second hand yesterday and the clock is together...all is great. My Dad went into a nursing home yesterday so it will be nice addition in his room. Thank you for getting this back.

Dave Wandler

Thanks so much for sending me a replacement clock so quickly. I certainly appreciate it. I received it today (12/10/02) along with the UPS return shipping label. I have hung the new clock on the wall and leveled it. It has been keeping wonderful time for the past 6 hours and the chimes sound so much richer and better. I can't thank you enough for your immediate response to my problem, it really speaks well for you and your company.

Fred Sherman

Parts arrived today .. All good with excellent service!

Neil McGregor

I'm glad I kept this e-mail............wanted to tell you that when I held the hour hand still on the hour and then moved the minute worked!! Thank you!! just wanted you to know. Now I have a cuckoo right on time.

mildred marshall

James, I am writing to you to provide some feedback on a recent conversation (today, 12/6/12) I had with Debbie in your customer service department. I have a mantel clock that was a wedding gift back in 1988. It works perfectly until 2006 when we replaced the Hermle movement (using a local clock repair store) with another Hermle movement. Unfortunately that movement stopped working earlier this week so I took the clock to the same clock store, only to find out the cost of repair was $145 and 3 weeks. I figured I could do it myself for cheaper so I called your company to get a replacement movement. I called after 1800 (6PM) this evening (EST) and got a nice message that said please leave a number and we will call you right back. Expecting a return call the next day because I had called past normal civilian working hours, I was pleasantly surprised when I received a call from Debbie not more than 20 minutes later, apologizing for the delay in returning my call. To say Debbie was the best customer service representative I have ever spoken to would be an understatement. She was courteous, patience, helpful, friendly and professional. She knew exactly what I was looking for and gave me very thorough instructions on how to make sure I was getting the right size movement for my clock. Speaking with Debbie was the highlight of my week. The Hermle movement I wanted was a lot more than I expected to pay but the attention and service Debbie provided made the extra cost worth it. After 30 years in the Navy flying airplanes and leading Sailors, I think I have become pretty good at judging people and recognizing talent. Debbie is a person I want on my team in every situation. Congratulations on finding and keeping such a wonderful person on your team. I would do everything I could to make sure she stays.

Rich Goodwyn

Hello James, Thanks, we received the part yesterday. The clock will be working soon!

Marian Gouin

James: The oil did the trick. I put a drop on each axle end of the chime governors. Just like new. I wish I had another clock to repair. Its definitely fun and rewarding. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.

John Limbrunner

James, It’s in and working better than ever! I have a minor adjustment left on the minute hand, since the clock is chiming a couple of minutes ahead of time, but now I know how to take care of it. Thanks for all of your help. The videos were also very helpful. I really appreciate your quick responses, especially during the weekend when I was working on it. This clock, which we purchased in 1979, will now last the rest of our lives and be passed on to our children as an heirloom.

Tom Anderson

Thank you very much. Your prompt response is appreciated. The mechanism is to repair a clock for our daughter who has recently separated from the Army. We had the clock hanging on our wall throughout her childhood. She is particlaurly sentimental about the clock and has mentioned a couple of times how she misses it. It is our plan to replace the mechanism in the clock and give it to her as her Christmas present. You can be assured that I will certainly use Clockworks again if the need arises.

Richard White

Hi James, Thought you might like to know that the replacement movement worked perfectly, all went together like, hmmm, clockwork J As you can see from the video, it is ticking away perfectly. It was a pleasure doing business with you, and thank you for the great service.

Bill James

James: I am a first time customer and recently placed an order with your company. I am writing to you to express my gratitude for the EXCELLENT customer service I received from your representative Deb. The transaction was handled efficiently, courteously and expeditiously. As a result I will definitely continue to do business with your company and be certain to recommend it to others. Wishing you a great holiday season,

Gene Mann

James, Pendulum arrived in good condition today, thank you for the prompt efficient handling of my request.

Jack Livingston

James, just a follow-up on this order. The pendulum was a perfect fit and the clock is keeping great time! Thank you very much for helping me out.

Roger Grant

I wish to thank you for the rapid handling of my problem. The new Qu40-Quad Chiming Quartz that you sent me works very well. The sound is just wonderful, couldn't be better.

George Cederberg

Wow … nice customer service …. THANKS …. appreciate it very much …

Ron Rowe

James, Thank you as your solution is very generous. You may count on me as a loyal customer.

David Diriwachter

Hi James, Just wanted you to know that your fix was effective and my chimes are correct now. Thanks again.

Steve DeLuca

James goods received and installed very happy to have our clock back, thanks for your assistance.

Tony Palmer

Sir, Thank you for the excellent sevice and product. Great job.

Al shippee

Thanks James for all your help!! I got it working correctly and it's hanging on the wall!

Joel Wood

Thanks. You guys are excellent! Quick advice/replies...keep up the good work!

Michael Gebhard

I want to thank you for all your help on repair parts needed for my clock. I put the new parts you sent me in and the clock works great.

Sid Levy

I received my clockworks order today and wanted to thank you for making a complex situation very easy. I was very unsure about what to order but pleased to find that what I ordered was exactly what I needed. The exchange of movements was very simple with all needed parts supplied. Thanks again for making my part extremely easy.

Conlyn Hart

I wanted to take a moment to thank Clockworks for the helpful way in which you have handled my order. Everything was in good order and precisely what I expected. I had my 30 year old Rensie clock in full operation in an hour. It looks great back on the wall by the fireplace. It sounds even greater. Your print out of installation instructions downloaded from your web site were easy to follow and allowed me to proceed in a straight forward way without any difficulty whatsoever. Thanks again for your great service and wonderful customer relations,

Cameron Bigelow

Who doesn't love the USPS. You mailed a small box yesterday. I received it this morning in Queens, New York City. Even repaired the clock. All is well last time I checked the clock.

Philip Mitropoulos

James, I just installed a new movement in a clock that we brought home from Australia many years ago - not valuable money-wise, but has lots of memories attached to it. Thanks again for providing a second hand without charge, and for the video on your web site that helped me get the parts in the correct order. Hope to do business with you again! Enjoy the Fall colors in Mass - I grew up in Watertown and always think about home this time of year.

James McDaniel

Dear Clockworks: You package with two different clock movements arrived on Saturday, only 2 days after I placed the order with you. Each movement was exactly as advertised and the instructions (on line) were clear and concise. Both clocks are back in working order thanks to your prompt response and high quality parts. I will surely come back to Clockworks the next time I need any clock- related items.

Don Antilla

I figured that out as I put both clocks together. They are up and running perfectly! Thank you for the reply, and the quick shipping.


I recieved the key and I was so happu that it opened the grandfather clock door , thank you so much for sending it right out

Becky stone

Thanks so much, will keep buying from you for professional service to the public!

Benhui Dai

I just thought to let you know that the suspension spring you sold me was a perfect replacement for my broken on and arrived via priority mail in quick fashion.

Jim Ellis

I want to thank you so very much. This worked perfectly. Thank you again.

Michael Jesberg

Mr.James Stoudenmire, Many thanks for the package received today. The clock fits the case perfectly, and is running well. This is a good example of how the USA/UK special relationship is 'ticking over'.

David Hill

Dear Clockworks, I just had a chat with Donna. She is a doll and deserves a raise! I appreciate her assistance and suggestions! You are lucky to have her in Customer Service.

Nancy Johnsrud

I wanted to thank you so much for taking the time to look at the attachment I sent showing my clock and the drawing I made of the movement so you could help me find the correct movement, especially since I know nothing about clocks and nothing about the language of clocks. Thank you for being so very clear and putting it in layman’s terms for me so now I know exactly what I need. And, thank you for going the extra mile with your extraordinary customer service. I have a saying – There are only two types of people in the world – Those who make the world a better place –and- Those who don’t. It always feels so special when someone goes the extra mile for you and I hope someone today goes the extra mile for you and helps you with something or explains something to you that you need to know. It matters.

Carol Perry

thank you; you guys are great and your going on my “Favorites List”

George & Beatriz

Thank you very much for your help and extremely fast response. I also would like to add that I have never dealt with a company with such amazing customer service. I will be recommending your company to everybody I know. Again, thank you very much!

Anthony Schoeffel

James, I want to thank you very much for your patience with my fumbling attempts at fixing our clock. Everything is working just like originally and my Mother can't be happier. My Father gave her the clock before he passed on, so the clock means alot to her. So again thank you,

Bob Wisdom

Just wanted to thank you for your patience with regard to the movement we bought in April. You may recall that the movement for a clock I built inn the early 70's died and is no longer available. You provided me with a similar movement that required some adjustment to its fit in the clock. Once adjusted the clock would not run and after calling you I returned it and you some how got it to run properly again. Then, once installed in the clock the chime was out of sync. Again I returned it and now, reinstalled the the clock, it runs perfectly. I can't tell you how nice it is to have a quiet chime every quarter hour. Thanks

Bob Crocket

Thanks for the VERY QUICK response.... I was surprised!!  lol

The Smiths

The Hermle clock movement # 451-050 94cm we ordered on June 3rd arrived on June 6th in perfect condition. On the 7th of June we Switched out the clock movements in our Emperor Grandfather clock that we had built from a kit in 1979. The entire job including adjusting the chime hammers was done in two hours. Needless to say, we are very pleased. Thank you for all your help when I ordered this over the phone. What great People and Company to deal with. Thanks again

Daniel & Violet Zabel

Worked perfectly!!!! Thanks so much!! Now, just one more question (same clock)... At 3 it dongs 3 times, then at 4 it dongs 3 times; but the rest of the times it dongs correctly (6 @ 6; 7 @ 7; etc). Any ideas as to why and how to fix it? Thanks again sooooo much!! Debbie Henderson P.S. Thanks for the VERY QUICK response.... I was surprised!! lol

Fred Smith

James, Thank you for the videos they will be very helpful. I wish you would have done one showing how to clean the movement you are very to the point and to the point. If you do have one please send. If not you really should make one. I enjoyed them. Thanks again


I needed to thank you for your SUPER service.I got the ORDER today and now I want to explore this new area for me.First time ever, I have some ideas, it was concepts only,, now I want to enjoy whay you sent.

Douglas Walsh

James,Our clock is working great and I appreciate the additional support you provided so I could complete the installation. In particular and with great interest, I enjoyed watching the repair videos you posted using our clock. I am glad I decided to get it repaired and even more pleased that a friend, who is into clocks, recommended you as a repair source. Thank You,

Gil Beckner

James, I got the new movement and installed it. Much smoother then the one before. It set up in beat and is running great. Thanks for ALL the Help. Mike Hacker I just watched the video on how to determine the shaft length and enjoyed it tremendously. Not only did I learn, but I had a good laugh to go with it. You have earned a new customer. Thanks for making it fun!

E. Riley, Columbia SC

Sirs,Thank you a million times over for your write up about repairing of 400 Day Anniversary clock.Your site has helped me get my clock going.The spring was still intact, it was stopping and I learned from your site how to get the balance right, with waiting for the click, counting, and doing the same on the other side.Thank you Sir for your genuine/honest and informative advice.

Regards James C Harney

Mr. Stoudenmire:For the past three weeks or so, I have been meaning to tell you that I received the part that you sent late in January. It matched the description and photo on your website - and apparently matches the part that broke on our 25+ year old Daneker clock.Hearing the chimes again is truly a pleasure. Thank you for the details on your website and for sending me the part I needed.


I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how much I appreciated your quick service. I was given an Ansonia clock with a Hermle movement in 2002 which stopped working a few months ago. I took it to a local clock shop who said it would be worth fixing - at a cost of $300. My husband and I watched your video and thought, "We can do this!" Well, we were right. We used your diagram and watched your video again and when we received the parts we fixed the clock ourselves. It's working perfectly now..

Arlynn Griffin

james, thanks, this is a great guide.and, as you can see, i need it! best regards,


Mr. Stoudenmire - Many thanks for information on the bushing -- it's all lined up perfectly now. I guess people like me are always trying to get more information. A couple of my hammers do not line up with the chime bars. How do you bend these things without breaking them? Lastly, what do I do with the old works which, incidentally, has some plastic pieces to it? Thanks for all your help -- if anyone asks me, I will be happy to tell them of my good experience with you.

Best regards, Bow

i got your clockworks yesterday and installed them this very well.Thank you very much for standing behind your product. Again Thank you


Thanks for a great website!I just received an antique (pre 1920) Seth Thomas from my father's estate and we have never had a pendulum clock before.We really liked the tips and videos and the information about setting the beat, etc.Hopefully we won't need replacement parts or anything, but if we ever do, we'll buy them from you.Thanks for the very accessible information!

Best regards,Connie Taylor Haglin

Hello James. I can't thank you enough for all you sent me about the clock movement. We have been to US ten times and have visited so many different areas and have always found the most helpful people. In all the places we visited we have never had a wrong word with anyone simply because of the way they are prepared to go the extra mile to help a stranger. Therefore I am not in the least surprised that in answer to such a simple query you have given me so much information. I have printed all the instruction's .....I am 83 and want to leave as much information as possible on top of the clock for whoever has it. I made it myself so it will no doubt be kept by my son. Thanks to you there is so much I can put in the instruction's.

Thank you very much. Richard.

Dear Mr. James, You are awesome. I couldn't ask for a better tutorial and instruction. The pictures and your explanations were clear and even helped with the instruction manual which did not give detail or pictures for what I wanted to do. I watched and took notes on all the information on the weighted grandfather and was able to go home and remove everything as you explained. I was able to finally rethread my chains. I think in trying to get everything back in I bent or shifted the hammers a bit but I'm going to watch your video on bending them back to the 1/8"etc. Thank you again. You are a livesaver or clocksaver and a real master craftman of knowledge. One thing, one of your most important videos for me was 2of 8-(Removal and installation of a floor clock movement.) Is it possible for you to upload that one again. It ran for a minute or 2 and stopped completely and would never go pass that point. Thank goodness you did at least get as far as how to remove the movement. Once again Thank you so much. Hopefully now once I put everything together it will work. But if I end up needing any parts at least I know now where to order it from. God Bless you.Jesus said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." - Matt:19:26 Zerita


Sir,I would like to thank you for your help in the transaction earlier this week. The clock insert fit great. It is working perfectly. Also, the shipping was really fast. Thanks again for all you helped me with.

Sincerely,Charlene Neuenschwander

Dear Sir or Madam: I ordered your non-chiming pendulum movement. OH MY GOD! Your website was great, especially your do it yourself online video. I got my order the following week, installed the parts and now my clock works great! All for less than $20. With this kind of service, you can be sure I will order clock parts again from you. THANK YOU. Very professional.


Thank you very much! The information I have gleaned from your book is well worth the money spent ... and you probably have saved me several times that much by me doing something that could damage my clocks. Again, thank you.

Gary Poole Quartz Hill, CA

hello I just want to say a big thank you, with your helpful web page I have just managed to get my clock working and have managed to reset the bongs as well as the tick tock, the only thing is I have set it on my dining room table on now am afraid to move the clock onto the mantle piece in case it stops! thank you again kind regards

wendy latham south wales GB

Rec. parts today. The part was inserted into the clock and it now works fine. Thank you so much. Another satisfied customer.

Linda Hoffman Van Wert, Ohio

To James and Bonnie: Dave and I would like to express our appreciation for the fine service we received on the replacement of the movement for our clock. The new movement arrived today after lunch, installed this afternoon and we are now enjoying the beautiful chimes again. The other movement is boxed and is scheduled for pickup by UPS on Wednesday (5/11), RW M-3479.

Thanks again. Dave and Norma Berger

James, thanks so much for the detailed explanation on fixing my clock! Very simple, indeed.

Thank you - Jennifer McMullan

Thank you, James I completed the repair, and the grandfather time machine is running like "clockwork" Appreciate it!

Joe D'Agostino

Good day James, I received the motor today. Installed and works wonderfully. Thanx for all of your good help!

Regards,Frank A. "Pancho" Mann

Thnx! Will order. Also, my neighbor has fixed her Grandma clock mischime due to your web page. She thinks you're a hero.

Taffy xxoo, Taffy

Clockworks, Received my unit today and installed it, it is perfect!! I can't believe such a nice sound could come from a battery powered movement!! Thank you so much!

Robert Lorah

hi james, thank-you so much for my clock repair. great job and a special thank-you for trusting me with my valid check. speedy service was appreciated.. i'll mention you to all my collector friends. again big thankxxx

warner voelpert shelton ct.

Thank you kindly for the clock repair kit, which I received this afternoon. Our old (ca 1860 case, 1930-ish works) mantle clock is now back in service over the living room fireplace. Thanks to your instruction book, I screwed my courage to the sticking place and completely dis-assembled the works, soaked and scrubbed them and reassembled the clock. Now my dilemma is; is it tick-tocking or tock-ticking?

David B. Chittim, P.E., P.L.S.

I have had a beautiful Howard Miller wall clock for years. I have had the clock repaired a number of times and even replace the mechanical movement. I loved the clock's cabinet but very unhappy with how much it cost to keep it running. This year I decided that I would replace the mechanical movement with an electronic one. I found the movement I wanted, a Seiko pendulum movement with two different chimes on your web site and bought it because you had provided detailed instructions on how to install it.The movement replacement went beautifully and flawlessly following your Instructions. You are to be congratulated for providing this type if information. Even a novice like me was able to do the work. Thank you very much for providing the information on your website.

Larry McLain

I am just writing to let you know that you are a wonderful company. Your website with the measurements of the various clocks that you sell allowed me to buy the right clock the first time around. The price was excellent and the delivery time was really fast.

Thank you, Diane Vella

Thank you for all your help.This was my Mothers clock. After she passed away last year we got the clock. I thought that I followed the instructions for moving pretty well including taking down the pendulum. It's possible that the spring was old. The pendulum fell down out of the blue shortly after getting it running. Looking all around the clock to figure out what happened and alot of scratching my head I just sat on repair for along time. I missed the sound and tried to find some one in the area to repair it. The person that used to work on the clock is no longer in business. The other night I got the bug to hear this thing again and looked very close and I'm sure I am in the right direction to repair and hear again. Thank you for your help in getting my mother up and going again.

Deryl Kitchen

Just wanted to follow up with you regarding my order. Earlier I called and emailed you with a description of my problem trying to get the replacement time-only movement you sent me to work properly. You called me to discuss my particular situation during which I described my having viewed the movement replacement video you have on your website and the specific tasks I had done reinstalling the movement, hands, etc. You graciously offered to send me a replacement movement at the end of our conversation. I received that movement, installed it as I had previously installed the time-only movement Clockworks sent me earlier and this movement is working like a champ. Thank you very much for being so responsive and customer-friendly; in today's business environment that is a much-welcomed relief and surprise. My wife is thrilled her clock is working once again just as though it was new and I now have some "blue chips" to spend on a "kitchen pass" in the future.

Regards, Ken Curell

Thank you for your timely response. All is working well. Your service is outstanding and reminds me of the way business was conducted generations ago. Keep up the good works and know that it is appreciated.I received the order on Friday 26 November. It is just what I needed. The clock is now working as it is supposed to. Thank You very much.

Howard Bigelow

Thank you so much for having such a user-friendly website! I have had a clock that was my mother's and haven't been able to find an insert locally. I really didn't want to throw it out, but it hasn't worked for 10 years! I was coming to a crossroad of deciding to let it go and decided to give fixing it one last shot. I called your plant and James told me to order on the website and told me to look for an "inset." Who would have known? Again, thank you so much. I ended up ordering two because my aunt has an identical one and hers just sits on a bookcase with an empty hole in it. I know she will be thrilled!

Michelle Jackson

Thank you for your excellent website and instructional videos. Thanks to you I was able to fix the clock in a barometer temperature set that we've watched on our wall for 25+ years. The store where we bought this item doesn't even exist anymore. We were very pleased with the parts we purchased from you and the results that we check regularly on our wall. My wife not only thinks " I'm handsome, and handy also".

Art Cassot

I just received your bellows tops for the souvenir Black Forest Cuckoo Clock my parents had been given as a wedding gift in the early 1970's. The clock hasn't worked in decades, but using the fantastic detailed instructions on your website, the replacement bellows tops, and the 5-minute epoxy, I was able to get the clockwork working and adjusted while waiting for the bellows tops to arrive, and repaired the bellows within an hour of opening the package. The clock is in almost the same working condition now that it was when it was new. Marvelous service and quality, and I'm very happy - seeing the expressions on my mother and father's face when they saw the clock working again and heard the cuckoo sounds was priceless! I just want to add that the clock itself is a marvel - it's at least 38 years old, moved several times including to a new state, shared a home with a number of pets and three children, stopped working in the 1980's (apparently it just needed to be adjusted) and was put into storage in a number of doubtful locations including a crushed cardboard box in a barn where it stayed for over 20 years, and the only things wrong with it could be fixed with a couple simple adjustments and the replacement of some bellows that didn't weather the decades so well. Considering how disposable things have become in my lifetime, it's always a pleasure to work with something that works well after about 40 years or so, and which by all appearances will last generations.Thank you again for helping to make it possible to get this wonderful old clock working again!


Dear Clockworks: I just wanted to extend a thank you. My 80 year old grandmother has an old battery operated wall clock that holds tremendous sentimental value to her. After nearly 30 years of solid operation, it recently died. All of my family members and friends were advising me to buy her a new clock rather than attempt a repair. However, knowing how much this clock means to her, I decided to do a little research online. One of the first websites that came up from a Google search for clock parts, was yours. For no more than $20 including shipping and handling, I was able to order the new mechanism and the dial hands for her clock. The mechanism has been installed and the repair is a success. I know she will be thrilled. It is refreshing to know that in today's "disposable society", there are still companies that support repairs. I am especially delighted to know that the mechanism I received is clearly marked "Made in USA".

Sincerely, David Cohen Chestnut Hill, MA

James, You are surely a genius...I did as you suggested to get my time piece going. I pushed the pendlum as far to one side and released it. I thought surely I defied science and broke it? my amasement, I heard a sound that I had been waiting for. Like the cry of a new born baby, it started to "Tick Tock,"and it continues to keep accurate time. I thank you very much for your assistance, and if you ever need any written reviews on your web site..I will be your man. Thanks again James and take care.

Regards, John

Mr. Stoudenmire, Your suggestion worked, I am indebted to you again. You have a customer for life and I will recommend your company to all my friends enthusiastically.

Thank you very much, James Miller

Thank you! I wanted to let you know how helpful I found your website. I have a favorite clock that quit working---and your video showed me exactly how to repair it---and had what I needed to do the job . The prompt and kind refund on the shipping just put the icing on the cake!

Thanks again, Lillian

The videos on your website were very helpful in choosing the correct replacement parts for our clock. The pendulum clock was a gift from my parents in 1984. They have both passed away, but the clock is working thanks to you. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Bettie West


THANKS AGAIN Dave Reinbold

Just a quick Hello, and a HUGE thank you. I ordered the above captioned unit on 3-4-10, received it today, 3-6-10. This unit took me approximately 30 minutes to install and adjust, from beginning to end. Works FANTASTIC, and the sound is that of a much "higher-dollar" unit.MANY MANY thanks to you all, and I WILL be purchasing more products from you, as you've acquired a VERY SATISFIED customer!!!! Thanks again.

Patrick Maynard Palm Bay, Florida

Mr. Stoudenmire -I received the new assembly and it is complete. Thanks for the great service. I will not hesitate to recommend your company for our many friends with grandfather clocks.

Thanks again. Steve Parks

Thank you for the prompt delivery of my clock part. It was the perfect fit and fixed my clock. Two years ago I ordered a clock movement for an old cuckoo clock of mine and it was also perfect. Your company seems to have everything. Thank you for all your help.

Philip Clements

Hi James. You've done it again. Your hint in your last sentence about the hands not being attached led me to find that the minute hand was not totally set firmly to the post. I had inadvertently slightly cross-threaded the round nut that holds the minute hand therefore leading to the mishap. The clock has once again been working okay and once again I thank you,

This is Joe Velardi

New Movement Installed and Ringing!

Lee Sieger

ames, You have been so helpful, I am up and running. Is there an approximate value of this clock? It is a moon phase Zeeland Colonial with the Kieninger KSU33 movement in a mahogany case. Just wondering?

Thanks Peter

Hi James, Thank you so much, I got it working. Does the moon phase have a setting and if so what is the proper setting based on date? I love my clock. Does the wheel on the bottom of the pendulum control the speed of the movement? If so which way slows it down? Again thank you so much it is a wonderful clock.

Warm regards, Peter

Thanks for your help. Adjusted min. hand as you said and everything seem to running as hoped for. We got taken a few years ago by a local clock maker, big time. so it was a pleasure dealing with your company.

George Desrosiers

Thank you. I also wanted to advise that I received the e-book you patiently emailed to me last week. I also ordered and received the clock cleaning kit from you. I used the kit to clean and oil my Ridgeway grandfather clock I bought at a recent auction for $90. After the cleaning and oiling, the clock is in beat, chimes and strikes perfectly. Thanks again for the quality of your products and your service.

Terry Shepard

Hi James, You are truly a professional!!! What you told me to do worked! Clock is running fine! I greately appreciate your help! Thanks.

Joe Velardi

The new QU22 mechanism works great! (interestingly, the shaft is a larger diameter than the original, but otherwise identical) Thanks for your patience!

Richard Feldman

James Stoudenmire Thank you for alll your help / and even when to the trouble to call me by phone / Gave me a break on the price! I was very impress with all that!! The movenment working fine!!

Bob R Blevins

James, I think the old leader solved the problem . . . the pendulum shows in the glass window and it's running nearly perfect time. Now I may have to adjust the screw under the pendulum slightly to make it run just a tiny bit faster! I really appreciate your help getting our clock working again. . . thank you very much.

Cheryl Pettyjohn

I would like to thank you for your efficient and complete service pertaining to the clock parts I ordered and received. I had questions before ordering and left you a message, unlike most people you called me back and helped me in ordering the correct parts for my clock, which worked out perfectly. Customer service is very important these days and I feel you demonstrated just that.

Again thank you, Len

The replacement insert clock arrived in today's mail. Thank you for having made this exchange for me!!

Herb Paul

James - The dial you recommended was perfect. Installed with no problem and completed this project with much satisfaction. I would be happy to give a glowing reference if you ever need one.

Many thanks, Dan Foltz

No wonder the service has been great. I also run a business and wanted to give positive feed back. As managers we always are told from our customers what is wrong. So I always like to say thanks when its great and help good employees get recognized for a job well done.

Matthew Hauf

I Just wanted to send this e mail to say thank you very much. James Stoudenmire Has been very helpful and responsive to helping me fix my very special clock. I will make sure all of my parts and clocks if available are bought Clockworks. Thanks you for the great experience.

Thanks, Matt from Maryland

Thanks so much for your immediate response. My husband has decided to try fixing it himself. We'll see how that goes. 🙂 However, if we need anything we will certainly contact you first. Again, thanks. You are the type of company we like to work with. By the way, we love Maine!

Sincerely, Vivian Hehemann



Mr. Stoudenmire, Thank you for your prompt response and for the excellent service I have received. It was a pleasure to discover your site, which was both highly informative and well laid-out. I feel confident that I have found the only resource I will ever have to use for any clock building or repair needs that might arise. Respectfully yours,

Brent Zundel

Thank you! It worked perfectly. I am enjoying my clock now!

Margaret Carter

Wow, excellent and, as a hobbyist, well worth the money. Thanks

Steve Johnston,

HEY James,Received the works today, guess what, IT WORKS,, txs for your assistance and looking forward to many years of enjoyment with the new works. Thanks again,,(the boss is smiling),,lol


Hey Jim, Clock up and running!!! thanks for your help!!! I did not need the leader or the suspension thing.... All is good!!


Got Movement yesterday // Put it in today , match prefect !! Only one question?? Do you need to oil movement now / or does it come pre oiled? Thanks for you help!! Will repeat business with you / if I need any help

Bob R Blevins

thank you for your help. I noticed the bar the pendulum attaches to in the clock mechanism was off center when at rest, gently pulled it on center and now it works and the tick and the tock are evenly spaced. Clock has run for 15 minutes, so far so good. again thank you.

Charlotte Baker

The new stem has solved the time problem. It keeps excellent time now.

Thanks again ---Greg Hunter

Dear Clockworks: I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your speedy and competent Service My Husband has hooked a solar panel to the clockworks you sent and the very large clock which hangs rather high on the wall in the great room will run effortlessly for hopefully many years to come. And then he surprised me with a handsome home made clock for our bedroom wall Somewhat smaller and easier to take down to replace batteries. Both projects were made much easier, almost effortless due to your swift handly of our orders and the professional website we used. Thank you and Happy prosperous New Year to Clockworks.

Sincerely Mark S. Smith & Ressa Lively-Smith

Thank you for your prompt, professional response. We are looking forward to reading this book. We have a Herschede grandmother clock that we purchased in 1971, during our first year of marriage.The clock survived many trials, including having one of the top edges broken-off during a professional move when my husband was discharged from the Navy. The Herschede Company kindly sent us a replace piece that we had professionally attached so it looked like new. The clock ran well for decades, only faltering a few years ago. We took it to a reputable clock repair service that specialized in grandfather clocks to have it cleaned and oiled. We paid over $650 dollars for that service. However, it would not work afterwards. We took it back in. They apologized, saying they had used "old oil" and it had "gummed up" the movement, told us they would clean it up and get it running again. After we got it back, it stopped running after a few days. Because we had no other vendor to turn to and had exhausted our savings for the initial repair, the poor clock has remained non-working for several years. It is heartbreaking to us because we had hoped our daughter would be able to enjoy it when she inherited it. Like most grandfather and grandmother clocks, it seems part of our family. My stepfather had been a trained clock maker, but he passed away before our beautiful clock stopped working. Although his hands were no longer nimble enough to have done the work himself, I am sure he could have supervised my husband well enough to make the necessary repairs. I am fortunate that I still have my Dad's clockmaker's desk and some tools but they are useless without the technical knowledge, trained eye, and love for clocks he possessed. He had to work as a tool and die maker in the aircraft industry for his livelihood, but he spent time almost every day repairing watches for co-workers and acquaintances, usually for free, simply because he loved clocks and watches. He hated to see them simply sit unused. That's why, when I found your site, both my husband and I were excited. There seems to be the same kind of passion infused into it. My Dad would have loved your website with its information and access to tools, parts and books about what he loved most. That we could order a book and have it downloaded within moments of ordering would have astounded and please him. This book may empower us to bring our grandmother clock back to life. Thank you for providing it on your website. We are impressed with your response time on our order and will recommend your site to others.

Sincerely, Anneta & Fritz Buster

Dear Clockworks: Pleasant morning of classic Seattle maritime overcast. Just a quick note to thank you for the lovely clock FT1 Insert F59WA GT which I ordered a week ago on Thursday December 22, and which arrived safely on Tuesday December 27. It's beautiful in my favorite old solid oak "Idaho" clock -- a long-ago gift and nostalgia item -- and running perfectly. You've made me very happy indeed, and I'd just like to thank you again. All the best always, and take care.


Dear James, Thank you very much for send ing the arabic numbers in a timely manner! I was able to get the clock sent to Florida to my sister for Christmas in time.

Thanks again, Tom

Yup! It was the quadrant on the rack and snail. It was not falling onto the snail. It was just Hung up on its axel. Cleaned and dusted the axel. And placed a pico-dot of oil and it drops down now like a hammer. My gratitude Sir! This is our first grandmother clock and they appear to be a lot simpler that I imagined.....I.can see why people get passionate about these....

Paco and Wendy Solis Kokomo Indiana

I can't thank you enough for your prompt and excellent service. One of the second set of keys I ordered just the other day arrived yesterday, and my son-in-law just called and said one of the keys worked. He is so pleased and so am I. That was my Christmas gift to him. Again, so many thanks.

Mary O'Herron

I received the replacement clock movement and it is installed and working great. Thank you again for the fast and great service.

Regards, Chuck Tadlock

I would like to thank you for your efficient and complete service pertaining to the clock parts I ordered and received. I had questions before ordering and left you a message, unlike most people you called me back and helped me in ordering the correct parts for my clock, which worked out perfectly. Customer service is very important these days and I feel you demonstrated just that.

Again thank you Len

The replacement insert clock arrived in today's mail. Thank you for having made this exchange for me!!

Herb Paul

James - The dial you recommended was perfect. Installed with no problem and completed this project with much satisfaction. I would be happy to give a glowing reference if you ever need one.

Many thanks, Dan Foltz

No wonder the service has been great. I also run a business and wanted to give positive feed back. As managers we always are told from our customers what is wrong. So I always like to say thanks when its great and help good employees get recognized for a job well done.

Thanks, Matt from Maryland

Thank you very much... you don't know how happy you are making an 87y.o. woman!!! And me, a grand-daughter that would do whatever possible to keep her happy!!

Kimberly Brennan

The parts arrived and my clock works perfectly. I am so very pleased and truely appreciate your timely assistance. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving from our home to yours.

Sincerely, Mary Kay Shader

Thank You for providing the parts that I recently purchased to fix my Cuckoo Clock. The instructions to replace the parts were excellent and the assembly went very well. My old 40 year old Cuckoo now acts like a "SPRING CHICKEN" .

Thanks Again - John C. Dick

I did exactly what you said and it worked like a charm!! THANKS ever so!

Dee Moelling College of Education

Right on, Clockboy! Followed your instructions and the clock chimes PERFECTLY on the hour! You know, you’re pretty good....maybe you should do this for a LIVING!

Thanks! Jeff Beck

James, Thank you very much for your help with getting my clock to chime at the proper times. I appreciate it very much.

Linda K. Betts

Thanks. The clock works perfectly!

Paula Pena

replacement movement works perfect. thank you for great service


HI there, I recently bought a new hermle movement from you (after a bit emailing advice) and I was able to get my mother's old clock working perfectly! Thanks for the help.


Just wanted to let you know that the new movement went in fine, I got the chimes "tuned" and it's working great. Just doing some very minor pendulum adjustments to get the time right on the money. Sure is nice to have the clock chimes in the house again. Thanks again for the help.


I want to thank you very much for the fast shipping on my cuckoo clock works just fine now

Thanks again, Dan Morris

The clock is back on the wall and running better than ever! I appreciate your help and the fine on-line pages. Warm regards,


Absolutely delighted with the movement; great sound; very glad for the free hands, similar to the origonal but of course those didn't fit. Many thanks indeed.


Thanks for your help. Everything is working fine now due to your assistance. I never would have been able to fix the problem as I know nothing about clocks. Thanks again!

Norman Walters

I have my old clock back and I am happy.

Thanks, Ed Snyder

The keys arrived today. Thanks so much. She lost the original key to her family clock and was hopeful that one of these would fit as the shaft is somewhat recessed and hard to measure. She assured me that one did indeed fit

So again, thanks so very much, Jon

Thank you so much for your answer about my clock. Now I can really enjoy my grandfather clock Again as those beautiful gongs are right on the correct hour again.

Shirley Landefeld

The quartz movement arrived, and yesterday my son and I installed it with no difficulty. The clock which my late husband put together from a St. Charles kit 25 years ago now has a new life. Thank you for making it possible with your clear instructions, ordering method and simple quartz movement.

Martha J. Stevens

Dear Clockworks: The last key you sent was the correct one. Thanks so much for hanging in there with me until I got the right one. Your company gets an A+.

Sincerely, Merle Sanshu

The replacement clock works great. Thanks for the great service.

Mike Mannchen

Hello, Thanks so much for the guidance and information. I pushed the pendulum to one side as you suggested and rehung the clock. So far, it is working and is tick tock as it should sound. Thanks again,


The addition of the new clock movement with the Westminster chimes has made a dramatic difference as compared to our former timepiece. With its clearly enunciated sound, the chimes have lent a sense of dignity to the ambiance of our humble home. This was an important retro-fit for us as we were trying to continue using a regulator clock given to us by our since-deceased son. Thanks to Clockworks we can continue our reminiscence of his life (I even saved the old, dented bob.) It really is true, we never know when our daily actions can make a positive difference in the lives of others. Again, thanks for the work that all your employees perform every day.

Lee Ireland

James, Just wanted to drop you a line as to how pleased my wife and I are with our recent transaction with Clockworks. Our 23 year old Seth Thomas Grandfather clock had just quit chiming and we were told by a clock repair person that the movement needed replacing. We were quoted a total price of $750.00 for the replacement including labor. I found your site when searching for Grandfather clock information. I found the site to be very informative and by following your instructions was able to determine the exact Hermle movement replacement part number. I ordered the replacement movement with expedited shipping and received it in 3 days. By following the on-line replacement instructions I was able to install the new movement and make all of the required clock adjustments in about 4 hours. Our clock is chiming again and working beautifully. We saved about $470.00 by making the repair ourselves. Once again, thank you for your excellent service and detailed on-line instructions

Regards,Dick & Janet Holt

Hello Clockworks, order arrived today and is working perfectly in our clock. Thank you for shipping it so quickly.

Bill Miller

Just wanted to send a quick note of thanks to you and your company. Using just the materials and book I got from your website, I now have a restored and working 1920's Meiji Schoolhouse clock.. You've been bookmarked for any future projects I might get myself into, and thank you again for the excellent service.

Sincerely, Fred Panton Carrsville, VA

Thank you. We got it going. It just needed to be set in beat.

Linda Epley

It's oiled & running!

Thanks so much. Fran

Just a note to say the Q U 40 unit is the bet I have ever had as far as sound. I thank you for yor help and suggestion and your prompt service.

Tom Beckman.

thanks you. will give that a go. it makes a lot of sense! you represent your company well!

g. fisher

Thank you! the clock is now working perfectly!! I still haven't made it to the post office, but I will mail the previous weight back this week.

Laura B

James we want to thank you for taking the time to help us get our clock up and running. We are very pleased with clockworks and will look no further for our clocks needs in the future

Thank you again, Janet Martinez

You guys are the best and easiest to work with.

Thank you so very much...Luana Williams

James Stoudenmire; Just a few lines to let you know that I am very happy with the work that you did on my old clock, it's been a pleasure doing business with you.

Ed Bernat

Hi, Recieved product and everything was just right!

Thank you! Jeff

Thank you so much for your help. I switched the weights and it solved my problem. Must say you are a genius.

Mary Roper

Hi,I recently received the clock movement with pendulum chimes and hands and I had some feedback that might prove helpful to you. The chimes and initial settings of the switches were perfect. Delivery was quick. My clock is now "pendulating" and dinging away beautifully so I am good. I really love my clock now that it is alive again.

Thanks, Warren Brandkamp

James, just wanted to thank you and sorry I didn’t sooner. It’s so nice to have my main timepiece up and running again.

Bingo! Thanks for your prompt and helpful reply. One of these days, I'll make it into the 21st century!

Patricia Duke

Hello there The package arrived. One of the clocks was assembled immediately and worked properly (and silent) Thanks a lot.

With kind regards Piet van den Dikkenberg

James I just wanted to let you know the replacement part has been received and fitted and the clock - including second hand - is working perfectly. Thank you so much for your help. Kind regards

Kathryn Oie

James, just received my clock motor and installed it a few moments ago. Fits and works perfect thanks for your assistance...Randy

Randy Jordan

James: I want to thank you for your prompt response and guidance to help pinpoint the problem with my Seth Thomas (made in Germany) floor clock, circa – early to mid 1960. I replaced the Movement and indeed, it was a problem with the saw tooth rack position. Once I removed and reinstalled the Movement on the clock, the unit “chimed and sang” like a champ. The other clock repair troubleshooting instructions for the Movement; Adjusting the hammers to the chime rods and Mounting the hands and adjusting the 4/4 chiming sequence; helped me tune the clock to perfection. As I recall, the clock hasn’t run for 30+ years. So once it got going and played the chiming sequence, it brought me back to a time when I was a young boy. Big Smile!!! Thanks for your direct support and the business you have. Warm Regards,

John G. DiNardo

Hi James, this Saturday, received the clock movement that you had promised to switch out for the one that became defective. Installed new movement today, and it works great. Thank you so much for this prompt exchange, and great service. This Clockworks company is about the best and also most reliable online company, I have ever dealt with. Your company will honor warranty items, and replace defective ones promptly, without undue delays or extensive questioning and paperwork.

Klaus Strasser

Thank you so much for all your help. I have placed my order – could not have done it without you!

Claudia Morgan

Thank you so much for posting your very informative and detailed information on clocks. Thanks to your info, my 150 year old clock that ran until last year is running again - it was slightly out of balance and the pendulum may have not been on exactly right. Tick Tock!


Your new movement took about two and a half weeks to get to UK, it was really well packed, thank you. It is now installed and nearly ready to go back to the owner. I am very impressed with your service and will certainly use you for replacement Hermle. Many thanks.

Brian Coles

To the people at Clockworks. Just to let you know I received the new works for my grandfather's clock when premised and in good condition. The new clock mechanism is installed and my 30 year old Hamilton grandfather's clock is running smoothly and keeps perfect time once again. Installing the works was easier then I thought it would be. It took approximately 2-1/2 hours including setting the chimes to correspond to the correct time. I took my time and enjoyed putting the clock back together. When I swung the pendulum for the first time with the new works installed, the clock started running and has not stopped. Thank you for your help. You guys really know clocks. The advice you offered before I placed my order to help me identify the correct unit for my clock was extremely helpful. I firmly believe you saved me money and I am looking forward to my clock running another 30 years.

Bill Rahm Lady Lake, Florida

Hi Just to let you know the part I ordered arrived and the clock is now working perfectly. Thank you for your service.

David Strazzulla

I meant to write you earlier, but forgot when my computer took a dive. Now that it is back up and working, I wanted to tell you how great my clock is working. Finding you and the great guidance on your website made the replacement of the no longer working clockworks easy. Buying the hour and minute hand in black and the second hand in red was just about the best thing I could have done. Your packaging for shipment and the instructions on putting it all together was great. Within 10 minutes of opening the package, I had a working clock. Thank you for your fast and honest website.

Aleea Brewer

Mr. Stoudenmire: Thank you. The clock is installed, working fine and I am adjusting the pendulum to keep correct time

Ed Foudriat


Peggy McMahon

I recieved the clock mechanism on the 24th March .Mechanism now installed in clock and working perfectly. Thankyou. Kindest Regards

Mr Les Stone

Dear James! I love my new clock hands! Thank you so MUCH. It is so nice to have a clock that works. I will recommend you to anyone who is having problems with their battery-operated clock. Your video was very helpful, too Have a GREAT day!

Happy Customer Kimm

Everything worked perfectly. Parts ordered,customer happy. Thank you for your Patience and assistance.

Kevin Roth

Well thanky you very much. I appreciate the gesture and will recommend your site to my fellow carpenters.

Jordan Hiuser

James, I receive the new Hermle J-61 movement last Saturday and installed it tonight. I works fine. Thanks once more for your good service.


James, You are such a DEAR! Thank you so much! Have a WONDERFUL day! With warm regards,

Kimm Colarossi

Thank you the part was received today and has been installed and works great I'll be sure to use you again for all my clock needs. I will also let friends know of your service.


James, I received the clock on Wednesday. Thanks for the fast response and shipping. It really is a pleasure doing business with you. The 55CM movement is correct. I have it installed, its been running for several days and it is keeping the correct time. The beat is set and I just have to fine tune the pendulum over the next few weeks while it settles in. Thanks for putting up with me.

Carl Manuelian

Yes please, your customer service is the best.




They are exactly the right length and all shaft sizes matched your movement. I am glad to see it finished and thanks for your patience.

Lee Sieger

Just wanted to say Thanks for your help!

Judy Robichaud

I was very glad to see that we could get what we needed. I love my clock and want to keep it running.

Roger Clark

Thanks. I appreciate your good service.

-- Bill Brenner

Thanks, looking forward to that. The new bellows and wires work great, cleaned and oiled the works.

Kelly Speer

Hello James, Thank you for your response. As expected you were exactly correct. I gave it a good cleaning and delicate oiling and it the cuckoo works fine now. Best Regards,

Brawn Barber

Gentlemen: Received the new hands for my clock. They're wonderful. Thanks again.

John Janowski

Thank you very much for your help. This was excellent customer service. I will undoubtedly be a returning customer.

John Kuti

Thank you so much for the help and information. I should be able to get this clock running now.

Thanks, Michael Reimers

Thanks for your help walking me through my first clock project. I appreciate you putting up with me.

Randy Paul

Hi! My clock now works perfectly. Thank you for your help. I appreciate it very much. Sincerely,

Lennaart Andersson

Thanks you did a great on my clock part fit and works great.

Thanks, Rose

Thank you very much! All seems to be working fine. We will definitely recommend you! Thanks for the quick delivery!

Catherine Mathews

Thank You for the fast service on the hands....clock is completed and running well.

wayne palmer

I got the hands and installed the clockwork. Works wonderfully thanks!!

Cam Stickley

Thank you for the quick response and service. Something hard to find in todays world.

Nicholas Beach

OK thanks so much---you are the first person to FULLY explain

Walt Plunkett Tucson, Arizona

This is for Donna. I called yesterday and she was extremely helpful in finding me a movement for the clock that would fit my needs. I received it today and it's been installed, the numbers have been put on the dial, and it is working perfectly! I collect, buy, and sell clocks and am always buying parts, etc. You're going to be my main source for clock parts, etc. THANK YOU, DONNA!!

Sidney W Jeffrey

Hey James - I received my new movement and have already installed it. My family's grandfather clock (I think it's actually called a grandmother clock because it's smaller) now works PERFECT for the first time in years. The info you sent below definitely helped. The big pain in the neck was bending the hammer wires to align with the chime rods - but I took my time & carefully bent them and everything is now perfect. I think this definitely is the better alternative to having tried to drill out the worn pivot holes and press in new bearings.

Mike Silverman

James, Got it and the order is in. Thank you so much for your help. I'm anxious to fix the clock for my very ill brother. He'll be very surprised! God bless you.

Scott Williams

Thank you I appreciate you helping and I have another clock that was an award and hasn’t work for awhile, I’ll be I can get it going from Clockworks. Great business.

John Mitchell

James , my replacement movement arrived this morning 6/6/14 terrific service from you and the postal people,thank you.

Mike Murgatroyd

Hiya James – Just a quick note to you…package arrived and I couldn’t wait to put the spring into our antique German Junghans wall clock. VIOLA’!! totally awesome that it now works after being quiet so long and not knowing where to go or what to do about it not working! I am so glad I found your website and the wife and I have 3 other antique clocks (hopefully with the same “simple” problem) waiting to be repaired. You can count on me ordering from you again in the very near future and I’m happy to know that I can send in the movement if necessary.

Thanks so much again! Steve Overton

Hi Donna, Thanks for your help. Our clock is now back in service.

Mary Anne Hutter

Donna, Thank you so much for your great service. The replacements for our Hermle mantel clock movement have been exceptional. The third replacement with the QU 40 was the charm. It works great and sounds wonderful. Thank you both for your help.

Carol Hansen

Hi Donna, Just a note to let you know the clock movement I ordered came today. I installed it in the clock and it is just PERFECT!! And it got here so quickly. I'm so pleased with your service and your product, I will be recommending you to all the people I know. I really appreciate how you take care of your customers. Have a wonderful Memorial Day and remember those past and present who keep us free!

Sidney W Jeffrey

Just a quick note to thank you for all the information on your web site. Yesterday I installed a new movement into a family heirloom, it all went smoothly and as your website described. Thank you for the information and the reasonable price on the new movement. I'm assuming that you have no need for the old movement (as I found no mention of recycling on your website), perhaps I'll keep it to fulfill a childhood dream of taking a clock apart into pieces.

George Wooster

Deb, The movements just arrived! Thanks for the great service, now I can ship one of the clocks on Monday.

Mike Miller

James, I finally replaced the movement in our Seth Thomas family heirloom grandfather clock with a movement I purchased from It is now ticking and keeping perfect time! I spent over $700 having it repaired several years ago, only for it to stop working and the repair guy who fixed it went out of business and didn't stand behind his work. The clock has sat in our family room since and I was contemplating what to do with it. A year ago I found your site. It took me a year to decide whether or not to purchase a new movement. I am very happy I did. I cannot believe it, but it took me less than 2 hours to replace the movement - having never worked on a clock before! It was your site and your email a year ago that encouraged me that I could do this. I just want to say thanks for having such a great site and being such a great help. It's so gratifying to hear the clock ticking and chiming again. And now I now a great place to go if I need help in the future!

Terry Flesch

Thank you for the fast and professional service . I just received my ordered items and got them installed and it works perfect but the speaker sound very low and sound sqwelching ,so I installed one from another clock and solve the problem until you send me a good one . Thank you for your kindness .

Kind Regards Joel Torres.

I got the clock working. The verge clutch was off and was not making good contact with the gear. I bent it slightly in the middle, it made good contact with the gear and now it is working just fine. Thank you for your help!!!

Curtis Carrigan

Received the new unit. It works great! Thank you

Mark Pantley

Deb - Were you the one who was answering all of my emails? If so, please pass my complimentary email to James. I will be ordering the movement tomorrow.

John Searles

Hi James A short note to let you know that the clock insert I ordered has arrived at Stockport, UK. Thanks for your prompt attention to my order; the insert arrived intact [it had been packed well] and the 'ivory dial' is well suited to the clock body in which it sits. I single out special praise for your website. It was the clearest most user friendly website out of all the sites I looked on for a clock insert. I was able to negotiate your site with ease and found all the information that was needed to select the correct size and type of clock insert that was required.

Many Thanks Alan Exley

Dear Clockworks, I wanted to write and thank you for such quick service and for the quality products you sell. For your information, I learned of your company by doing a Google search. Your website is easy to use, even for someone like me who has never repaired a clock before. Today I received the clock parts I ordered from our company just 3 days ago! I reassembled my wife's clock with the new parts and it works perfectly. I wanted to give you this positive feedback and say thanks for running your business the way businesses should be run. Best of luck to your company and to your employees in the future. I will make sure to mention your company to my friends.

Judd Green Greenwood, Indiana

I finally got the clock to chime every 15 minutes and dong every hour!! Thanks for all your help and input. Where can I get a users manual? My mother lost hers.

Bob Swartz

Clock is up & running. Great service. Thanks

Mike Ellerbusch

My O Gee winder came today and works well.

Mark Carlson

Deb and James, I ordered the clock kit from you folks on 02/12/14 I got everything just as you said I would. I started on the clock plan and finished it today, I am proud of the finish project. just wanted to show the finish clock. thank again for your knowledge and honesty

Kenny Forman

Recieved my order of a Takane chiming pendulum replacement mechanismon the 22nd- Have it all installed and running in our original 26yerar old clock that had finally bit the dust- your instructions for fine tuning on your web site was a good help also-- Thanks for the works (so to speak)--

Sincerely, John Bolduc Elk River Mn.

Hi James, Your integrity is appreciated. I know where to buy clock parts in the future.

Robert Slater

My pendulums arrived today. They are just perfect. I am trying to repair a small 70 year old weather clock which belonged to my old dad. When it is fine weather the lady comes out of the little house on the top of the clock, when it is rain the man comes out of the little house. Don’t know anything much about clocks but I have got it going now. Thank you.

Margaret Flykt

Thank you for all your clock works very well now!

Jennifer Naggar

Thank you very much the new clock is working fine. Thanks again. I will order from you anytime I need something or any of my friends need something I will tell them about you.

Allen rice.

Thanks James for all your help! It’s looking and sounding great! My wife is just having to get used to the chimes. I love them!


I received my movement this morning and put the clock together and it seems to be working fine. Thanks so much for your help!

Earl Simpson

I received the order sooner than expected. I installed the works. There is another old clock going tick tock again, for the first time in years. It is a wonderful thing that you do.

Gordon Sorenson

Hi James, Just to let you know that all goods arrived in good order.

Hein Dolieslager

Thanks for the prompt service and excellent packaging. Great customer service!

Louis Quast

Hi James, I collected the movement from the Post Office today. All is good and thank you for attention and support.


James, Received the clock yesterday. It is so cool to see it actually running again.

Thanks David Fanning

Excellent! Worked as advertised. Would also like to commend you on your customer service. Very few on-line retailers answer e-mail inquiries that quickly. You've more than earned any future business I might have as well as recommendation to others.

Thanks again. Ralph Claytor

Hi Donna! Second order arrived today. Already mounted it, no difficulties, your movements work fine and are very accurate! Thank you for a good service.

Valeriano Tora

Good morning, Jim: I want to take a moment to thank Clockworks, and especially your representative, Debby, for exceptional customer service and support during my clock repair process. She has cheerfully exceeded my expectations in terms of kind, personal attention to the details of my repair. I have suggested to her the possibility of including a simple instruction sheet with replacement quartz movements emphasizing the Gentle touch necessary to achieving a wonderful result; while defective movements may occur, gentle assembly cannot be over-stressed to avoid the possibility of damage (I am certain that you know this, but your retail customer would do well to be reminded. I would suggest that finger-tight assembly is adequate for many installations). Please accept my highest compliment to a businessman: You have treated me like a valued customer. Please be safe and careful in the challenging weather conditions hitting Mass., and urge your employees to do likewise. Have a great weekend, and God bless you and yours.

Bob Lachowiez

Thanks, I received my order, an insert clock. I couldn’t be more pleased. It came four days after placing the order.


Thank you for your prompt work. We got the new works and hands. All is working good for us.

Thank you again, Eunice Herman

Dear James, Thank you for you superior service on the quartz movement for my wall clock. Donna was extremely helpful and pleasant…I can only wish that all “online” businesses were as customer-focused as yours. I highly recommend clock is working great. Thank you and God bless

Bob Lachowiez

Dear all: Have been trying to get a new movement for 4 months. ordered one from clockit and had nothing but trouble trying to get it set. set back twice for replacement. And the final time after not receiving the correct hardware sent back for a full refund. Found your web site and was very much impressed with the ease of setting. I have my clock back now it's alive again... Thank you

Brenda Yarina

The clock is wonderful and fits perfectly! Thank you so much!!!

Amelia Lawler

Thank you for locating the order. I am glad to have found your company website for a source of parts. Thank you.

Thomas W. Hawkins

CP28 Worked great!! Thank you for all your help!!!!!!!


Hi James, I received and installed the 341-020 35cm. Works like a champ. You all do a great job! I was wondering if this old movement could be overhauled for a spare? Thanks again for the great service,

Gary & Char

Thanks for the quick response!. That's what I thought but I was halfway home from the where the clock is before I thought about it. The clock owners are so happy now that the clock works again. Thanks again for the fast service and response.

Deborah Stauver

Thanks James so much! I received the hands and they look great!! I appreciate your extra effort and we will be doing business again!!

Don Yankovich

The insert arrived today. Love it! I wish I needed more stuff, it was a pleasure doing business with you.

jim redpath

Thanks for the help with the minute hand. The clock now chimes right on the quarter hours.


James, We have received the replacement clock and so far OK. Thanks for backing up your product and making a replacement so easy.

David Winterhalter

James, Just wanted to let you know I received the movement yesterday and it fits and functions perfectly. Thanks again for your excellent service!

Mark Durante

Bellows arrived on the 14th. Have since fitted them on the clock, perfect! I will certainly recommend your company to others here in Germany. Despite the fact that the famous "Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks" are manufactured here, replacement parts are not easy to come by. ind regards and looking forward to doing further business with "Clockworks"

Norman Thorpe

I received the replacement pendulum today and it is working great. I appreciate the prompt way in which the order was handled and will continue to do business with you in the future.

Conrad Knickerbocker

Hi James, Thanks for your help ,clock fine now , saw and snail lubricated and may have been sticking because hands not fully on and allowing hour bush to float and stick. Would recommend your website to anyone wanting clock parts.

Graham Penny

Hi Deb and James, You just made my day. I have had the hands off, the works out of the base, reading all about the difficulties of this particular mechanism, and was just preparing to do battle with tools in hand and a few silent prayers that I didn’t mess it up when your simple suggestion appeared on my cellphone. I hastened to get home to see if this was possible. I had just replaced the old inner workings with one I bought on ebay, minus hands. The old one had worked all right for chiming but the shaft was 90 degrees different. I hadn’t realized one could turn the centre part of the minute hand. A dab of WD40 on the bushing, a moment with a sterilized set of pliers and the surgery was successful. My wife is very appreciative that peace and tranquility have returned to our home. Many thanks for your help.

Bob MacLean

Dear Mr. Stoudenmire, I was very happy to receive the clock movement and hands I ordered so quickly. The explanations and descriptions on your site made it easy to choose the right pieces and to assemble them. Thanks so very much for the excellent service.

Sue Gardner

I have just purchased a part and wanted to let you know that your product line, website, payment processing are the best of any website! You provide easy to use measurement diagrams so laymen like myself can easily and accurately determine what we need.Your pricing is very well worth it because of your well designed website. I am confident that I will get what I wished for, a statement I can't make with other websites. Keep up the outstanding job!

Ron Eckhardt

WOW ! Thank You so much ! My father has a 25 year old Grandfather Clock that I think needs some attention. I will certainly return to Clockworks!


Received and installed the new parts. Everything worked great. Thanks for the prompt follow-up service.

dave pugh

Thank You Very Much! If your parts are as good as your customer service,I should be set for a good long time!

Duke Parks Benton,KY

Mr. Stoudenmire: Before the day closes, wanted to let you know that you have a very special lady representing your company; not easy to find good people in todays workforce market. Debbie was MOST helpful to me earlier this afternoon and the level of customer service that she provided was exemplary. I'm 76 years old and worked for thirty-one years as a corporate vice president for a very large insurance carrier in Chicago. It was hard to find good caring/service oriented people to work for me back then, but I would take your Debbie in a heartbeat. I'm trying to build a grandfathers clock for my daughter and her family and had a lot of questions; Debbie did not make me feel stupid nor imply that I should have known what to order. She took her time and helped me order what I needed; left the door open to call back once I receive the items from Clockworks should I have more questions. Many thanks to you and your good company for helping me.

Jim Wright

Hi, Just a quick note to tell you that the new movement is in and working beautifully.

Steve Polyack

Hi James Just wanted to say thank you for your help, and in sending me the modified leader. Its fitted and the new mechanism works just fine keeping reasonably good time which I will refine with the pendulum adjustment. Again, many thank for you time and advice.

Alec Ivings

James Thank so much for resolving the problem with the key that did not fit my clock. I have received the replacement key and it fits! It is so good to buy from a company which looks after their customers. I will certainly keep you top of my list for any future needs

Neil Kaye

Mr Stoudenmire - From Clockworks, we recently ordered an M2 clock-only movement, along with 8" hands. Our transaction was ID 48187060. Having never before repaired a clock we were amazed that we were able to make these new parts work with relative ease and give us what we wanted. As might be expected by people who are rank amateurs, we completed the installation and had one piece left over from the package you sent us. We couldn't manage to find a place for the smaller of two nuts in the package. It seemed as though we either used the finished retainer nut or the regular nut to complete the addition of the minute hand - but not both nuts on this particular movement. In the end, we are happy with the outcome and plan to keep the 'extra' nut in case we made an error with our work. Attached find a couple of photos of our new kitchen clock. This clock was given to us by an aunt who dropped it behind her fridge and bent the hands. It was destined for the trash before we took it home. Thanks so much for

Regards, Roger & Patti Powell

Thanks for your assistance. The clock is now running smoothly again!

Jim Burich

Dear Mr. Stoudenmire: I am writing to amplify my previous praise for your representative, Debbie. My initial contact was focused on problem-solving the issue I had with a clock movement. Unfortunately, there was a discrepancy in the order I had received (quite promptly), and I telephoned Deb on Monday morning to straighten-out the problem. I am pleased to report to you that she was cheerful, helpful, and customer-oriented: traits that I find are vanishingly rare these days. Needless to say (almost), the replacement part arrived in my mail today, Thursday and I am a very satisfied customer of Clockworks. As your customer, I want to convey how fortunate you are to have Deb as your ambassador; she demonstrates caring service with product knowledge and clear communication with a very pleasant, professional demeanor. Thank you, and have a very happy Thanksgiving. God bless you and yours.

Robert M Lachowiez, PhD

Deb; Rec'd clock 'works' yesterday. Put clock back together & it's now working. Just like old times. You guys are great. Thanks a lot.


Just received my new clockworks. I could not be happier. You guys are great. It works like a charm just as described.

Sincerely, Rex Chrisman

Everything has been received. BTW - You don't know the difficulty I had in finding round glass! I was able to complete repair to a small clock pieced back together as a result of a domestic violence situation turned violent. I salvaged this from the trash without my sister knowing. It had been given as a gift by her close college friend who had died a few years ago. It was a small gesture on my part, but had a lot of meaning for her. I'm restoring another wall clock hand made with hand-painted case by our uncle, but also damaged by her husband. This clock was part of my sisters inheritance from our parents. Although the mechanism will need to be completely replaced, the emotional sense of loss she's had to endure can be helped withboth these clocks proudly displayed again. Thank you for helping me heal this woman.

Peter Van Vorous

Hi James, Thank you so much for taking the time to respond at this hour. It really means alot to me. I'll mail this one back to you tomorrow. Probably won't make it to the post office until around 4:30pm, so I don't know if it will actually go out for delivery on Friday or Saturday. I sure hope the new unit works. The clock belonged to my husband's recently deceased grandmother and I feel terrible that I broke it when the time changed earlier this month. I'm praying that it was just a defective unit and the new one will work as well as my old one did. Again, thank you for your quick response, willingness to send me a new one, and for crediting the shipping charge. I appreciate your excellent service.

Sincerely, Diana

Hi James, I've received the package and it is exactly what I needed, did a quick test and the hands mount up and the smooth sweep works great. Will be proceeding to use this to replace a broken movement in one of my wall clocks.

Felix Leong

Thanks for your help---the suspension spring was exactly what broke and needed to be replaced. It took several minutes to figure out exactly where it attached and I needed to remove the chime metal box to get at it, but it works well. It has been over 40 years since I built and assembled that clock. I wish I had a little shop now that I'm 75 with a little spare time--I would make some more stuff. Anyway thanks again and have a good day!

Don Scholer CP

James, the suspension spring A2 worked perfectly. THANK YOU!

David Prothero

Thank You I tried this and have adjusted the minute hand to match the chiming, I really thought the minute hand was one piece, I did not know it could be adjusted. I also wanted to mention I am very pleased with my purchases from the clockworks, and tour quick response to my problem.

Don Merwarth

Just the hands. I think I got it. They pulled off like you said. The weight chain was twisted, so I fixed that, put a drop of oil on each oil sink, put it back together, and it is ticking away. I am so excited! Thanks for the info!

Thank you. Liz

Thank you very much for sending the part. I have not had a chance to open the box and attempt the replacement yet but wanted to send a note of thanks to you and acknowledge that the shipment arrived. Thanks again. I hope to make the time to swap it out this coming weekend.

Dave Nichols

Thank you so much, James! My husband is going to be thrilled. He's blind and loves the sound of mechanical clocks. He enjoys having several in the house. Hopefully I can get these working by the holidays. Again...thank you so much!

Judy Heim

Thank you James! I finally fixed my clock thanks to you 🙂

Carla J. Chu

James, Just a quick note to let you know how much we appreciate your customer service after we purchased a Hermle 2114 movement from Clockworks this past summer. To recap: - After receiving the new movement, we discovered that the original hands would not work with the new movement. So you sent a new pair of hands free of charge. - There was an issue with the new hands, and you sent a second pair, again free of charge. - The hardware kit that came with the new movement wouldn't work, so you sent a hardware packet, again free of charge. - Long story short, as of this morning, the clock is working properly, and will be delivered to our client in the near future. This level of support, particularly for such a small sale, is a rarity. And we thank you.

Lisa Vella

James, You are really a BIG help. Thank you so much!! Now, we got the clock running, but it is not chiming. Can you tell me how to set it so it will chime?

Carrol Cipra

Got the new clock movement today and put it in my clock. I had to trim the hands a bit, as they were too long, but my clock is now working again. Thank you, so much!

Chuck Armstrong

I want to thank you very much for you service you have been a great help and I highly appreciate your patience with me and the difference in time zones. You have helped me out alot James, and I hope I will build more clocks and use your service in the future. If you are interested i can send you a picture of the clock once it is completed. once again thank you

Lachlan Palavikas

James, as far as I'm concerned the 03096 movement IS a direct replacement for the UW03012A movement. The replacement went very well. On the front of the 03096 movement was a little shaft that is gear driven from the escapement wheel that apparently on some installations would protrude through the face of the clock. Since our clock did not use this feature, I removed the shaft and its support structure. I also had to transfer the gear that drives the moon phase feature from our old movement to the 03096 movement. I was pleased that the shutoff/chime selector was identical between the two movements. I'm glad I purchased the Clockworks repair e-book - otherwise I'm not sure I would have tried to rotate the bushing in the minute hand to correct an approximate 5 minute offset. Thanks again for your help

Merlin Parde

James, Thank you so much for your reply. Your information is VERY helpful! What you said makes perfect sense as I look inside the housing. I was a bit clueless as to when the music was suppose to start. Also, again thank you for your help, your site is excellent. The Cuckoo clock I have is one that someone gave to me several years ago that said it hasn't worked for 40 years. I always wanted one of these. With your help and parts it is coming back to life.

Mark Sindelar

I'm Paul living in Devon, England UK. I have been looking for a useful site to answer a few questions about old clocks that folk have asked me to repair. I do woodwork, and repair the surrounds - but just as a hobby, I don't charge anything - but they often say "Can you look at the workings too because it keeps stopping or doesn't keep good time" and so on. Your site is excellent - it's helpful, informative and written in such a way that its for easy novices like me to understand. Whether it will result in any orders for you only time will tell (excuse the pun!) but I am very grateful -

Paul Jellyman

Hi James, bI wanted to thank you for all of your help. The movement is installed and working beautifully. Our clock must be an oddball because the 3/16 was too small and the 5/16 was too long for the second hand to fit (it's an enclosed case clock). I used a few washers to take up the extra space and presto - it is working like a charm. It is also much quieter than the previous movement. Thanks again for all of the info and no hassle exchange - it's appreciated. I will definitely be back for my future clock needs. Do you offer clock repair services?

Robert Peden

Thank you so much! Is this something I should be worried about, does this happen often, the clocks I'm making are being sold and I don't want them to be coming back for repair, beings all sales are not local. I am very pleased with your products and you service! Thanks again!

Joe Geiger

Got the #10 and it works perfectly. thank you so much. Claire

Claire Gunnels

Youre the man!!!!! ....simple when you know what your doing. Thanks a million

jack schiltz

Thanks. That was a very speedy reply and it made the task very easy. Order has been placed.

dianne miller

Thank you so much, I was able to locate the "saw" and itss working great again! I appreciate!

Marcos Gaglianone

Hi James I will take a small level with me and check the wall vertically and the clock horizontally My next trip out of town, some 2 hour drive is not planed but when I can get the movement numbers, you will be by first email I suspect it will be helpful to listen to some working clocks to get the beat and sound-down. I appreciate your time in this efforts to make a 80 year old happy, not to mention the points with the misses.

David Wilkinson

I wanted to thank you for your help on my grandfather clock. My daughter came over to my hpouse and we got the back off the clock. It was loosew but I was afraid to pull it out because it SEEMED to be stuck and I didn't want to break anything! I didn't realize that I had to lift and tilt to get the rods our safely. But we managed and while I held the weight my daughter reached around and mamaged to get the chain back on the cog. The little ring that is supposed to keep the chain from getting off the cog had slipped sideways and just rode the chain around until it did slip off. I have 24 clocks in my house so I'll be sure to save your address in case I need you again!

Mimi Rice

James, Just to let you know, I got the new movement today and it works great. Thanks for the sending and the quick resolution. I will recommend you to anyone who has clock work needs. Thanks again,

Gary Ackerman

Good Afternoon, The new pendulum has arrived and in good condition. Thank you so much for your assistance with this! I do treasure my clock!

Cynthia Jeffers

Hello from Canada, eh? I ordered a high torque movement and spade hands [transaction id 46995131] from Clockworks. The order arrived very quickly, and the parts were just what I needed to repair my favorite clock:))) All is well. Thanks so much!

Natalie Myers

The package arrived this afternoon. And our kitchen clock is back in operation. Thank you for your prompt fulfillment of our order.

Eileen Finnegan

clockworks.....I just wanted to Thank You for your companies promptness and huge inventory on parts anyone could ever need. My wife was devastated when she mailed an antique Hamilton Schoolhouse wall clock from New York to Arizona and when she received it the convex crystal glass was in pieces. She called every clock repair business she could to replace the glass and practically was given the same answer by all, that it would take months to repair and the glass will have to be specially made. I contacted several on the web and finally found Clockworks and I was so amazed on all the product that was available and you had the glass. I ordered the size I needed and in a couple days I received it. I just put it back together, it fit perfectly and you made my wife very Happy! Thank you again!!!

Mike Torres

I got my movement today and now my clock is back up and running. Thanks for your help


Thank you so much for your prompt fulfillment of my very small order. It is nice to find a quality company that knows Customer Service!

Donna Patton

James, Set the beat and the chime hammers and the clock has been running and chiming correctly for 3 days. Thanks for your help.

Mike and Sue

Recently ordered a replacement Synchron electric clock movement, and it was a perfect fit! Quick shipment, too! Thanks for your great customer service!!

Jim Reaves

We have received the new works and all is going beautifully. Thank you very much for your wonderful service. this clock was purchased new in the 1930 as a wedding present for my parents and it is wonderful to have it working again.

Thanks again John Beal

I ordered the Pendulum you suggested. Thanks so much! I appreciate your technical help and will continue to order clock parts from you.

Doug Russell

Just wanted to say thanks again for your prompt response and replacement part. I installed the new movement in my clock and it is keeping time nicely. The wife is happy which makes me much happier.

Todd Corley

Hi There I received the clock dial and glass face and installed it Both fit like a glove! : ) I was glad that the actual measurements were accurate in person as to what they are advertised on the website. GREAT PURCHASE, more will definitely be made in the near future!


Hello James I want to thank you for your help with my clock problems. I took the clips out of the rack and cleaned the parts and the clock has started striking and chiming like it is supposed to. I cannot believe it. I am so happy. Thank you again for your time and trouble.

Regards Ruth

Your long suspensions worked perfectly! Thank you,


Hi James thanks again for replying to my e-mail I went threw threw the list you gave me and the last one fixed it, where you move all the hammers at the same time and I could see the drum pop into place and now both chimes are working. I just wanted to let you know I really appreciate your answering my e-mail and for the advice. Thanks again, Pete Alfredson

Pete Alfredson

Hi James, Just wanted to follow up/finish(!) -- The star-wheel adjusted just as you said: using a flat bladed screw driver, I nudged the wheel just a bit, and now the chimes work perfectly. I'm still working on the "out-of-beat" issue, but it is very minor, and is not impacting the clock's time keeping at all. WhooHOO! The Clock is baaaack! Thanks for all your help.

John Shaw

Hi James, Warren Holcomb here. New pendulum showed up today. Assembly was very easy, and I think it's going to be a perfect fit. Clock is running well. Thanks for everything!!!! Warren

Warren Holcomb

James, et al., Received my clockworks (ID 1VT56823/rh320672F) and it's perfect in every way, thanks.

Patrick D. Batchelder

Again thanks for advise. You seem to be on the ball. Good to know that you are there. Had a hard time finding someone with Hassel for help. Nothing on papers. No if you need help, call or contact. You might want to tell the shippers, or whom ever, that this information should be on the paper, somewhere, even if on one year warranty. Oh,, do you supply or have a brass bar, that could be engraved. Ron and Pat, July l6, l970. 43 years July l6, 2013.? I can't find anywhere to get one. I made a mistake on the grandfather clock, by not doing that, and have regretted it for forty years. Pat was so happy to receive her new wall clock. It is really beautiful. Looks, really nice in room.

Pat and Ron King

Hi James, I received the hook and screws... My parents clock is working like a champ... I looks like we are there..

Andy Strojny

Thanks, I'm happy that it was such an easy fix. My Dad would be glad we got his hand made clock work again.

Carol Antley

James, Thanks so much for your quick response. I decided to just use the ones that came. It was my ordering fault. I'm sure you would switch them out for me just fine but these will work just great. In fact I got them all installed and my project is done! I am so impressed with the super fast shipping time. I only ordered them a couple of days ago! Thanks for everything. I am happy with my order.

kathy romney

James, you are a very good teacher and instructor! The clock is working great! Thank you for all your help.

Paul Peak