Wall or Mantle Clock Kit WMKIT5

  • Hermle Clock Kit 130-678
  • Two bells on back
  • 8 day Spring Driven
  • Rear wind up
  • German made movement
  • 2-year warranty
  • Balance Escapement
  • $179

This is a quality 8 day, German made, bell strike, spring driven movement. It has a 130-678 Hermle clock movement with the two hammers on the back that strike bells (included).

The kit comes with the movement, bells, hands and a key. This is a complete clock without the wood case or clock dial, you would use your old dial if you can or get a new dial and drill it out to wind the clock. The clock case would be typically a shelf style and this is to be built on the customers end.

This clock movement is also the ideal replacement for an antique unit that has worn past the point of repair. The rear winding arbors means the clock is wound from the back instead of the front, this means there is no need to match the winding arbor holes in the current dial as they will not be used. Also since it includes the two pre mounted bells, there is no hassle with the chime block or gong from the old unit. This is the easiest and best quality solution for replacing a antique time strike unit that is lived its life.

Hermle Wall Clock Kit
Hermle wall clock kit diagram

Front Side Side Back

This is a nice compact quality made round unit that runs for 8 days on a wind. Mounting the movement is usually done in the front with the front movement mounts (included).

The special pricing on this kit is only due to the fact that we happen to have overstock on them. As you can see the price is below even the price of a movement alone, and you get everything mentioned.

WMKIT105: $179.00

Packing List

Movement with hand nut
Two bells pre-mounted
Dog ear style mounting brackets
Serpentine Hands for a 6 inch dial
Number 4 Brass Key

Tools Needed

Nut driver ¼ inch size
Needle nose pliers
Small brass finishing nails
Medium sized Phillips screwdriver
Some small wood screws

Mounting Instructions

Thank you for purchasing this clock kit! This is a quality German made Hermle 8 day key wind movement that will withstand the test of time. Here are some simple instructions to get you on your way.

1. Adjust the bell hammers
The mounted two bell strike system will need some final adjusting before mounting the movement. This is because during shipping the hammers may not be aligned for a crisp musical bell tone. The hammer heads need to be away from the bell at rest, about 1/8 inch away. This is adjusted with your fingers just bend the hammer head wire up / down / side / side to get the hammer heads into position at that 1/8 inch away measurement. This will produce a nice bell sound with out thudding, double hitting, or missing the bells completely.

2. Mount the Movement
The Hermle 131 movement series is pretty diversified with its mounting capabilities as it can be mounted in the front or the back depending on your needs. It is best to come up with a mount that allows the back of the movement to be accessed without too much hassle, in case you need to change the suspension spring at some point or if the leader needs to be adjusted.

For a front mounting method you would use the enclosed dog ear looking brackets and put them on the front plates pillar posts, under the hex nut that is holding the front on. Of course you would want to do only one at a time so the movement does not come apart on you, just remove one hex nut, put the bracket on, and then put the hex nut back on. Then do the rest the same way, one at a time. Since this is a front mount you’re going with, the movement will get attached to the front of the clock case with a board between the front of the movement and the clock dial.

This will either go into the back of the clock case or a wood mount that will support the movement but at the same time not get into the way of the pendulum assembly at all. If you choose to mount in a different fashion this is fine just take these long posts right off.

3. Mount the Dial
There is no dial that comes with this kit. The unique feature of this unit is its rear winding arbors, this means there is no holes to drill in the dial for winding arbors. You can therefore use this unit in any clock case and with any dial you choose. You can use a preexisting dial from an antique mantle clock case or purchase a dial from us to go along with the movement kit.

4. Install the Hands
After the dial is mounted it’s time to put the hands on the clock. First comes the hour hand that is installed only in a friction fit. You put the hour hand on and twist and push down toward the dial at the same time. The more down the hour hand is toward the dial, the tighter fit it is as the hour hand post is tapered. You want it on fairly snug but not touching the dial or the minute hand that comes next. The hour hand, the dial, the minute hand should all be parallel with each other and not hitting each other during any part of their rotations.

Hands for these modern German units are designed with a rotate-able center mount in the minute hand. You need to know this as when you set up the clock at first it will not strike exactly on the hour or quarters like it should. To correct this issue it is only needed to take the minute hand off and use needle nose pliers to spin the center mounting bushing independent of the hand itself. You hold the minute hand in one hand, the needle nose pliers in the other while grabbing and spinning this center hand bushing. What this does is align that square hole in the way you need it to mount so the hand is pointing to the correct time when it chimes.