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    Grandfather Clock Moon Dial Ordering

    Read this section before ordering a new moon dial for the grandfather clock. There are specific things to know so as not to purchase the wrong dial for your clock. Not all moon dials fit all clocks. In essence, each one is made for a specific clock movement. The reason being most moon dials have four feet, or posts, that... View Product

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    Clock Weight Information Tabs

    Mechanical Grandfather Clock Weights in a variety of options. Get any part of the weight or the weight complete for your clock, using the weight chart Full article »

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    Kieninger Clock Movement Availability

    Most Kieninger mechanical clock movements are available and in stock. However, some Kieninger clock movement availability fluctuates back and forth. For instance, the H series movement will be in production for awhile and then it will go dormant. In other words, it is made for a short period of time and then the manufacturer will cease production for a period... View Product

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