Clock Movements

A clock movement is considered the inner workings of a clock or time piece.This is the main engine that runs the clock and keeps time going. Clock movements have two main categories- battery and mechanical.

A battery operated movement, sometimes referred to as a quartz or quartex clock movement keeps time with electricity from batteries. These are generally cheap to replace and hard to fix. Clockworks offers some of the highest quality replacement battery movements for your projects here.

Mechanical clock movements are more complex and scientific. Mechanical movements run off weights, cables, gravity and springs. Identifying your mechanical clock movement is the first step in replacing or repairing your clock. You can get help identifying your movement here


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On rare occasions 451/1151 high bridge units have the suspension post longer on the new movement than the old one, although both units may be High Bridge. This may cause issues with the pendulum interfering with the chime block. This is usually no issue at all and the clock will function like it ever did. Just bend the hammers on… View Product