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Please view these information tabs to help with determining the proper Mechanical Clock Kits for your clock case.

Mechanical Clock Kit Styles Available

Mechanical Clock Kit Styles Available include wall clocks, mantle (shelf) clocks, and floor clocks. Floor models includes the grand daughter, mother, and father series.

Chime types

All of the above, in the past, have been made with every chime type. In other words there are all these various ways to make noise, lets list them. There is the quarterly sounds that play a tune ever quarter hour, this are most common in the songs Westminster only, Or triple chime that includes Westminster St Micheal, or Wittington. As for the other noise makers, we call them strike clocks because they only strike out the hours and usually bong once on the half hour. These include Gong strike (coiled gong on the back or below the movement), Bell strike, or Bim Bam (sounds like its name, on two or three strike rods). Now that is not to say every one of these chime types are available for every type of clock kit in the world today, but those cover most of clocks ever produced in history.

Mechanical clock kits

Mechanical Clock Kit Styles are listed below, these are the names of the types of clocks you will see in the world. They are the clocks that you could potentially replicate in the modern world.

Wall / Mantle kits

Either weight driven or spring, but usually spring driven. The weight driven is less common because of all the weight that is hanging on the wall. Usually spring driven, with or without a pendulum. If there is no pendulum this means it has a balance wheel instead more like a watch.

Granddaughter / Grandmother clock kits

Granddaughters are usually spring driven with no weights. The grandmothers are usually chain driven with three weights for the chime units or two weights for any other strike styles. Its a shorter clock overall compared to the grandfather clocks.

Grandfather clock kits

Typically cable driven with three weights and triple chimes. This means the weights will hang on cables instead of chains, and plays your choice of three songs. Not always triple chime because some are Westminster only. This is the largest and tallest of the floor clocks.

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Mechanical clock-kit movement options

Mechanical clock-kit movement options include many things. There are so many options that our predefined kits cant include them all as it would overwhelm a potential customer. So if you would like any other option than what is listed in the predefined kits on the clock kits page, it is certainly possible, best to call to discuss. 800 381 7458.

Floor Clocks

Chime type

Either Westminster only or triple chime. Both of these Mechanical Clock Kit options play a melody every 15 minutes and require a three weight movement. Also there is the bell strike option that will play on the top of the hour whatever hour it is, and once on the half hour.


Options are the length, the bob diameter, and if you would like a wood stick style The Pendulum or a fancy lyre style The Pendulum. The wood stick style is more antique look and the lyre is the contemporary style.

Hammer location

Either on the back for standard depth cases, or for the shallow depth we can do a side hammer unit.


Either a phase of the moon style, or just the hump top that says Tempus Fugit. Or we can zip off any moon The Dial or TF dial to provide a very nice square metal dial for you with no hump on the top at all. Another option is to use heavy paper stock on a thin board, use spray glue to make it stay.

Wall Clocks

Chime type

Either Westminster only, Triple chime, Bim Bam, gong or bell. Lots of chime options there, but whatever you would like to listen to out of these we can do usually.


Either the wood stick style or sometimes if its short enough, we can put a brass rod pendulum in. The Mechanical Clock Kit options brass rod pendulum is different than the fancy lyre pendulum as its just a brass rod going straight down with out all the decor.

Hammer Location

Includes the back, or on the side, or even the bottom on the wall clock kits.


Square dial made of paper stock that gets spray glued to a thin board, or a metal dial. In Arabic or Roman numerals. The dial on a wall clock would be mounted to the wood trim that goes around the dial, not interlocking with the movement. One style you cant get these days are the round dials that do lock into the movement, to have the appearance of the dial just floating in the air with the mounting hidden such as the Vienna regulator style.

Mantle or Shelf Clocks

Chime type

Is all of them really, you can have Westminster, triple chime, gong, bell, or Bim Bam strike for Mechanical clock movement kit options.


Options include metal rod to a decor for the kitchen style clocks are available, or a wood stick The Pendulum if the clock is tall enough. For the shorter mantle units it will be just a round bob that is usually adjustable for time keeping.


The hardest on the mantle units. To get a The Dial with bezel with glass in convex or flat is ideal, however not always possible. If the situation calls for this type of clock dial, you may want to chase a different clock design to make, it is not often it works out well unfortunately. The shelf clocks are easier as it has a door that closes with glass in the front, rather than the round brass bezel with dial and glass all in one combination.

This concludes the Mechanical Clock Kit options. Best to call and discuss the clock kits with us at 800 381 7458

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Clock kit first - Build the case second

It is important to order the clock kit before building the clock case. If the case is built before getting the Mechanical Clock Kit it is possible the kit will not fit.

Why order first

It is possible to have a difficultly finding or adapting a clock movement kit to the current case built. The ideal dial size or other things would wanted but these items may not exist in the size needed for the case. Measurements that need to be correct for the clock kit to fit into the case. Order the Mechanical Clock Kit before building the case. With the kit set up on a stand while working on the case it can be measured. The various items on the kit such as the pendulum swing and dial size is known exactly.

What is not available offers a large variety of clock movements so this is the most easy thing to get. However when it comes to some components the resources can get slim on specific requests. Clock dials are the hardest part because there are so many shapes sizes and options. Such as round, square, hump top with no moon, hump with moon. Then you have all sorts of sizes, many of the antique clocks had clock dials that are in a size that is just not made on the market anymore. The grandfather clocks back in the day had over sized Clock dials with ships on them, cant get those anymore, as well as many other ones. Also you have to wind most clocks (unless they are chain driven) through the dial with a key. In other words the dial needs to be drilled out for the specific movement you ordered.


It is wise to get the Mechanical Clock Kit before building the clock case. Besides it will give an opportunity to set the movement kit up in your work shop to look at, get used too it, and measure for yourself what is needed.

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Making a Seat Board

A seat board is the mount that the weight driven movement sits upon. The movement sits on this with the cables or chains hanging directly down between the boards.

Many of the modern clocks have this about 16 inches wide and is 2 and a half inches deep but this would vary on the clock case dimensions being worked on. In the center of the mounting board is a hole that is 1 inch wide going across the center of the 2 and a half inch deep seat board.

The hole is wide enough for the movement to sit on the board with its chains hanging down in the center. Then the screws with the rectangle washers seat board screws and washers can go up into the movement’s arbors on the bottom. Even easier would be just to mount two, three quarter or 1 inch square boards running parallel, which are 1 inch apart, across the inside of the clock case, this is really all a mounting board needs to consist of. The only thing that has to happen is the movement is in the air with the chains dangling down in between these boards. The boards just can’t be so wide that the pendulum rubs it on the back of the movement.

With the movement mounting in the air as described all that needs to be done is have the chimeblock mounted on the back of the clock case so the hammers can engage with them and make the chime sound. You will hang the weights and pendulum on the movement obvious places, and lock the dial into the movement from the front.

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