Jauch has zero availability for mechanical clock movements. They are out of business and nothing is made. However there is still hope for a replacement unit but only if it is a three weight driven movement. Hermle clock movements are of equivalent quality and size and have the same functions. In addition these movements ship with a few additional items to make the conversion possible and simple. The spring driven Jauch movements do not have a conversion. So these units would need an overhaul done to get it back up and running. There is no close equivalent movement to this obsolete Jauch movement style in the modern market.


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The Jauch clock has a fascinating history rooted in German clockmaking traditions, beginning in the early 20th century in the Black Forest region of Germany. Founded by Egon Jauch in 1923, the company initially gained a reputation for producing reliable mechanical clock movements. During the mid-20th century, Jauch expanded its product line to include mantel, wall, and grandfather clocks, becoming… View Product