Mason & Sullivan

When the movement says Mason and Sullivan it does not mean it has a Mason-Sullivan movement number. Often the use of their own numbering system was on the clock movements. But the actual production of the movement is a different maker. For the most part, the their number system is not helpful to determine what the movement is. The conversion number will tell us the movement plate size, hand shaft length, hammer location and more. The replacement weight driven movement will come with chains or cables. A movement that has a pendulum will come with the leader and suspension spring.


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Altogether, this is a description of the clock pendulum parts and components. Please use this as a glossary for parts in a clock pendulum assembly. Knowing the correct terms for the various pendulum parts is helpful when ordering replacements. We are quite adept at deciphering descriptions of parts however, knowing the name is always something we welcome. First, a clock… View Product