Urgos UW

Urgos UW is another esteemed German manufacturer of clock movements, known for its quality craftsmanship and precision engineering. Urgos was found in 1920 in Schwenningen, Germany. Since its inception, the company has been dedicated to producing high-quality clock movements for various types of clocks. The availability of Urgos UW clock movements is limited to only those that have three weights. These three weight floor clock movements are the only ones still in production. In other words, the rest of these units are obsolete and no longer available new. These units have also undergone a change in numbers. So when replacing the movement, remember to look at the conversion chart to get the new number.


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Yes, Urgos is still in business. Founded by Johannes Haller in 1920 in the Black Forest region of Germany, Urgos quickly became known for producing high-quality clock movements due to its precision engineering and reliable craftsmanship. During the mid-20th century, Urgos gained international recognition for its mechanical movements, including those with Westminster, Whittington, and St. Michael chimes, which were used… View Product