About Kieninger Clock Company

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About Kieninger Clock Company

About Kieninger Clock Company this mechanical clock movement producer has made alot of the post war grandfather clocks found in the modern world. At the same time they are the oldest existing German manufacturer of mechanical movements.

The Kieninger movement excels with a high level of design and manufacturing quality. Numerous innovations and patents (16-rod chimes; second indication for pendulum lengths under 116 cm; automatic beat adjustment, night time shut-off systems for 1/2-hour and 1/4-hour movements; automatic chime sequencing; various manufacturing processes and components) are the measure for design quality. Manufacturing quality shows in every Kieninger Clock Movement: All Kieninger Clock Movement plates are made of a special brass alloy which is hard and has a tensile strength of 53 kp/mm2. The holes for the journals are reamed and smoothed after lacquering and then receive an oil sink.

Each Kieninger Clock Movement has pinions which are made of high-quality steel or stainless steel. Fast turning pinions are hardened. All journals are roller burnished in a special process. Some movements feature bronze-bushings and/or jewels in critical positions. The gears in the Kieninger Clock Movement are made of a very tough and hard brass alloy with a tensile strength of 62 kp/mm2.

A high level of corrosion protection for all components is assured. Brass components are pickled and receive a coat of clear lacquer. Steel components are made from stainless steel or receive a galvanic nickel coating. Each Kieninger Clock Movement has a laser engraved serial number.

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