American replica clock movement

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American replica clock movement

The American replica clock movement's on this page were made on the basis of the most common American units. There was a mass production of these units during the 30s and 40s.

Therefore they have a good chance of being a replacement for the worn out movement. By "time strike" units this means the clock tells time and also strikes.

Quality Comparison

The quality of the India made American replica clock modern reproductions are not the same. The antique American time strikes because the plates are thinner.

Due to brass going through the recycling process so many times it does not have the same quality as in the 1930's. However these serve well as a replacement for the American time strike unit that is worn beyond reason.

Life expectancy is about 10-15 years rather than the very long life of the antique clock movement.

Dial fitting

These American replica clock movements have a center shaft and arbor configuration that will match up to many original dials. In other words the holes in the current dial have a very good shot of matching up to one.

Chances are it will wind in the same places in the dial winding holes. Ideally you will not need to drill new holes to wind the clock or need to get a new dial face.


Measurements you need to match up to be sure the American replica clock movement is compatible with what it has now.

  • The length of the pendulum from the hand shaft to the bottom of the bob's nut threads
  • The hand shaft length from the front plate of the movement and all the way out
  • Winding arbor measurements in relation to the hand shaft so the clock can be wound in the same places through the dial.

American replica clock movement or kit options

The drop down menu will prompt to choose either the movement alone or the complete kit. The kit form comes with hands, key, gong, gong mounting base, and the pendulum.

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