American time strike replica clock movement product description

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American replica clock movement

American replica clock movement are solid brass and are excellent replacements for movements that are beyond repair or to put in a new clock. Accurately reproduced American style movement with oil sinks. These are not the same quality as the American time strikes as the plates are thinner and the brass is not what it used to be in 1930 because of all the times its been recycled and what not. However these serve well as a replacement for your American time strike unit. You can think of them as a 10-15 year movement rather than the very long life your antique clock movement has lasted. Basically it solves the problem of not having a working clock, to having a working clock right away.

These American replica clock movement center shaft / arbor configuration will match up to many original dials. In other words the holes in your current dial have a very good shot of matching up to one of these units so you can wind in the same places and not have to drill new holes to wind the clock or get a new dial face.

There are some measurements to match up to be sure its compatible with what you have now. These are the length of the pendulum and the hand shaft length. Also the winding arbor measurements in relation to the hand shaft need to match. But the American replica clock movement on this page are based on the most common American time strike clocks that were mass produced during the 30s and 40s and therefore have a good chance of being what you need. By time strike units what this means is the clock tells time, and strikes out the hours on the top of the hour. Also gongs once on the half hour.

All styles come either just the movement or you can get it complete with hands, key, gong, gong base and pendulum. The "drop" is the pendulum length from the center of the hand shaft down to the bottom of the rating assembly.

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