Clock chime block and rods note

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Clock chime block and rods note

Clock chime block and rods - Why we only offer the complete chime block is because often the rods are pressed into the block by machines and is difficult or next to impossible to get a single rod out or replace it.

Other times they are screwed in but again this is done by a machine and is very difficult to remove. Also there are various threads on the rods that are the replacements, it is a tricky thing to get the correct thread size for the individual chime rod and have it fit perfect. Very often the chime rod ordered is returned and swapped out a few times and then just giving up on the individual chime rod and going with the complete chime block with the rods anyway.

So with all this we do not sell the individual rods that go into the block, but rather the entire block and rods together as one unit.

A thing to note about the sound of the clock. Sometimes people as how to get the clock louder or softer in volume, and this is not able to be done on a mechanical clock by means of altering the rods or hammers on the clock. The only thing that can make the clock louder or quieter is to move the clock case to a different location or set it on some other material in some way. So if the clock is on a hard wood surface, it will be louder. If its on a rug, it will be quieter. It has nothing to do with the chime block itself.

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