Clock Mainspring Damage

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Clock Mainspring Damage

When a clock mainspring breaks the impact may have caused damage to the movement. Damage would be within the parts of the gear train itself. It is possible that the pivots that go into the outer plates or the arbors have bent. Best to check the clock movement's condition before ordering a mainspring.

What to check

If working with a hole end mainspring its best to check the teeth on the barrel for damage. A barrel is a container that covers the mainspring on some clocks. The barrel and the next wheel up gets the most impact and is where most of the damage would be. If there is damage to the movement that is, sometimes there is no damage at all. The next thing to check is the arbor on the next wheel up it gets bent often when the mainspring breaks. If the movement is damaged beyond reason it is best to just get the new movement if there is one available. The other option is to send it in us for overhaul. We will clean, oil, re-bush, repair and test the unit doing a full restoration job on the movement.

Get a new movement instead

If the movement is 25-30 years old, it has lived its life anyway. A new movement would be the best thing at this point because of the cost and time it would take to make it right.

If you would like to explore the new movement option rather than replacing the mainspring, Please provide the movement numbers off of the back plate of the movement itself and email this information to [email protected] There is another option also, just send us the clock mainspring barrel and we will swap it out with the correct new mainspring for a fee.

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