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Booking Service for Zoom Video/Audio conferences

Clockworks number one mission is to provide the world with five star support and information furthering the horological profession and hobby. We are clock enthusiasts at heart and with this we need your help. This is our reasoning for the following policies on video and audio conferences.
      1. All Zoom Conferences will be recorded and stored for indefinite time
      2. By conferencing with Clockworks you are agreeing to share information provided in the conference with the public and social media platforms.
      3. Clockworks is under no obligation to edit or hide footage.

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1 year ago

How long of a pendulum and how big of a maple leaf do I need for a 8 day regula
cuckoo clock

1 year ago

I have a Howard Miller 156 Triple Chime, UW32062B I either to get repaired or replaced. Last service 8/21/89. I assume this is a Urgos movement. I have a photo of the back of the movement if I can figure was of sending it to you.

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