Cuckoo Clock Movement Installation

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Cuckoo Clock Movement Installation

There is alot going on in a tight area with cuckoo clocks. It takes some patience sometimes to get these right. The thing with cuckoo clocks is the more stuff going on, the harder it is to swap the cuckoo clock movement. Things like dancers, wood chopper, bell ringers, water wheels and the sort can complicate things.

Cuckoo Clock Movement Installation

  • Take off the hands, unhook the bird off of the door and remove the hooks and rings from the chains, then flip the clock over.
  • Take the back off and undo the bellow wires off of their lifters. This is done by opening the loop that lifts the bellow wires up and down. Open the loop with a small flat screwdriver by twisting it so it will open.
  • Next, take out the bellows by unscrewing the screw on the outside of the side of the cuckoo clock case. The bellows will now come out and you can take the four screws out that hold the cuckoo clock movement in.
  • When you receive your new cuckoo clock movement, the arm that the bird sits on will have to be bent and cut to size. Then you can take the bird off of the old cuckoo clock movement. This is done by loosening the birds set screw and put it on the new unit.
  • Installation is then the reverse of what you did to remove the movement.

Bending the bird arm into position

The cuckoo movements have a bird arm that needs adjusting. This is the bar or wire that the bird sits on and secured with a set screw. It comes way to long and must be shortened and then bent. After cutting to size it must be bent into a 90 degree angle. This bend must be done right the first time or its difficult to correct. The correct way to do adjust this bird arm wire is as follows.

  • Measure the complete bird arm wire on the old unit, including the right angled section.
  • Cut the new units bird wire to the same size.

Matching the bird arm with the old movement

Take note of your old unit if the arm is forward or back, you want the arm forward on the old and the new. This is to avoid an improper 90 degree bend. A proper bend will be when both movements are set the same with the bird arm. They are both set so the bird coming out with the arm forward to the front of the movement. Both units set the same way so the bird is forward, then make the bend nice and straight. Otherwise it will be hard to correct as one 90 degree will not be in forward when the other one is, and will result in having to correct. How you put the arm forward is to make the clock in strike mode. Or you could say cuckoo mode, when the bird is forward toward the front.

Measure where the bend is on the old movement and then go ahead and bend the new units bird arm to a right angle. At the same location as the old one (where the arm is even with the front of the movement, not back)

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