Finding a Urgos Clock Movement – No Luck

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Finding a Urgos Clock Movement - No Luck?

Finding a Urgos Clock Movement - No Luck getting one may mean it is no longer made. The UW6/** and the UW7/** units are no longer made, in fact the only movements made is the 3 weight floor models and even then its not 100%. If your lucky enough to find the new movement its best to buy it without thinking about it too much because it may not be available in the future. If your the owner of an obsolete clock movement we can still help you with a new unit, please email [email protected] with the numbers.

If your movement numbers match with the numbers we list here on, just find the number and click the link to view and order the product. If your movement number is not on the above list we need to figure out what the new number is for your unit and if its still made. What the numbers used to be, are not the same on the new units although it is indeed the same clock movement.

To convert your three weight Urgos clock movement to the new number, please use the below chart to match what the movement used to be called to what it is now called by its new number, then order that new number with the above links.

If you have a / in the number, it’s definitely the old system and therefore an older movement which has lived its life as its over 40 years old. If it does not have a / it still may be the old numbering system as well. Either way, convert old number to the new and order the new unit with the above links.

One more thing about the old to new numbers: if the old numbers have a / in it, replace that / with one or sometimes two zeros if the / is in the middle of the old numbers. EXAMPLE: 32/1 is the same as 32001 and is the same as the converted number 32319. If there is a letter at the end like 32/1A, ignore the A and pretend it does not exist. Same with the 03 series, for example 3/12 is the same as 03012 and is the same as the new number 03096. Wow, huh? Confusing sometimes. Just call us if you like with the numbers and we can sort it out for you. 800-381-7458, if you get VM it only means we are already on the phone, we will call you right back. Our email address is [email protected] if you choose to do that instead.

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