German Mechanical-Clock Hand Installation

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German Mechanical-Clock Hand Installation

The German Mechanical-Clock Hand Installation on a German mechanical movement is quite simple. It is the reverse of theremoval.

If you are doing a replacement of the movement, or if the hands are new, the minute hand must go through some adjustments. This is so it will point to the correct time when it chimes.

German Mechanical-Clock Hand Installation

Installing the hour hand

First comes the hour hand. The hour hand is simply a friction fit. All you have to do is put the hand on its round post. Then twist and push toward the front of the dial.

One thing to be sure of is that it is not in contact with the dial at any point during the its rotation.

This includes the base of the hour hand. It cannot rub against the hole in the clock face itself. So, if at any point the hour hand touches anything the clock can stop. Because it is only a friction fit, you can turn the hand to point to whatever hour it is, just with your fingers.

Installing the minute hand

Second, comes the minute hand. The minute hand installation is done by putting the square hole in the hand, on the square post of the hand shaft. The bottom of the minute hand cannot be rubbing the hour hand tube or the hour hand. If it is, the hour hand has to be set lower on its tube.

Therefore, it is imperative to check the positioning of the hands to ensure they are not touching anything. With the minute hand on its square post, now it's time to put the hand nut on.

The nut goes on finger tight and then a little bit more with a pair of needle nose pliers to make it secure.

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Inna Varachuck
Inna Varachuck
3 months ago
Rating :

Installation was so easy especially having this to go by thank you.

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