German Mechanical clock hands Installation

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German Mechanical Clock Hands Installation

German Mechanical clock hands Installation is easy and fast. Germans used bushings in both the hour and minute hands, where as the Americans have the bushing in the hour hand only. This section describes the German style with bushings in both. The hour tube will have the round bushing installed, the minute hand will have a bushing that has a square hole in it instead. For most clocks (mechanical post WW2) the hour hand has a 4.5mm round hole, and the minute hand has a 2.2mm square hole. There are exceptions to this such as the larger tubular bell grandfather clocks, and also movements made by Jauch of Germany. The rest is pretty consistent with the hand attributes as described.

Installation is easy. Hour hand (short one) has the round bushing and is only a friction fit. Put it on first, twist and push, dont worry about where it points to yet. Now the minute hand with its square mount hole onto the square post on the end of the hand shaft. Now comes the minute hand nut to secure the minute hand on the post so it will not flop around or fall off.

Its now time to set the hour and minute hands to point to the right place when it chimes. Make the clock strike out the hours by turning the minute hand with your fingers, going slow past the quarters and let it chime as you go. When you do get to the top of the hour (as the clock thinks it is anyway) let it strike out the hours and count how many you get. Lets pretend the clock struck out 3 times. This means the clock thinks its 3 o'clock. The thing to do here is put the hands on three o'clock and then set to time. Point the hour hand to the 3, because you can just spin that one as its only a friction fit. Now remove the minute hand, and put it back on its square post so it points to the 3, tighten the nut again.

If you have done all the above you will realize by now the minute hand may not be pointing exactly on the time it supposed to point to when the clock chimed. The hand maybe 5 minutes before the quarter or 3 minutes after, something like this. Lets now correct that situation.

  • Take off the minute hand
  • Bring the minute hand itself, only the minute hand, to your garage and far way from the clock
  • Flip the hand over and notice the square hole it mounts with, is in a round bushing
  • Take needle nose pliers and turn that bushing while your holding the hand still
  • Walk back to your clock and put it on, and see if its now pointing to the right spot,/li>
  • Repeat until its perfect

German Mechanical clock hands Installation is now complete. The reason I have to explain it that way, is because most people want to mess with the clock instead of the hands to fix this. Now you realize this fix has nothing to do with the clock at all, and only has to do with the minute hand alone instead.

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