Grandfather Clock Moon Dial Ordering

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Grandfather Clock Moon Dial Ordering

Read this section before ordering a new moon dial for the grandfather clock. There are specific things to know so as not to purchase the wrong dial for your clock. Not all moon dials fit all clocks.

In essence, each one is made for a specific clock movement. The reason being most moon dials have four feet, or posts, that stick out of the back of the dial. These feet have to lock into the movement.

If the feet are in a different location, it will not lock into the movement. These grandfather clock moon dials are for post WW2 clocks only.

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How to get the right moon dial

First, locate the movement number to get the correct moon dial. Without the movement number, finding a compatible dial will be impossible. So this is an important first step. The movement number can be found on the back plate of the movement itself.

It will not be on any of the paperwork that came with the clock, or on the wood case. Movement numbers can only be found on the clockworks itself. Often customers will email pictures of stickers that are on the back of the clock. However this is not where the movement number will be.

So please save yourself some time and make sure to get the numbers that are on the back plate of the brass movement. Match up the movement numbers to the ones in the list on the moon dial description.

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What has to match

  • The posts on the back of the dial need to lock into the movement. A long hand shaft on the movement will require longer posts. In other words, the posts on the back of the dial make it so the hand shaft will stick out far enough to put the clock hands on.
  • If the movement is cable driven, the holes to wind the clock need to be in the right spot. This is important for when it comes time to wind the clock with the key or crank. When the alignment is correct, it will go onto the winding arbor of the movement. If the alignment is not correct, then winding will be difficult or even impossible.
  • Some clocks have a second hand bit which also needs to have a perfect alignment. This goes onto the small post coming off of the escape wheel. Simply push on the second hand to install it.

On a chain driven unit, it is possible to get any moon dial and remove the feet off the clock dial.

The dial would then have to attach to the wood case. Since a chain driven movement has no winding arbors, there are no holes to match up. There is also rarely a second hand bit.

So you can use any dial with no winding holes and attach it to the wood case. However, one thing to mention is that the moon phase will most likely no longer spin.

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Allan crowcroft
Allan crowcroft
7 months ago

Can I fit a nice new melody mechanism. Or are they very different

Allan crowcroft
Allan crowcroft
7 months ago

I have this Grandfather clock that was brought over from France. But where you would expect a chime it’s
a Thunderous clang.I would like to have a nice melody
But unsure what to do to get the melody. I’m thinking
Does the whole inside of the clock need a refurb

A crowcroft
A crowcroft
7 months ago

Thankyou very much for the information regarding my GFATHER CLOCK chimes. I did as you said Bending the arm of the hammer what a difference. And it now sings like a little bird.kind regards

3 years ago

Evening. I am looking for a movement but don’t know where to begin. Have just recieved a drawing but need to know what movement to get. I am from south africa in the north west

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