Hermle 261 clock movement series

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Hermle 261 clock movement

This is a nice chain driven wall clock movement. The screw or nail in the wall will have to take some weight so be sure its well anchored. There are two weights hanging on this movement each weighing close to 5lbs each. This unit was used in the Dutch style clocks with the pear weights, and is a good replacement also for the same using the 261-080.

The movement

If you order the clock movement, you are ordering just that, the movement with the chains, hand nut, leader and suspension spring. These units do not include the clock weights, pendulum, dail, hands or chimeblock.

The Hermle 261 clock movement support

This Hermle 261 clock movement is an easy install as its mounted with only two screws underneath. Once you take the weights off and pendulum off, get the hands out of the way, you only have these two screws underneath the movement to remove. The movement comes out and the new one goes in. Comes with instructions and a factory 3 year warranty. Now even if you have questions long after the warranty expires, even years later, if you have a question we will answer and help you with the clock. This is your advantage from making your purchase from a family of clock makers with literally 100 years of experience. This is your best choice, the alternate choice of course being making the purchase from a place that knows nothing about what they sell, and trust me they are out there.

The speed

If you choose to get your movement overhauled instead of getting the new one, be prepared to spend 2 - 4 times the cost of the new one. Does this make sense? Of course not, your shining up an old movement when you cant possibly restore a clock movement to the point of being in a better condition than a brand new one, that is silly to think that. But not only that, you get the movement in a few days, instead of waiting a month to a year for someone to finish the overhaul and bring it to your door with a smile. You do not need to hire someone for this, you can do it. You will have the movement up and running in a week or two, accomplished by your self. We ship everyday from MA USA, there is no delay and no waiting.

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