Hermle 340 – 341 clock movement notes

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Hermle clock 341 - 340 movement

Hermle clock 341 - 340 movement is such a popular little movement, so many sold, and for good reasons. It is compact and versatile, hard working and cost efficient. The movement will work 20 or 30 years night and day without much complaint.

Can fit into tight places, it can come in either a pendulum version or a balance wheel instead. The advantage of a balance wheel is there is no pendulum to put in beat, you can move it without readjusting the beat. Also with a balance wheel you never have to care if its level or not. The pendulum unit advantage is that louder tick tock sound. If the pendulum is visible through the glass it is a nice hypnotic thing to look at and listen to.

The Movement

A size 8 key winds up both the 340 and 341 clock movements, a single wind lasts 8 days. Ready for installation, the 340 and 341 Hermle clock movement series comes oiled and ready to go. Sold as the movement itself with its hand nut and hammers. If a pendulum unit, it will come with its suspension spring and leader. Already oiled Hermle 340 - 341 clock movement comes ready for installation.

The Chime

Westminster progressively playing each quarter hour, and the full song on the top of the hour. This is followed by the striking out of whatever the hour is. The hammer location on these units are on the bottom, with 5 hammer heads that strike chime rods. This aspect does not vary on these units, they are all consistent with the 5 hammer below attribute on all 340 and 341 movements.

  • A fraction of the price of an overhaul
  • Should last 25-30 years, an overhaul would not
  • Instructions and expert support
  • Hermle Clock Movement of Germany

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