Hermle clock 351 – 350 movement

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Hermle clock 351 - 350 movement

Hermle clock 351 - 350 movement is a popular movement for the bracket style shelf mantle clock. Its basically the same clock movement as the 341 series except the plate size is 20mm bigger. Such as the 341-020 compared to the 351-020. Or the 340-020 compared to the 350-020 are the same unit, but the plate size. The 351 and 350 has larger outer plates overall. However they are not cross compatible because the winding arbors are not quite the same. So the dial on one will not fit a the other movement.

The movement

The 351 - 350 movement Hermle clock series has Westminster chime and with a 120mm square outer plate size. It comes in a pendulum version such as the 351-020 or the non pendulum balance wheel version like the 350-020. The balance kind just has a balance wheel more like a watch on the top of the movement that acts as the escapement.

This is beneficial in that it cant be out of beat and its fine to be off level. Also to move from here to there with no reset up of the clock. All of these Hermle clock 351 - 350 movements take a key size 8 to wind them up and the run time is 8 days in a single wind. These units are all spring driven with the exception being the 351-830 and 351-850. Those units are special as they have two springs and one weight for the center. Often the center weight will be split into two weights on a yoke.

The hammers

The hammer locations are variable on this series. The 5 hammer bottom strike 351-020 pendulum, or 350-020 balance units are the most used, the movement does not take much depth and so it can be put into a shallow clock case no problem. Same with the side strike 5 hammer units like the 351-030, it fits into a shallow depth well. Other hammer locations are the back 4 on one side and 4 on the other like the 351-050 unit. Then lastly as in the 351-060 unit you can have 5 hammers diagonally on the back instead.

The chime

This is a Westminster chime unit. What this means is it will play Westminster progressively as it runs through the quarter hours. On the top of the hour we get to celebrate with the entire song and then it will strike out whatever hour it is.

Placing an order

The movement come as the movement itself with its hand nut, comes with the suspension spring and leader if its the pendulum style Hermle clock 351 - 350 movement. The movement will come already oiled and ready to go. It will come with instructions by email, if you get stuck you can just ask us to help if you have issues beyond the instructions. This family has been working on clocks for literally 100 years, if you have a question, just ask us! And it does not matter if the clock movement is out of warranty either, even years after it does not matter. The factory warranty on this unit is 3 years.

  • Less cost than a cleaning in most cases
  • Should last 25-30 years, a repair would not
  • Easy to install, we can help if needed
  • Ships same day as order
Hermle Clock Movement 351

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