Hermle quartz discontinued what to do for a new unit

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Hermle quartz discontinued what to do for a new unit

Hermle quartz discontinued what to do for a new unit. The Hermle Quartz clock movements are obsolete and no longer available. This means if your quartz clock movement says 2214 or 2215 and has a pendulum, or if it says 2114 or 2115 non pendulum, its no longer made.

We have these alternate movements that have the equivalent sound quality and lasts longer than the Hermle units. There are more features and do not seem to break or have issues during daylight savings adjustments like the Hermle Quartz units did after years of service. To get the new movement, three things are required. First is to be sure the new one will fit into the clock case, as some are bigger in size. Then convert the hand shaft from the old one to the new because it is measured in a different way. Lastly get new hands as your old ones will not fit.

This may sound like alot, but its not that bad really. Once you get the movement out of the clock and measure the hand shaft, you can determine what movement post length to get on the new alternate unit. A hand shaft is the shaft in which the hands go onto and this is measured from the black plastic base and all the way out to the end of the nut threads that go on the minute hand too keep it secure. With this length you can subtract a 1/4 inch and this is the post length needed on the new unit.

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