High Torque Clock Hands

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High Torque clock hands

High Torque Clock Hands and used on larger dial diameters. These hands require a high torque clock movement that is run by battery power. These hands are for the American standard "I" shaft battery powered quartz clock movements. What this means is the minute hand will have an oblong hole. The hand mounts to the oblong shaft on the clock movement.

Mounting High Torque hands

Mounting the clock hands on to the movement is easy and is as follows. The hour hand gets mounted first, has the round hole and is only mounted via friction fit. As you put the hour hand on first just twist and push toward the dial. It will stay there by friction only but be sure its not rubbing the dial. Next is the minute hand, this has the oblong hole. It gets mounted to the oblong shaft and gets secured by the hand nut. There are two hand nuts that come with a new high torque movement from clockworks.com. One is if you were to use a second hand and it has a hole in it. The other nut is a cap nut and has no hole in it. The idea is to use the doughnut one if your going with the second hand if not use the cap nut so its better looking.


That concludes the mounting procedure. Just be sure the hour hand is not rubbing the dial, the minute hand is not rubbing the hour hand, the minute hand is not rubbing the glass door. These hands should be parallel and no contact with anything but its own mount.

Needs a High Torque Movement, comes with both hour and minute hands Styles vary depending on length. Longer ones have the tail counter balance.

How to measure battery operated hands

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