Hole-End Clock Mainspring Replacement Service

September 15, 2019 8:15 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Hole-End Clock Mainspring replacement service

Send clockworks.com the clock barrel and will swap out the spring. Leave the Hole-End clock mainspring within that barrel. The price for this service is $65 and includes the cost of the Hole-End mainspring. When added to the cart and check out online you will be charged the shipping. This shipping charge is your prepayment for the barrel to be shipped back to you.

What will be done

clockworks.com will remove the broken or worn spring from the container in a safe way. Then measuring the thickness and width and stretching it out to get the length. Next we will use the chart to get the right one from the list. We will then pull that spring from the inventory that is already here with us at clockworks.com. The installation of the spring will be done with the special tool called a mainspring winder.

Sending the Hole-End mainspring

Please send the barrel with the broken Hole-End clock mainspring to us. Sent it to Clockworks.com PO Box 339 Huntington MA 01050. Please send with a copy of your receipt for the Hole-End clock mainspring replacement service. If you would like to send in your barrel with the broken mainspring, please pay at this link.

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