Finding the mechanical clock movement to replace the old one

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Finding the mechanical clock movement

Finding the mechanical clock movement to replace the old one is done with the following steps. The first step is to identify the country of origin of the mechanical clock movement. If the mechanical movement is stamped made in Germany or West Germany, then the availability of this is much higher and we can help with a new one.

If the clock is made in any other country such as USA, France, Korea, or China, then you need to contact us via email with pictures of the movement to [email protected] so we can try to help with either a repair or replacement, as these will typically be antique units. If you do have a German unit you would need the numbers off of the back plate of the movement itself, right off the brass back plate.

The numbers on the back plate of the brass movement tells us everything about the Mechanical Clock Movement. Although it may not say the manufacturer on the movement, the numbers will give us this information. The movement numbers usually tells us the way the clock chimes, where the chime hammers are located, if it's weight or spring driven and much more. So with the movement numbers we can have a replacement clock movement that is not a knock off version, it is the same movement that was made the same as the old one. Usually all the old parts such as the clock weights, pendulum and hands will all work with the new movement, as the new one will be the exact same thing as you're old movement. mechanical clock movement identification

Using the examples below, narrow down the manufacturer of you're movement and go to that web page to order. When you get to the proper movement on the website, do not worry if the picture is not exactly the same as what you have. The matching of the mechanical clock movements number is what makes the difference. If the old movement number matches the one on the list, then you will get that same movement.

  • Less cost than a cleaning
  • Last 25-30 years
  • Easy to install, we can help/li>
  • Ships same day as order

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